Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

Sort of ‘winging it’ today as all of the little brush fires continue to burn relentlessly in the background.

Kind of makes you realize that these stories are seldom ‘resolved’ after the news cycle decides they’ve wasted enough time on them. What do you think will be the ‘ultimate outcome’ in Wisconsin after the media directs your attention elsewhere?

Not only will public employees lose their bargaining rights but they’ll be ‘muzzled’ as well. The only question remaining is if this will happen before of after they rewrite the law to allow states to go ‘bankrupt’…which is actually a pretty fucked up proposition considering ALL money is ‘funny’ in the first place!

Put in that perspective this ‘balance the budget’ kabuki dance takes on a more sinister flavor. This isn’t about money (it seldom is) this is about control!

They’re pushing the public sector employees back because they can. (Thanks to astronomical unemployment across what remains of the economy.)

How scary is the bimbo on TV that attends college in her PJ’s, who breathlessly tells us that people with college degrees earn on average a million dollars more than non degreed people now?

Which is another way of asking how soon we will see $500 for a loaf of bread or $100 a gallon gasoline? (Because that will be when people working at convenience stores earn annual salaries of a million dollars…)

Speaking of off radar, how many of you remember the quandary faced by the poor Zimbabwean at the checkout counter. The smallest bill (official currency) was a $500 note…and the dudes at the store wanted $499 for A SINGLE FUCKING SHEET of toilet paper!

Oh, what to do?

Wake up and smell the coffee people, this isn’t ‘could happen’, it DID happen!

If you take ‘money’ out of the equation you’re left with a ‘power trip’

How much bullshit will you swallow?

Sadly, as history shows us, quite a bit.

But that’s okay, ask any capitalist…we ALL eat shit (largely thanks to Mr. Fuck You, Pay Me!)

Oh what a savage world we live in!

If you think things couldn’t get much worse, think again because you ain’t seem nothing yet!

We don’t even need to flip back through the pages of history for evidence of, er, ‘abuse’, our neighbors near and far are much less ‘civilized’ than you have been led to believe.

How worrisome is it that this ‘behind closed doors’ behavior made it on to the front pages of the bought and paid for corporate media?

Which is another way of saying THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW!

They want you shaking in your shoes…they want you too fearful to object!

Truth and honesty time good citizen, how many of you have ever wondered/feared that if YOU got snatched and disappeared ‘without a trace’, you’d be done for?

How scary is it that there is NO DISCERNABLE DIFFERENCE between being victimized by A FUCKING SERIAL KILLER and being ‘disappeared’ by your OWN FUCKING GOVERNMENT?

Worse, this isn’t ‘hypothetical’, this is happening right here and now!

How fucking sad is that?

How ‘happy’ are you to be an American now?

This is the cesspool we are being pushed into.

If that isn’t bad enough, most of us aren’t expected to survive it.

I’ll be very surprised (and more than a little disappointed) if riots and gun battles don’t dominate the headlines THIS SUMMER (alongside stories of astronomical commodity prices, with ‘A’ driving ‘B’.)

It will start as food riots and ‘morph’ into the collapse of the existing government, followed by martial law, followed by civil war.

And since there has been zero discussion about how to ‘repair’ our badly broken civilization, you can rightly expect to be, er, ‘omitted’ from that discussion.

Which is okay, you’re going to have you hands full just trying to stay alive while our ‘betters’ attempt to ’right size’ our population with a baseball bat.

Understand that the ‘plan’ is for ’quick and dirty’…there will be A LOT of dead but it will be all over in a few months.

It is also part of the plan that there won’t be any rebuilding after they reassert control. They will leave the damage as a ‘reminder’ of the price of defiance.

In case you didn’t notice, our betters have already decided that we will become the world’s second largest ’Banana Republic’, behind the former Soviet Union.

It will truly be a tragedy if we (once again) squander the opportunity to throw off the yoke of Mr. Fuck You, Pay Me!

So, when peace is declared and ’jobs’ become available again, the tell tale is going to be who ’owns’ the store…the people or some relative of fearless leader?

Commerce exists to serve society, not the owners of commerce!

Thank you for letting me inside your head,


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