Saturday, March 12, 2011

Uncharted Waters

Greetings good citizen,

As some of you may have observed, the ‘warning’ phase is over. There seems to be a consensus that for good or for ill, events are already underway and will play out as they may.

Fairly vague terms to be sure but even the corporate owned media has stopped dismissing ’peak oil’ and all that such an event portends for life as we have come to know it.

How ironic is it that future scientists will point to the end of cheap and abundant fossil fuel as Mother Nature’s ‘answer’ for human overpopulation?

The question that remains open is whether or not that day is here?

I’d opine that it is NOT. The ‘problem’ we will soon be faced with has more to do with increased demand rather than dwindling supply.

Which is not to say supply isn’t dwindling, it more a case of having used up most of the easy to get at stuff, making the remainder less ‘cost effective’ to bring to market.

Think ‘price war’ good citizen. The capitalists are going to ‘squeeze’ the market and the pressure this will put on society will result in widespread, er , ‘unrest’.

As I have stated multiple times, mismanagement.

How frightening is it that our captive government is incapable of taking the lead here and removing control of this vital commodity from the grasp of the self-interested?

Because, ultimately, that’s how it’s going to go down.

Watch how quick a rationing scheme is put in place once gas stations and banks start burning!

Although this didn’t happen in the past…(but in the past most people didn’t feel like they were being played for chumps either.)

Which is to say I think the public is pretty disillusioned with the way things have played out. Worse, they’re getting sick of having to watch their back every second for every little friggin’ thing they do.

‘Constant vigilance’ can be VERY taxing.

Which is to point out that life would be a whole lot simpler if we removed the income streams that only benefit a few from private hands.

It’s yet another ‘symptom’ of our badly broken society. They didn’t used to be able to get away with this ‘gotcha’ bullshit they regularly pull now.

It was considered ‘bad business’. You’d think more enterprises would be concerned with how the public perceives them in these days of social networking but no!

Why do you suppose that is good citizen?

Can you say, ‘captive audience’?

When everybody is sticking it to you, you have no choice but to put up with it…until you don’t anymore…and that day is coming.

If there is ONE lesson to be learned from ‘globalization’ it is that private interests are incapable of being ‘honest operators’ in the marketplace…especially when they have a ‘corporate shield’ to hide behind!

In a world of increasingly scarce resources, paychecks all around is the way of the future…fuck you, pay me is out the window!

In the future nobody will be ABLE to pay you because there will only be one way to get money and that will be to work for it!

Doesn’t matter what you have ‘for sale’ because nobody has any cash to hand you!

Think what kind of a dent this will put in crime! It all (pretty much) disappears (violent crimes are another story but even they will diminish significantly because most murders are committed over money.

Think about it…

Once we start doing it you will wonder why we didn’t do it this way right along! (although it would have been cumbersome as well as tedious to facilitate a cashless system before computers came into widespread use.)

More important is the resource management tool this creates. You no longer have greedy bastards putting as much as they can get their hands on into the marketplace just because they can!

No more clear cutting and no more over-fishing because YOU no longer get to personally pocket the cash!

Better still, no more making your crew go out in dangerous conditions because YOU tried to draw to an inside straight and lost (and if you don’t go, you’re gonna lose the damn business!)

Did I mention that private industry tends to be irresponsible? (And not just the little guys either!)

Um, just to clear up what might look like a contradiction…how would we implement a totally electronic banking system when we’re running out of fossil fuels?

There’s plenty of hydro-electric, when oil becomes cost prohibitive the lights aren’t going to go out…well, not all of them.

Renewable energy will lend itself handily to our electronic demands. While getting stuff from point A to point B will become challenging, you (if we can fix management in time) probably won’t be wandering around in the dark, humming to yourself.

But then there’s that ‘end of civilization’ stuff to deal with.

Nobody ‘thinks’ the right wingers are going to start lobbing nukes around just because they can…but…they offered 120% financing on some class A dumps just because they could…so, I wouldn’t be to quick with the ‘never’ stuff.

There is little I would put beyond those who think they can exterminate us.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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