Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mixed Signals

Greetings good citizen,

I often complain about the misleading articles published by the corporate owned media but few are as, er, ‘deceptive’ as articles like this
The next week, the Fed met the market’s expectations, and then some. It extended its plans for maintaining near-zero short-term interest rates into the middle of 2015. And it announced that it would increase its bond-buying to a total of $85 billion a month for the rest of the year, with a focus on mortgage-backed securities, a program aimed at giving the housing market another lift. What’s more, the Fed linked the duration of its loose policies to the state of the job market. As long as the unemployment rate remained unacceptably high, the Fed planned to maintain its expansionary monetary policy, Ben S. Bernanke, the Fed chairman, said in a news conference.

“We will be looking for the sort of broad-based growth in jobs and economic activity that generally signal sustained improvement in labor market conditions and declining unemployment,” Mr. Bernanke said.

Last week, however, the markets gave up ground. The central banks aside, it’s easy to see why the bullish mood might darken quickly. A partial list of dangers includes rising tensions in the Mideast, a contentious election campaign and a looming “fiscal cliff” in the United States, an unresolved and multifaceted financial crisis in Europe, and a global economy that is far from robust.

Mr. Bernanke is chairman of the Fed, not a full fledged Wizard…although the Masters of the Universe often have a hard time reconciling their lofty opinions of themselves with reality.

Let’s see if we can follow his ‘line of logic’ such as it is.

The Fed will buy bonds, supposedly encouraging the banks to make loans to…some as yet unidentified (and presumably under-served) market sector.

Yes, jobs and economic activity normally associated with pay raises…that aren’t happening.

So how the fuck does buying bonds and boosting the share price of stocks ‘help’ the economy?

Short answer, it didn’t help THE FIRST TWO TIMES, and it ain’t gonna help now either!

But we’re five years down the line since the last crisis hit, shouldn’t the consumer have ‘healed’ by now?

Short answer again, no! Here we are five years later and the average consumer is making LESS then they did five years ago!

So why is Dick-head buying bonds again?

Could it be to keep the bankrupt banks afloat?

How sad is it that it is only a matter of time before he dilutes the consumer’s purchasing power so much that a recovery will become impossible.

And not to put too fine a point on it but we’re already there…

So what are you going to do good citizen…because it is only a matter of time before civil war will breaks out and you’ll be forced to choose between the rebels and the One Percent.

Naturally, the One Percent will be playing both sides of the fence. They’ll be ‘recruiting’ rebels only to lead them into ambushes where they will be…’captured’…of course if most of them end up getting slaughtered the One Percent could care less.

The bounty will be paid ‘dead or alive’.

So if some jerk comes up to you and says he can lead you to the rebels…DON’T take his word for it.

If a group of idiots come up saying the same thing, play dumb. Tell ‘em you don’t want any trouble. If they’re real rebels they’ll go away.

If they’re getting paid ‘by the head’, they will be a little too persistent.

You’ll be able to tell the fakers from the ‘hard sell’.

You will probably get some of these none too bright people to tell you how much they’re getting paid…and real rebels are NOT doing it for the money.

Sadly, the average individual isn’t thinking along these lines and will likely be ‘taken in’.

The rebels won’t be advertising. You’re more likely to bump into them when you’re NOT looking to join up.

In fact, once things turn to shit it will be a fairly safe bet that you can strike a blow for liberty by, er, ‘silencing’ those who are being paid to ‘recruit’ rebels.

Again I must urge you to exercise caution. Regular police and military patrols WILL be seeking rebel bands and some of them may try to use the recruitment ploy.

What YOU need to be careful of is how many people you’re dealing with.

It may look like only one or two but it could be a whole platoon that is lurking not too far off…listening.

If the guy pretending to be a rebel looks a little too well armed, he probably isn't the real deal.

Oh and if he looks clean and get my point.

Dangerous times are ahead and you need to be ready…

More importantly you need to be thinking.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Saturday, September 29, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

And welcome to yet another episode of ‘As the worm squirms…’

Honestly good citizen it is like a soap opera out there in the corporate owned media and, as you are well aware, your average conservative is already mentally unstable…apparently the Mittster’s missteps in recent weeks proved to be too much for this conservative.
Albert Peterson shot dead his wife and two sons hours after going to church because he dreaded the thought of Obama winning the election, a family friend has revealed.

A confidante of the family for the past 25 years has spoken to MailOnline about the strength and grace of the Peterson family, as well as the torment that plagued Albert which drove him to shoot dead his wife Kathleen and his two sons Christopher and Mathew at their suburban home in DC on Sunday.

A history of mental illness, the loss of a dear uncle, and a growing fear of Obama winning a second term in the White House took its toll on the mind of Mr Peterson, a wealthy defense contractor, the friend said.

'He just did not want his kids inheriting this mess,' Maggie L, who did not wish to reveal her last name, told MailOnline. 'Sometimes we thought he might take his own life when he was so depressed. We never thought he would take Kathie's.'

Sure looks like Maggie with ‘no last name’ got that one wrong.

Um, birds of a feather good citizen…which is to opine that some one as SICK as Albert Peterson was wouldn’t likely associate himself with a known ‘liberal’ much less befriend one.

Not that Mr. Peterson could actually recognize a real ‘socialist’ even if he was being beaten to death by one!

So Maggs (of the no last name) is likely just as conservative and therefore, just as whacked in the head as Peterson, er, ‘was’.

And naturally your first inclination would be to consider this an ‘isolated incident’…that the rest of the community dodged a bullet when this guy decided to remove his bloodline from the gene pool.

Imagine the carnage if Mr. Peterson decided to ‘save America’?

Which reminds me of a political sign I saw erected on the lawn of a conservo-whacko. (I think I have mentioned previously that I live in a decidedly RED section of a notoriously Blue state.)

Well, even with the, er, ‘concentration’ of conservo-whackos in the area, you only see republican signage on one in every twenty houses…

And one such house had a sign which read ‘Save America, Vote Republican!’

And it is precisely this sort of ‘disconnect’ than prompted me to devise ‘exile’.

Why does anyone think the global economy has collapsed?

Does anyone truly believe it was the ‘liberals’ fault?

Who exported this nation’s productive capacity, wholesale to China?

