Friday, March 11, 2011

What a fool believes...

Greetings good citizen,

By now most of you have heard that the corporate lapdogs who have taken over the Republican party have ‘finagled’ a way to bust the public employee unions without a ‘quorum’ in the (state) Senate.

More disturbing is how the measure includes some very, er, ‘undemocratic’ provisions like the ability to ‘liquidate’ the elected government of, er, ‘troublesome’ municipalities and replacing it with a more, er ‘agreeable’ manager.

What does that remind you of good citizen…smacks of ‘dictatorship’ from where I’m sitting.

Worse, this is not the first time the law has been 'twisted' to achieve a desired outcome. (Which is why most people don't believe they would get a fair hearing in the courts.)

On the same general idea there is also a proviso that allows the state to terminate any employee for merely protesting this kind of treatment.

Just how serious is this situation? In a totally related story this is where unbridled capitalism has taken us.

[Slavery only exists when there are 'profits' to be had.]

While the report tells us this situation is mainly confined to the ‘emerging economies’ of the world…just where the hell do you think ‘the capitalists’ sent your job before you dismiss this report as being ‘irrelevant‘?

Did I not state a mere couple of months ago that we would experience an event that would show us in no uncertain terms just what we are up against?

Is this not the foretold event?

You may still be in ‘denial’ but I’m calling it…and no, I am not ‘psychic’…it was always just a matter of time.

In a somewhat related article Mr. Krugman asks a question often seen right here How sad is it good citizen that the only time that question’s logical answer has ever been seen is also right here?

What question is that, you ask?

This one here :
After all, if I got upset every time powerful people were illogical and/or dishonest, I’d spend every waking hour in a state of raging despair.

Yet there are still moments when I find myself saying, “They can’t really be that stupid,” or maybe, “They can’t really think the rest of us are that stupid.

Um, how ’dense’ do you have to be not to see this ISN’T a case of playing people for stupid?

The part nobody wants to believe is that all of this is a plot to kill off the ‘surplus population’ (theoretically) before things get out of hand…

Which is to say that ‘some people’ have no problem with using absolutely useless ‘funny money’ as the yardstick with which to sort the ‘worthy’ from the ‘surplus’…

Just saying, ya know?

If we fail to adopt a more equitable way of doing things we’re doomed as a species.

How ironic is it that elite think inequality will ‘work’ if only there weren’t so many of us?

Sort of brings us full circle to the question of if a whole planet is enough for two ‘immortals?’

But that’s the other ‘wildcard’ nobody is talking about either.

It’s all about perception management and keeping as many of you as possible chasing your own tail.

For most of you 'the top is still spinning…'

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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