Thursday, March 24, 2011

This can't go on much longer...

Greetings good citizen,

As one might expect, the 6 unemployed workers for every job opening is now 8. This, as the poor bastards that have exhausted their unemployment benefits take any available job in an effort to keep their families together.

Not all of these efforts succeed…resulting in a certain amount of ‘resentment’.

If we are to believe the capitalists, this is their own fault. If they had only taken the necessary steps to make themselves ‘valuable’ they’d still have jobs!

Somehow, that 8 to 1 ratio indicates to me that something else is amiss.

Could this Congress Making Themselves and Friends Richer, While Everyone Else Struggles to Make Ends Meet have anything to do with it?

You know, we elect these, er, idiots to protect and preserve our society/civilization. How unfortunate is it that ‘society’ like anarchy, has been ‘bastardized’ by the self-interested?

Nothing scares the elite like direct democracy, it is the most frightening thing in the world to our self-professed ‘betters’. It is the clueless elite who have perverted the meaning of anarchy (which means rules WITHOUT ‘rulers’) into a synonym for chaos.

The twisted the ‘no rulers’ concept into ‘no rules’.

But wait, we aren’t finished (and neither were they.) They also twisted the word ‘society’ from it’s original ‘all inclusive’ meaning to it’s modern interpretation where the word ‘high’ is implied whenever ‘society’ is invoked…which is to say if you aren’t rich/elite then you don’t count as a member of ‘society’.

This is the same spooky/creepy implication you get when the Anglo-centric media announces ‘the world’ condemns this or that.

It is the same ‘conceit’ of conducting a sporting event where only a couple of dozen (predominantly US teams) play in a ‘world series’.

But they aren’t done good citizen, not by a long shot!

Not only has our captive government gone completely tone deaf but they have taken it upon themselves to to draft legislation like this which is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what they were elected to do!

Sadly, this is far beyond the ‘few bad apples’ stage. Nonsense like this is sweeping the nation!

While NOTHING is being done about the multiple crises that threaten…nay, WILL collapse our civilization.

While today’s other articles are disturbing enough, if you want to read something really disturbing click the link!

And if you want to make sense of it all you could do worse than paying a visit to my favorite news aggregator.

One of the things I strive to do here is keep it to a ‘dull roar’ but if you want to keep up…well.

Anyway, I’ll end today’s offering here, there’s more than enough here to absorb in one sitting.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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