Who, specifically, opened trade relations with China? (hint in 1972)

Everything that has gone wrong in this country for the past forty years is due to the Republican backed oligarchy.

No exceptions.

Which brings us full circle with the other side of this, er, ‘equation’…there hasn’t been a ‘real democrat’ in US Politics for the past thirty years.

So far Obama has been Bush’s third term…and if he’s re-elected, he will be his forth too!

Go ahead and point to his ACTIONS and tell me I’m wrong! (Because you can’t.)

These conservo-whackos who are sniveling about how if Obama is re-elected well wake up in ‘a worker’s paradise’ assumes that these asshole dreading it would even recognize it if it were being fed to them with a spoon!

There isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between Obama and Romney…and that’s just the way the oligarchs like it.

You’re gonna get government ‘by, for and of’ the One Percent no matter who wins.

But apparently Mr. Peterson drank just a teeny bit too much Kool Aid.

The sad part here good citizen is now I look like the one who is losing his grip.

But you can hardly call me ‘delusional’.

It is, nonetheless, ‘tragic’ that some people get so wrapped up in politics that they will murder their wife and children just to ‘protect them’ from the evil that is coming.

And that’s the other disturbing part good citizen, this ‘confusion’ over what and who is ‘evil’.

Some of you think my, er, ‘commie’ ass is ‘evil’.

Well, let me enlighten the, er, ‘ignorant’ that Anarchy is NOT a branch of communism but an branch of Democracy!

But the people who think Anarchy = communism are the same kind of people who take a gun to their own family, taking far too literally the old saying ‘better dead than red’.

I’m no fan of communism but you have to ask yourself, wouldn’t you be ‘better off dead’ than letting a capitalist pig suck the life out of you, leaving you with nothing?

Oh, PS by the way, what the capitalist pig wants to strip from you is your ‘entitlements’.

They want to take away your SSI and your Medicare so they can shrink the government down to something that can be drown in a bath tub.

But wouldn’t you really be better served drowning Grover Norquist in a puddle of his own vomit?

Because that’s another conservo-whacko fairy tale, that you’re ‘overtaxed’.

Ask yourself, how the hell do they sleep at night with all of those bogeymen hiding under their bed?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Friday, September 28, 2012

Trust No One

Greetings good citizen,

While I would like to say otherwise, the global economy is still locked in a death spiral.

Not that you’d know this looking at the stock markets (being artificially propped up by ‘quantitative easing’, which makes share prices rise while everything else (like the value of cash) is cut to shreds.

If I were you I’d be extremely worried about the handful of people who have boatloads more cash than they will ever need.

Because there’s something afoot and it doesn’t bode well for those of us considering forming a resistance movement.

If you haven’t printed out your personal copy of ‘A Simple Plan’ you may want to do it soon, it will be too late once they crash the web.

Oh, and I wouldn’t count on my surviving the purge. I don’t live in a particularly hospitable climate and winter is coming on.

More than a few of us will freeze to death this winter but the corporate owned media will only report the demise of the occasional elderly shut in who lost utilities during a storm.

They don’t want you to know that many people are left to their own devices due to the, er, ‘imbalances’ in our system of commerce.

No job means no food and no money to pay for heat.

But hey, as long as YOU’RE warm and well fed, who gives a crap about the tens of millions of jealous people the system refuses to provide for?

Um, in case you’re wondering…the one who cares had best be YOU…because it is YOUR house they’ll be breaking into and YOUR food they’ll be eating while they turn YOUR thermostat up to 90, just to get the chill out of their bones.

And you won’t dial 911…because you and yours will be dead long before the cops can arrive.

What was today’s stat? There are 20,000 homeless children living in NYC…but that’s only an estimate because 65% of the people seeking shelter in NYC are TURNED AWAY!

Can’t afford a Mc Mansion in a gated, security patrolled community?

YOU are the one who will pay for a system that has disenfranchised nearly fifty percent of the population…

So it is YOU who will die thanks to the >One Percent.

And you know what their reaction will be?

“It’s not our fault you can’t afford to live in a ‘better neighborhood’!”

But I, naturally, digress.

Let’s head back onto the reservation for a quick look at the news they wanted you to know…
Stocks Down for the Day but Up for the Quarter
By REUTERS 42 minutes ago

Wall Street finished its best third quarter since 2010, but signs of weakness in the economy on Friday pushed stocks lower.

Um, if you’re wondering where the paragraphs above came from, this first story did it.

YOU need to be made aware of the danger the shredding of our society holds for the average individual.

One of the other news item I stumbled upon yesterday informed me that one of the most destitute places in the nation, Camden, NJ had dismissed it’s police department due to a ‘lack of funds’.

Um, don’t look now good citizen but there are hundreds of Camdens out there.

Not a week goes by with out word that another municipality has gone or is going under.

WHY do YOU suppose this is happening?

Can you say mismanagement?

How about a nice ‘conspiracy theory?

Alec isn’t ‘new’ but it IS everywhere…and the people YOU elect that make laws in your name without EVER consulting YOU are using YOUR TRUST to bind you in HELL.

YOU have to LIVE (if you can manage that) in the HELL THEY make for you…because YOU were stupid enough to vote for them!

Which only makes stories like this one all too familiar:
Bank of America to Pay $2.43 Billion to Settle Suit Over Merrill Deal

Bank of America announced on Friday that it would pay $2.43 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit related to its acquisition of Merrill Lynch.
Um, I don’t know about anybody else but it seems to me that BOA taking over the ‘thundering herd’ was a pretty rotten deal all the way around…so why are they getting slapped with a class action suit?

And they must have been at least partially guilty or they wouldn’t be agreeing to pay two and a half BILLION dollars to ‘settle’ the suit.

Which is also to point out that I am glad I am NOT one of THEIR customers…’cuz that 2.5 billion is coming from somewhere…

Maybe Turbo Timmy will just cut a check for the full amount…he can do that, right?

We CAN’T let one of the TBTF banks get saddled with that kind of debt, especially in a time when the entire global banking system is collapsing!
Spain Needs $76 Billion to Recapitalize Its Banks, Audit Finds

The independent banking assessment was well below the potential 100 billion euros, or $128.6 billion, in bailout money Spain negotiated with the euro zone in June.

