Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Other considerations

Greetings good citizen,

While most of you realize ‘something’ is amiss there is a disturbing tendency to ‘oversimplify’ the situation or worse, to dismiss it as one of those things you have no control over.

Not that you (or anyone else) would be wrong in thinking that way.

You DON’T have any control over what gets done, er, ‘technically’ in your name.

Worse, you have lost what little ‘leverage’ you had when it came to influencing the conditions under which you will live once the, er, ‘elite’ succeeded in setting up their own gated version of America

The Obama administration and corporate executives saved American capitalism. The U.S. economy may never recover.

It is that last remark which is the ‘money quote’. The US economy isn’t supposed to recover! You know as well as the rest of us that the next stop for the US economy is ‘Banana Republicdom.’

More frightening, good citizen, is your powerlessness to prevent or even mitigate bullshit like this.

the U.S.-backed government of Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq has resorted to imprisoning 300 journalists, intellectuals, and lawyers in order to stop ongoing protests, according to a well-reported Washington Post dispatch from Baghdad.

Which leaves the still unanswered question of ‘what does victory look like?’ almost ten years later.

Yet another ’reminder’ of how badly broken this nation is. (Mostly because the law remains within the reach of the ’self-interested’…which is another term for traitor in case you weren‘t aware.)

I will once again raise the very practical consideration of whether or not this crisis is ‘fixable’ using the ballot box?

After failing for over 230 years, why would we expect it to suddenly start working?

In order for the ballot box to start working again we would have to ‘liberate’ the fourth estate. (Under A Simple Plan the media would not need ‘profits’ to operate…actually, no industry would.

Being freed from having to serve ‘two masters’, we would finally be able to hold them to the ‘higher standard’ they are always bragging about but seldom deliver.)

And I know I’m being ‘charitable’ using the word ‘seldom’ when ‘never’ is closer to the mark.

How the hell do we ‘de-rail’ the Crazy Train?

Which isn’t really a problem, we already know it will de-rail itself…it’s what comes after that will prove ’problematic’…

Where do we start cleaning up the mess being made by our self-professed ’betters’?

Here we have more evidence that the fish rots from the head down.

Here are six charts from USA Inc., a comprehensive (and absorbing) new report by former Morgan Stanley analyst and current Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker that looks at the U.S. federal government (and its financials) as if it were a business, which seem to say one thing: FAIL.

Are our elected officials doing their jobs…period?

Short answer, no.

It would be closer to the mark to point out they are avoiding doing what they we elected to do in order to avoid being persecuted by the corporate owned media.

Which I’m sure you would all agree makes a very effective ‘whip’ in the hands of the ‘unscrupulous’, doesn’t it? Worse is the ‘burden of proof’, AFTER the media tars and feathers you an apology doesn’t do you much good.

Sadly nothing short of the execution of your accuser is going to repair your damaged reputation…(provided Jerky doesn’t really have to goods on you.)

This is the ‘landmine’ advocates of ‘free speech’ pound with a sledge hammer regularly. There are no consequences for telling outright lies…which suit’s the liars just fine.

This also ‘changes’ under A Simple Plan…if you can’t prove it, you better not say it. Not being able to back up your scandalous accusations wins you a free, one-way trip to the badlands.

This too is another, er, ‘overlooked’ aspect of our decaying society.

Which is to ask what kind of society would give Glen Beck a national platform and defend their actions by calling what he does ‘entertainment’?

How fortunate is it for me that I don’t have the audience that would attract unwanted attention to the, er, points of view expressed here?

Perhaps this is the ‘plus side’ of being the base for a workable alternative to rapacious capitalism, they can’t openly attack me without raising awareness of what I advocate!

Just something else to occupy your mind as you settle in to watch the wheels come flying off of our civilization…

Have you picked up your bow yet?

Just asking…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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