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Greetings good citizen,

Japan continues to wrestle with the Middle East for headline dominance and in the meantime nothing is being done about our collapsing global economy.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times…All economies are local

Need proof? What do you think caused this?

Detroit Census Confirms a Desertion Like No Other

I’m sure it was not intentional but ‘desertion’ is mighty close to the actual situation, a phenomenon I call ‘desertification’, the process of converting a once economically viable region into an economic desert, so the owner can be rich.

It really busts my balls to see Mr. ‘Flat Earth’ doing his damnedest from his bully pulpit on the NY Time editorial board to distance his beloved ‘globalization’ from the devastating economic outcomes the global race to the bottom has resulted in.

You can be sure he’d heartily agree with the opinion expressed here by, of all things, a damn investment banker (ironically, the ONLY real ‘winners’ of economic globalization!)

Left to your imagination, good citizen, is what this ‘work harder for less’ scheme has in it for you? Why would you be willing to take a giant step backwards?

If we are to comprehend his ‘idiot logic’ it is the only way they will ‘temporarily’ extract enough profits to pay the juice on the huge mountain of debt they have created.

The new ‘work ‘til you drop’ paradigm only benefits…you got it, the fucking bankers, who recklessly hold YOU hostage to your own basic needs…

It’s going to be funny as hell to watch them try to hide behind their bought and paid for but paper thin laws they make on the fly!

Disturbing as it seems we appear to have arrived at that place where we would all be better off killing these self-centered weasels on sight than to submit to further ‘economic blackmail’.

The ‘fair day’s wages’ for an honest day’s work bar just keeps getting set a little bit higher with each passing day, until the day arrives that you’re expected to do it all for nothing.

Remember, the primary rule of employment is as follows, if you can’t pay me enough to live on then I can’t afford to work for you.

No irony should be lost on the fact that many of the ‘working poor’ collect government food assistance, in violation of employment rule number one.

What causes this good citizen, do you know the answer?

Private ownership and the focus on the ‘protection of private property’ ABOVE ALL ELSE!

This is the ‘fuck job’ perpetrated upon the majority of us by the same people who thought meeting in secret with armed guards to keep the ‘uninvited’ away was a good idea.

Just because nobody has a bill of sale with your name on it doesn’t make you ‘free’.

You (and everybody you love) are ‘hostages’ to an economic system you have NO control over.

Worse, you ONLY choices are ‘play’ (go along to get along) or STARVE! And the ‘law’ lets them get away with this!

No irony should be lost on the fact that THE PEOPLE ARE THE LAW! I don’t think ‘most’ people would support this variety of cold hearted cruelty that has become commonplace today. (Being only 1 in 5 makes the ‘conservatives’ a decided minority.)

See what the ‘private ownership’ of the media has done for us?

Worse, we have this as evidence of how being a capitalist can warp your mind!

"Buffett Says U.S. Economy Improves by the Month, Can Withstand Japan Quake" (Bloomberg)

Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A) posted its biggest profit since 2007 last year, said the U.S. economy is “getting better month by month,” aided by government stimulus and the strength of capitalism. [Sort of a contradiction, don’t you think?]

“The most important factor is the really underlying resilience of capitalism,” Buffett said today at a press conference in Bangalore. There are more than 300 million Americans “thinking about how to do something better tomorrow than they’ve done today.”


The ‘Ha-ha’ belongs to Mr. Panzer although I’d second it with a sardonic chuckle of my own.

Not that it’s necessary but every time one of these ass-hats opens their mouth it proves that wealth has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence!

And there is no such thing as a ‘nice’ rich guy…The Donald revels in being an asshole, he loves it!

So, Mr. Buffet THINKS the US economy can ‘withstand’ the Japanese earthquake? You don’t suppose he is ‘excepting’ certain segments of the economy like the entire electronics sector or the largely Japanese dominated (until now) automotive sector, do you?

Talk about ‘connecting the dots’, how ‘fortuitous’ is it that Japan takes a major hit (likely due to HAARP) right about the same time that Detroit implodes and China readies to enter the US market?

I mean hell, most GM products are made in China these days…

Just saying, ya know?

There are some real disgusting pigs running things over here and if we don’t flush ‘em out their going to choke us all to death.

Again, just saying…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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