Um, I just want you to be aware that when the economy of the world collapses, it will happen quickly and most likely without warning.

It will be ‘here today and gone tomorrow…although the more familiar phrase of here one minute and gone the next will probably more accurately describe how it will go down.

The important thing to remember is to not lose your head.

Keep your eyes open and trust no one.

Thanks for letting me inside our head,


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Willful Ignorance

Greetings good citizen,

Markets around the globe enjoyed an up day…not that the real economy provided a reason to be cheerful

Truth be told good citizen, the news was dreadful.

Which brings me to the focus of tonight’s post.

I have opined repeatedly that we are in danger of a cascading systemic collapse. I have also, er, ‘opined’ (but I think the evidence backs me up) that our financial system has already collapsed and our current ‘way of life’ is being supported solely on ‘bailouts’…

Which carries with it a prominent degree of danger aside for pumping the real economy full of ‘funny money’.

Most of you don’t consider ‘synthetic derivatives’ as ‘real money’ but they are bought and paid for with very real money…

The thing we haven’t seen is any of these ‘side bets’ canceling one another out.

But CDS trading has tanked because many folks really don’t want to do this kind of high-risk business in a crappy economy. In fact, trading is so meager that right now it’s hard to scrape together enough names to make up a 100-company index.

So what does Wall Street do? Poof! It’s pulling a market from thin air. Markit is adding companies to an index that no bank has written credit default swaps on.

According to the Financial Times :

“Wall Street financial engineers have devised a new way to combat declining trading in the credit derivatives market – they are revamping an index to add financial instruments that do not exist.”

It seems that Markit, along with derivatives traders, is betting by adding CIT Group, Charter Communications and Calpine Corp to the index, banks will be forced to write credit default swaps on these three companies. In other words, Markit is trying to conjure a market to pump up CDX trading by acting like there is one.

This is extremely creepy. What does an index of prices mean when it reflects prices that are not real for financial instruments that do not exist? The situation sounds uncomfortably reminiscent of LIBOR, the interest rate that banks charge each other for loans, which, it was lately discovered, has been rigged by Barclays and other banks.
The ‘co-mingling’ of real money with fake money will throw the true value of money onto doubt.

And what is the first fact you need to know about money?

It is 99.9% made of ‘trust’…when you can no longer ‘trust’ the people who deal in money, the whole system collapses.

Let us return to our basic theorem regarding money, shall we?

If the commodities purchased with money are ‘equal’ (you’d want to say ‘identical' but that leaves room to quibble and we don’t have room for quibbling here.) Then the value of money MUST BE ‘equal’.

This fact alone wipes out the ‘cheaper there’ no matter where it exists.

If money is to have value then that value MUST BE universal!

Which is to point to something we all already know.

The cheaper there is an artificial construct of the people who control money and that construct IS A FRAUD! (Which explains our failed global financial system.)

Next time you see a member of the >One Percent cruising through your neighborhood THROW A FUCKING BRICK THROUGH THEIR WINDSHIELD!

We need a civilization built on trust, not fraud!

So what should we ‘do’ to the fraudsters?

Sadly the problem is a bit more complicated than that.

We can’t hit the reset button and put everything back the way it was before ‘freemarket madness’ dismantled the nation.

Nor will the fraudsters (willingly) hand over control of their ill-gotten gains.

We’s gonna havta fuck ‘em up a little if we want our country back.

But that’s okay, I believe our children’s birthright is worth fighting for, even if we are fighting ‘faux’ Americans.

(Who would rather pocket the benefits and salary they pay YOU by sending the work elsewhere and then re-importing the goods to sell here.)

People like that don’t deserve a place in civil society where the first rule of the land is All Economies Are Local!

NOBODY can live in an economic desert so why are we letting these assholes get away with turning huge swaths of this once prosperous nation into a huge wasteland?

You know what’s wrong and so do I.

The question is how long are we going to put up with this willful ignorance from our politicians?

I say come November we send ‘em a message they won’t soon forget!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Unnatural Selection

Greetings good citizen,

Our civilization continues to circle the drain…while the feckless few proceed to laugh all the way to the bank…

Which is misleading because none of these players are hurting for money or the things money can buy.

In fact, most of them don’t have a friggin’ clue how to make their way in this bad old world of ours.
Remembering her roots is what Rinehart fails to do. She forgot to add that if you want to become a millionaire – in her case a billionaire – it helps to inherit an iron ore mine and a fortune from your father, and to ride a spectacular commodities boom. Had she spent her life lying in bed and throwing darts at the wall, she would still be stupendously rich.

The rich lists are stuffed with people who either inherited their money or who made it through rent-seeking activities: by means other than innovation and productive effort. They’re a catalogue of speculators, property barons, dukes, IT monopolists, loansharks, bank chiefs, oil sheikhs, mining magnates, oligarchs and chief executives paid out of all proportion to any value they generate.

Looters, in short. The richest mining barons are those to whom governments sold natural resources for a song. Russian, Mexican and British oligarchs acquired underpriced public assets through privatisation, and now run a toll-booth economy(4). Bankers use incomprehensible instruments to fleece their clients and the taxpayer. But as rentiers capture the economy, the opposite story must be told.

Scarcely a Republican speech fails to reprise the Richard Hunter narrative, and almost all these rags-to-riches tales turn out to be bunkum. “Everything that Ann and I have,” Mitt Romney claims, “we earned the old-fashioned way”(5). Old-fashioned like Blackbeard perhaps. Two searing exposures in Rolling Stone magazine document the leveraged buyouts which destroyed viable companies, value and jobs(6), and the costly federal bail-out which saved Romney’s political skin(7).

Curious to see people like Mitt claiming to be ‘self-made men’ when his father was a public figure as well.

Where do you suppose the Mittster got the ‘seed money’ to start Bain Capital?

Then there’s the choice of names there that give us some pause, considering what a slight difference in spelling Bane instead of Bain means.

And how many companies did the Mittster, er, ‘eradicate?’

I mean, nothing like a little ‘truth in advertising’, nicht whar?

Um, this article that wags its finger in the face of the privileged is worth the read and it’s only a couple of pages…

Otherwise there was more rioting in the Eurozone over the, er, renewed enforcement of austerity in Spain as well as in Greece.

Worse, the other Mediterranean countries are watching this CF ready to blow and they’re not sure what to make of it.

Will there even be a Eurozone a few weeks from now or will they be forced to join the struggling nations in austerity for a doomed attempt to ‘save’ a failed currency?

But naturally, the problem is deeper than that. The reason the currency has crashed and burned is due to the criminals hijacking all of the jobs and closing all of the factories so no one could compete with their monopoly on third world suppliers.


If you have nothing to trade then you have NOTHING!

The entire US economy now consists of raw materials and some esoteric financial products…and nobody is buying the financial products considering what happened the last time.

Yet, er, ‘we’ have made zero progress repairing our local economy because the people in charge here are too stupid to realize what needs to be done.

Especially Wall Street.

But this too is a function of a ‘captive audience’. They can’t change the way things are done because the people who fucked it up don’t want it changed.

Which leads us to a tragic set of circumstances.

Your children’s future being decided by a criminal.

If we fail to remove the criminal element running this society then our species is doomed.

Some of you are savvy enough to know that sometimes nature requires you to fight to the death if you want to continue your bloodline.

Would you give up on your family history now just because some chiseler decided you were ‘superfluous’?

Understand, he’ll make YOU redundant before he sacrifices his chances!

You really only have one option and that’s to take the mother out before he gets you!

Just a little something to chew on while your waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big Hole

Greetings good citizen,

There was no joy in Mudville today as all three major indexes bled profusely…although in a somewhat familiar move, the European exchanges shot up vertically just before the NYSE opened for business.

Um, ironically the news out of the Eurozone isn’t, er, ‘encouraging’, making the irrational upswing look that much more suspicious.
Protesters Encircle Spanish Parliament

As thousands besieged Parliament, Spain’s two largest regions took steps that underscored their deepening economic troubles and displeasure with the government’s austerity plans.
This, as we can see, was followed by a long cherished US tradition:
Spain Recoils as Its Hungry Forage Trash Bins for a Next Meal

As the economy worsens, some residents of Spain are turning to garbage bins in search of discarded food.
And some of you think capitalism is broken…where else do they throw away perfectly good food that you can take for free (if you can get into the dumpster…some capitalist bastards lock ‘em now. It’s THEIR trash until the garbage man hauls it away!)

Talk about ‘hard hearted’.

Wonder what would happen to the Spaniard who padlocked his garbage?

Probably don’t want to know…

And speaking of ‘not knowing’…what do you suppose ol’ clueless here is trying to accomplish?
Mayor of an Ailing Indiana Mill Town Turns to a Chicago Veteran for Advice

Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, struggling to revive Gary, Ind., has sought advice from many quarters, including from former Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago and his graduate students.

Gary Indiana was a big GM town…when GM went belly up, it shed it’s…er, ‘affluent’ workforce as GM folded up shop and headed East…(all the way to China.)

How many times do I need to explain the economic desert? If the douches in charge are ‘allowed’ to abandon ship for the cheaper there, there is NO HOPE.

You can’t punch holes in the bottom of your boat and expect it to still float.

But the greedy few don’t care. They plan on abandoning the boat and building themselves a new one once they get to China.

Because of THIS Bullshit:
Riot at Foxconn Factory Underscores Rift in China

Analysts say the nation's workers have become more aware of their rights but have few outlets to challenge or negotiate with employers.

You know the old saying good citizen, scratch a communist and you’ll find an ‘aristocrat’ (a creature not too far removed from a bureaucrat.)

Aristocrats are the administrators of bureaucracy. The live to ensure the rules are followed, meticulously, in the way THEY see fit.

Even the communists divide themselves into the ‘good people’ and the unwashed riff-raff who need to be told ‘everything’ (because they aren’t smart enough to think for themselves…just like the paper pushers under capitalism. If not for them nothing would get done!

Which is how we end up with this nonsense:
I.M.F.'s Call for More Cuts Irks Greece

Greeks are increasingly angry over the prospect that public salaries and pensions will be sharply cut again in a last-ditch bid to secure a 31.5-billion-euro loan installment.

Geez…you have to wonder, after all of this time, what CAN the Greeks cut back on that they haven’t cut back on already?

Worse, WHO is going to get that 31.5 billion euros and what are they going to do with it?

I mean is this still ‘bailing out’ the Greek banks?
Eventually they are going to go all ‘Iceland’ on ‘em and burn the fuckers down!

Just like QE3…who the hell does Bernanke think he’s fooling?

It certainly isn’t the general public. We all KNOW the banks are fried. They’re broke and they’re being kept open solely to collect what WE owe them!

We can only wonder who thinks this is a good idea?

Time for a change good citizen…

And neither Obama nor Romney can fix this…because they part of ‘the problem’.

How long are we going to let these thieves ‘extend and pretend’?

Just asking…because when they pull the rug out from under us we are going to find a huge hole.

But it will be rapidly dealt with.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Monday, September 24, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Markets were predominantly down in industrial nations and up in developing nations. Does this mean there is a recovery going on in the lesser developed nations?

I seriously doubt it. What we’re seeing is the same thing we’ve been seeing for the past forty years. A dearth of investment opportunity that is making the few there are look good.

Are there any customers for those investments?

No (but they have to do ‘something’ with the money.)

Again, the corporate owned media doesn’t what to explain what their One Percent masters are doing. They’d rather let you guess or better yet, ‘imagine’ what the rich and the shameless have up their sleeves.

Sadly it is a gambit such as this that leaves the state of play in our society seriously lacking.
[Dinesh D’Souza]
The second point is that if you look at anti-colonialism is India, it has taken two forms. There was a socialist anti-colonialism of the first 40 years and there’s the free market anti-colonialism of now and you can just ask yourself empirically, which one works better. When I was growing up in India, we’d learn about the five-year plans and how much we improved the previous year and so on. And this was all copied from the Soviet Union and it was as economic disaster and it deprived a whole generation of (crony capitalist) Indians of their birthright.

[The Indian economy is one of the most corrupt in the world.]

So the problem between me and Obama is that he’s following this kind of third-world collectivism. It’s all about redistributing this income. It is completely ignorant about the concept of economic growth. India on the other hand recognizes the stupidity of all of this and started imposing liberalization, modernization, free market and you could see India now having growth rates that are comparable to Malaysia and Singapore and China. So look we’ve had this debate, we can look around the world to see that it is the free market that is allowing countries that are previously colonized to come up in the world. For Obama and the sense of implementing the discredited policies of fifty which he gets essentially from his father’s failed dreams.
Talk about a clueless dirtbag! Being a college president does not mean he isn’t an idiot!

In fact, this movie of his proves the point.
Better to keep your mouth shut and have people ‘think’ you’re a fool than to open your mouth and prove them correct!

But Mr. Hedges has his own point of view to share:
SK: Chris Hedges, how do you respond to that?

CH: Well, his father left him when he was two and met him once when he was 10. You know Dinesh comes out of the Christian community of the state of Goa. There are all sorts of pockets including the Sikhs who comprise 40 percent of the Indian army and the British, who allied themselves to their colonial rulers and did the dirty work for their colonial rulers. And I look at this film and Dinesh’s stance is essentially like that. You know it is the stance of the Judenrat. It is those who feel that if they obsequiously bow before the power of white supremacy and white imperial supremacy and are willing to express and they can get away with it because of course they are not white, racist opinions that white supremacists feel or the white power elite feels but is unable to utter. They can somehow ingratiate themselves and enter into that world of white power.

I sort of drop you into the middle of an, er, ‘discussion’ of the new movie due out next month that is basically a hatchet job against President Obama titled, ‘2016’

Thus do we have the above, er, ‘observations’ being shared…by a man who isn’t necessarily ‘defending’ the current POTUS.

No, Mr. Hedges instead uses the film to point out the ‘emptiness’ of intellectual thought in this country at this time.

Worse, most of the movie is comprised of boldfaced lies…but even the sitting president would be unsuccessful in having Mr. D’Souza charged with ‘defamation of character’…because the movie was ‘blessed’ by the One Percent.

In case you still don’t believe how bad things have gotten.

And you have to agree, Mr. D’Souza is the most reprehensible brand of ‘Uncle Tom’ there is!

Which is to point out (once again) that the privileged few have been getting bolder and bolder as we draw closer to the ‘end game’.

Let’s just say that they no longer care that the public at large has noticed their ‘what are YOU gonna do about it?’ attitude.

They KNOW what YOU’RE gonna do…nothin’.

You have people and things you’re trying to protect…and as long as ‘playing stupid’ keeps them from throwing you out on the streets…well, stupid it is!

Don’t know…don’t want to know.

The fucked up part is that’s what most of the poor slobs currently being labeled as ‘freeloaders’ did to land ‘em where they’re at now.

And when the time comes, it will be how it hammers you too.

Sort of a ‘bolt from the blue’.

But don’t despair good citizen because we have reached the ‘tipping point’. The useless freeloaders now comprise a majority of the population!

And somehow Ol’ Mitt will still win!

Go figure?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Sunday, September 23, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

I pen literal dynamite last night and it does so-so…although ‘make believe’ got a slow start before taking right off!

And, as you well know, blogging isn’t about popularity. If it was I’d have given up a long time ago.

I (like Oh so many bloggers) have an agenda I’m pushing and this is my place to showcase my wares.

Apparently saving the civilized world isn’t a popular topic…mostly because people don’t think our civilization is in peril…yet.

Weirdly, they read headlines like this and shrug…
Rich as the Devil, but No Gordon Gekko

The income disparity in New York has hardly diminished, but pop culture’s recent portrayals of the class wars haven’t been indicative of the boiling debate.
Um, weirdly she is right, there is no acknowledgement of the class war by the corporate owned media. You get guys like El Rushbo spewing about ‘the liberal media’ (because chuckle-head thinks he’s the only one in the conservative media.)

But this only brings us back to the issue of how the One Percent controls the soapbox.

They don’t want to argue, much less justify their theft from the rest of us so of course there is ‘no discussion’ (or ‘debate’ as the corporate owned media puts it.)

Which brings us to…
Finding the Roots of Your Office Anger

What’s really making you lose emotional control at work? Often, it’s not the upsetting situation at hand.
What’s this? Do you need someone to explain to you why you’re angry at work?

Could it be that you’re pissed off about not being able to feed your family on what you’re paid or that you are faced with the ‘heat or eat’ question here in the first week of autumn. Making you wonder what the situation will be like when ‘real winter’ gets here?

But no, that’s not it at all! It’s figuring out which one of the shiftless idiots you work with that is stealing your lunch!

Or any one of a million reasons why you loathe going to a job that doesn’t utilize your talents (because the cost of fucking up is too dear…)

You don’t need psychoanalysis, you need an even break. A job you actually find interesting and the training you need to do that job well!

But you aren’t going to get that under capitalism because the boss doesn’t want to foot the tab for training you. If you can’t pick it up on the fly then you might as well forget about it.

But you’re not a ‘victim’…just ask Mitt.
Nation’s Choices Needn’t Be Painful

Many of America’s problems can be solved by putting idle resources to work, or redirecting wasteful spending, an economist writes.
Did your head just explode, good citizen? Mine did because that statement is both true and false.

As I have stated repeatedly there is no way to use capitalism to fix capitalism, that whole tool box is empty.

Now you will notice numbnuts doesn’t give us any example of what ‘idle resources’ we can put to work…because that would involve explaining why those resources are idle in the first place.

Nor does he address specifically what ‘wasteful spending’ we should re-direct…but you already know it WON’T be the military budget nor will it be the Security apparatus that is busier watching honest people than it is hunting down criminals.

Actually the bastards are hunting for ‘terrorists’…the homegrown kind.

Which sort of goes hand in hand with this headline:
C.E.O.’s and the Pay-’Em-or-Lose-’Em Myth

The argument that C.E.O.’s will leave if they aren’t compensated well, perhaps even lavishly, is bogus, according to a new study.

Now, did they actually do a new study or did logic tell these idiots that all of that ‘room at the top’ is there for a reason…because there’s no place else to go?

Worse, most of these psycho’s got the job they have through ‘connections’. They’re somebody’s butt-buddy and they have a screw loose…which is why they got the job of screwing the employees mercilessly!

Ironically, these same assholes ARE INCAPABLE of actually operating the companies they allegedly ‘lead’, they DON’T KNOW HOW!

But they DO KNOW how to slash and burn the payroll so that the remaining employees are left virtually paying to keep their jobs.

You and I both know that commerce was (originally) founded to serve the needs of society/civilization. It has only been in the last thirty years that commerce has been ‘re-purposed’ to serve the greed of Wall Street.

And the resultant instability you see all around you is the end result of this ‘re-purposing’. A few got very rich while civilization itself collapsed.

What, civilization HASN’T collapsed?

Wait a minute!

If you want to restore sanity and save yourself and your family in the process then A Simple Plan is for YOU!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Saturday, September 22, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Nothing like a trip to the old boneyard to put life into perspective. Um, and that’s as much as I’m gonna say about that particular incident.

Putting things ‘in perspective’ is something humans seldom do on a regular basis, which might account for all of the crazy things we do because the fraudsters among us convince us it’s what we need to do.

If I were to ask you ‘what do you consider to be the ‘center’ of your life?” most well adjusted people would answer ‘family’…like that little old timey jingle Subaru recently adopted to sell it’s cars with…

“When I see you, I see me.”

But those well-adjusted people would be lying…both to me and to themselves.

Sure, the most important thing in their lives may be their family BUT their life is even more focused on supporting that family.

If we were to ask a criminal what was the center of their life, they’d give us the honest answer…money.

It’s all about the cash, sun up to sun down and all of the time in-between; it’s all about the money (because it dictates how your all-important family lives.)

Without the money you’re useless to your family.

And that is just plain wrong.

So, who are these fraudsters I referred to earlier?

Why they are your infamous ‘job creators’, money’s biggest supporters!

They are the very people who maintain that if you don’t earn money that you have no right to anything!

And how do you earn money? By selling your labor to THEM! (Which is why A Simple Plan operates on the human anti-exploitation law basis, which outlaws the buying and selling of anyone else’s labor…(along with the practice of taking ‘em long and deep’ for basic necessities like a place to live and/or the means to get around.)

It’s YOUR labor, only YOU should reap the benefit of it!

But no!

You aren’t given the option of not selling your labor…although the assholes like to pretend you’ve always ‘got a choice’.

You don’t HAVE TO breathe…you can suffocate if you don’t want to pay me!

And the other side of that same coin, If you’re starving to death on what I pay you it’s not my problem, it’s yours!

You know what people like that need?

A ten-pound boulder dropped on top of their head from about fifty-feet up.

Actually, what they really need is exile. (Because a crushed skull is too quick for these suffering loving bastards.)

But I digress; the grocery bill is the trump card they like to claim doesn’t exist. Like you can get food without working for it; and you can. It’s called SNAP and you have to jump through hoops to get it.

And if you stay on SNAP, be prepared to keep having your gonads busted because hey, it’s ‘free food’ so we get to mess with you since you don’t want to work.

And this says nothing of the tens of millions who are on SNAP and DO work (making some motherfucker rich while they can’t afford to eat on what they’re not being paid!)

But for some unknown reason nobody thinks this is a ‘problem.’

In fact, what do the conservo-whackos keep braying about? They keep parroting what the One Percenters’ say about US ‘competitiveness’. How US workers want ‘too much money!’

We have to stop and ask ourselves why don’t these assholes understand that if they want the economy to turn around YOU HAVE TO START PAYING PEOPLE ENOUGH TO AFFORD YOUR PRODUCTS!

In this respect Western civilization is extremely ‘mis-managed’.

Yet our Ivy League MBA’s are taught that they have to earn a profit for their shareowners or they are guilty of ‘malfesance’.

And if you can’t capture more market share, where do you capture the most profit? FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES!

Let’s stop for a moment and ask the question that is just begging to be asked right about now.

How do we change this? How do we ‘educated’ our mis-guided managers and make them realize their myopia is only making the problem worse?

Who the hell is gonna slap Bernanke upside the head and tell him to stop bailing out the bankers because it isn’t doing any good?

Short answer to both questions good citizen is no one.

We can’t get their ear.

Which is to belabor the obvious, it’s not us they listen to. So how, if at all, do we ‘fix’ this run-away train?

Again the answer is obvious, we don’t.

We literally have to wrestle the engine of commerce to a dead stop…then and only then will we be able to ‘make them listen to what they already know.’

Which naturally means there will have to be some executions and more than a few exiles.

Um, just a question here good citizen but are we really going to wait until the sham elections in November to do what should have been done five years ago?


Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Friday, September 21, 2012

Bombs Away!

Greetings good citizen,

Stock markets finished in the red this afternoon…although not significantly. Which only means they have yet to detonate the ‘scuttling charges’ they have planted throughout what passes for our ‘economy’.

Some of you may have noticed I am posting at a different time, that is because I am trying to ‘maximize’ my post’s ‘hang time’ by shifting to when Blogger starts a new day…right around 8:00 PM locally.

I started last night and it seems to be working…so far.

That said, it’s tough to get anything meaningful out of blogger data tracking as it appears to be continuously updating, not just day to day but hour to hour!

Anyway, without setting out to do so it looks like this week’s ‘theme’ is class war and isn’t today’s top headline all about the effects class war is having upon our crumbling civilization.
For generations of Americans, it was a given that children would live longer than their parents. But there is now mounting evidence that this enduring trend has reversed itself for the country’s least-educated whites, an increasingly troubled group whose life expectancy has fallen by four years since 1990.

Researchers have long documented that the most educated Americans were making the biggest gains in life expectancy, but now they say mortality data show that life spans for some of the least educated Americans are actually contracting. Four studies in recent years identified modest declines, but a new one that looks separately at Americans lacking a high school diploma found disturbingly sharp drops in life expectancy for whites in this group. Experts not involved in the new research said its findings were persuasive.

The reasons for the decline remain unclear, but researchers offered possible explanations, including a spike in prescription drug overdoses among young whites, higher rates of smoking among less educated white women, rising obesity, and a steady increase in the number of the least educated Americans who lack health insurance.

Uned-ju-kated white men is dying young cuz them working stiff jobs don’t offers no in-sure-ants!

So when they turn up in the emergency room, the doctor lets ‘em die rather than busting his butt trying to keep ‘em alive…

(Although he gets paid regardless. It’s that fight with his supervisor he’s trying to avoid.)

But we can’t call THAT ‘class war’…noooo.

The >One Percent wants you dead but they don’t want you to be able to prove it’s their fault that YOU didn’t get the treatment you needed in a timely fashion.

Because guess who owns the for profit healthcare industry? It sure as shit ain’t you or me!

And guess who’s pay is tied to the profitability of the unit he works for?

Think Daktari doesn’t stick it to ya if you’re uninsured?

Next time one of those fuckers is pinned in his car under a telephone pole, waiting for a minimum wage tow truck driver to free him…maybe the driver should remember that the doctor WOULD NOT hustle to treat him if the shoes were on the other foot.

How about that? The corporate owned media even has the chutzpah to say the reason for the rising death rate is ‘unclear’.

Seriously? What do YOU think is causing it?

And isn’t it a sin that we find ourselves right back to the beginning of the circle, fighting over essentially worthless ‘money’.

You (and yours) are being allowed to DIE because of your inability to pay, with essentially worthless dollars.

The fat cats don’t need it, they’ve already got more than they can spend. So why are people being denied treatment (and left to die) because they can’t pay (the insane prices the for profit healthcare industry charges?)

Worse, we can’t even charge the healthcare industry with ‘criminal neglect’, not with the court system the way it is now.

Did I mention that the ‘cold war’ has been raging for the past twenty-five years?

Nobody remembers that you never heard the acronym HMO before the Reagan administration.

In fact, Reagan is responsible for ‘privatizing’ US Healthcare and the subsequent dismantling of a once robust public hospital network.

Just one more reason to vote for the conservo-whackos…let’s see what else they can ‘fix’ for us?

Of course, I’ve already told you that despite the political mis-steps of the past week, the Romney/Ryan ticket will be triumphant come November…because that’s what ‘the masters of the universe’ want.

And it will be ‘sold’ to us by the corporate owned media as one of history’s greatest political upsets; a phenomenon that will remain ‘unexplained’ because the resultant revolt will eclipse the entire issue.

But I digress.

Alongside the healthcare battle zone is another ‘hot spot’ that the average worker has been forced to dance around for decades now and that’s been the ‘hold on to your job’ front.

For the past THREE DECADES you have been getting ‘short-sheeted’ by the minions of the >One Percent by being told ‘Be thankful you still HAVE a damn job!’

Which has all too often been followed up with by a ‘raise’ that didn’t keep pace with the supposedly non-existent inflation rate.

If you got a two-percent raise, YOUR cost for healthcare went up five!

And the next year it was something else.

All the while you’ve been getting nickel and dimed by the town you live in as they cried to override the tax cap to fund the schools and to buy every department head in town a new vehicle.

Or upgrade the computer system or to upgrade the communications system so they could all talk to FEMA at the same time…

I say the ‘minions of the >One Percent because the >One Percent no longer have any business interests in this economy.

The only ones left are their ‘vendors’ (a.k.a. minions.)

The US is just about done being the ‘dumping ground’ for all of the shit they now make elsewhere with ‘artificially cheap’ labor.

I’m telling you good citizen, what we have seen during our lifetimes is nothing less than the ‘crime of the century’.

Never have so many been so ripped off by so few and been so powerless to put a stop to it.

The very real danger here good citizen is that the ‘backlash’ from this deception will destroy our civilization…as the criminals slink off to their luxury hideouts…

Laughing all the way…

Until the bombers show up…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fairly Unbalanced

Greetings good citizen,

I’ve been pretty consistent in transmitting the message that our civilization IS ‘under siege’ today, right now, this very minute.

I have also been fairly clear that we are riding the razor’s edge of a cold war with the >One Percent that is going to go ‘hot’ any day now.

UNDERSTAND, they want (and will do everything in their power) to keep the assault ‘cold’. You can’t defend yourself against their lawyers in their courtrooms.

They will strip you of everything that makes life worth living and leave you there to die.

Go ahead and complain…nobody will listen because they control the media.

Short of actually beating your brains out in front of a live TV camera, no one will ever find out the truth.

Cry all you want, you will find no audience…just ask the homeless.

Hell, when we’re all ‘homeless’ what will we do then?

And don’t think for a moment that it’s not going to happen. They have already refused to pay a living wage to workers the feel are ‘expendable’. Hell, they’ve also cut the salaries of workers who rely on specific infrastructure because they could!

First they enslaved you with their money then they choked you to death with it!

Again the bizarre part is the fact that ALL money is ‘funny’!

We, the working public are the victims of the biggest ‘mindfuck’ ever perpetrated!

And the penalty for this mindfuck is going to be as severe as it gets.

The question is whether or not justice will be served before YOU (and your children) become victims of the out of control criminals?

The ONLY way to rein in the criminals will be through ‘direct action’.

Think ‘citizen’s arrest’…because the calvary IS NOT going to ride to the rescue.

Nope, it’s worse than that… those charged with protecting YOU from the criminals would be protecting THEM!

Talk about occupying a rarified place of ‘entrenched power’.

Um, I know it’s comedy good citizen but didn’t your parents ever tell you that more truth is said in jest?

Watch that video good citizen and tell me we AREN’T a civilization on the brink?

Here’s the world’s largest news network being characterized as ‘Bullshit Mountain’ and YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!

How did we get here without a single shot being fired?

Um, I know how it happened but you wouldn’t believe it so you’ll just have to reach your own conclusions.

Ask yourself, how sad is it that all of the evidence you need to prove our civilization has been hijacked by the One Percent is as close as the nearest Fox News broadcast?

‘Fairly unbalanced’, right?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live through a ‘background coup’ you can stop wondering…it’s already happened.

The bad news is the bad guys won and now we have to fight them to take our nation back.

Um, if you don’t want to fight for your children’s future…

Then no amount of appealing to you better sensibilities will avail any of us.

Or you count yourself as a member of the >One Percent…just remember that ‘supporting their point of view’ DOESN’T make you one of them.

Although within a certain proximity of the One Percent, I can only imagine that a number of ‘promises in the dark’ have been made.

How unfortunate is it that you will be unable to determine if you have been hoodwinked until it is too late?

This is the hell of it good citizen, learning that the web of lies you have been fed your whole life are all untrue…and now you don’t know what to believe anymore.

How do you restore trust after it has been shattered in this manner?

The sad truth is you can’t, not without first sweeping away all of the mechanisms used to cheat you with.

A Simple Plan is close enough to what you’re familiar with to recognize yet different enough to restore your trust.

It has been engineered to be ‘hijack-proof’.

HOWEVER, it has to be installed ‘holistically’, with all of it’s parts intact.

You won’t get a simple plan if you also have tangible currency…and once you ‘accept’ money you can hold in your hand you open the doors to both debt and corruption.

Hell good citizen, ALL CRIME IS CASH AND CARRY, eliminate cash and you eliminate CRIME!

Theft stops in its tracks.

Why steal if you can’t sell? (Considering the penalty for ‘theft’ is exile, you’d have to be mighty stupid to take what you aren’t entitled to.)

And if you ARE that stupid then you deserve what happens to you!

You have no idea how frustrating it is know that most of you don’t believe me when I tell you that money is ALL funny.

Some of you believe money comes from God and some of you believe that if you’re ‘good’ in this life that God is saving you a place with him…but only if you’re 100% good.

Do the slightest thing to displease him and all bets are OFF!

What I need YOU to believe is that WE can create a better, sustainable world for ourselves AND our children…but we have to remove the ‘crazy people’ from power first.

They keep bitching about your ‘entitlements’, wait ‘til you get a load of what they think THEY’RE ‘entitled to!

(Which you will soon get to see for yourself.)

It’s not a one way trip nor is it too late…not yet anyway.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



Greetings good citizen,

Stock markets around the globe traded sideways today as the markets once again showed a definite ‘lack of direction’.

I’m currently reading Michael Lewis’ book titled ‘Panic’ and it sort of hit me between the eyes how the stock market went from right around a thousand to the current thirteen thousand figure around the same time the US’s manufacturing capability was being off-shored wholesale.

Which is to point out that the stock market is basically one gigantic fraud and the Justice Department simply pretends it isn’t happening.

Which is disturbing enough but now the Justice Department is ignoring other, more troubling things and once again, there isn’t anything we can (legally) do about it.

Talk about your timelines. When I was dating my wife the Dow had just breached the 2000 level. I just recently celebrated my 22nd Wedding anniversary and not so terribly long ago the stock market was only two thousand points.

Since that time my entire career ‘disappeared’ from these shores. Sure, there are still some small shops out there (cutting each other’s throats for what little work is left.)

And for some bizarre reason the stock market, with record unemployment and the lowest labor participation rate since WWII, is over thirteen thousand points.

And it rose 225 of those points last Friday when the Fed announced another trillion-dollar giveaway program that is going ONLY to the too big to fail banks.

FOR THE THIRD TIME (since our financial markets went insolvent.)

And the pundits can’t figure out why the recovery is essentially non-existent.

I mean they’re pumping trillions of dollars into the coffers of people who already have more money than they can possibly spend. Raising the question of ‘why’ the One Percent’s government is giving the already super rich even more money when a full half of our nation’s population doesn’t earn enough to feed themselves!

Well good citizen, every coin has two sides and here’s one of them!

Unemployment is still above 8 percent, job gains aren’t even keeping up with population growth, the economy is barely moving forward. And yet, according to most polls, the Romney-Ryan ticket is falling further and further behind. How can this be?

Because Republicans are failing the central test of electability. Instead of putting together the largest possible coalition of voters, they’re relying largely on one slice of America — middle-aged white men — and alienating just about everyone else.

Start with Hispanics, whose electoral heft keeps growing as they become an ever-larger portion of the electorate. Hispanics now favor President Obama over Romney-Ryan by a larger margin than they did six months ago.

YOU’D THINK Mr. Reich has a damn good point, wouldn’t you?

After this latest fiasco they’re saying Mitt’s own father wouldn’t vote for him…but that doesn’t matter.

In fact, even if NOBODY voted for them the ‘Gruesome Twosome’ will be our next commander in Chief and trusty side-kick.

Because the ballot box is broken.

Sure, it wouldn’t ‘hurt’ the oligarchs to let their other boy win again. Hell, he’s obedient enough.

But the agenda isn’t moving forward fast enough and the shit is almost ready to hit the fan!

They don’t care if coming events make Republican’s look bad, they’ll never have to hold fake elections again.

If they are going to cement the yoke of monarchy around our waiting necks they’re going to have to be quick about it.

As well as brutal.

They have to let the public know that ‘justice’ has returned to the land and that their newly minted royals are dispensing justice.

But understand good citizen, the sudden interest in prosecuting criminals won’t be ‘retro-active’, it will be ‘pro-active’…basically exterminating anyone who MIGHT object to the restoration of god given leadership.

I’m sure you all know that the kings of old were all appointed by God. It’s part of the reason the original royals inter-married with one another extensively…in (stupid) attempts to keep ‘the lord’s bloodline’ ‘pure’…

Always trying to strengthen the claim to the throne…although all of this in-breeding did little to improve the quality of leadership those Chosen by God provided.

And here we can see the seeds of animosity that were harbored by God’s appointees against God’s chosen people.

Again, the reason for this is simple. They don’t want you to think they want you to accept…

It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘good for you’, you’re missing the point. It’s GOOD FOR THEM, that’s what matters!

Worse…after the shiny newness wears off they’ll get tired of all of the intrigue that will return with a vengeance.

It seems nobody remembers why the Kings of Old (willingly) walked off of their thrones and ducked safely inside their treasuries.

It’s because they were sick to death of always being the ‘target’. If this one wasn’t trying to kill you, his brother was.

And the ones that didn’t want you dead were perpetually trying to crawl into bed with you.

How’s that for some gruesome choices?

Again I close with the question of ‘is this how you want it to end, good citizen?

Of course you don’t, that’s why you need to get behind A Simple Plan, ASAP!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Concept Vehicle

Greetings good citizen,

Everybody jumped on Romney’s latest gaffe and again the number of people defending him was sobering…but that’s what the corporate owned media does, it puts its thumb on the scale to make you think wrong is right and that the majority doesn’t care.

Well, how, er, gratifying is it that the ten highest states for tax non-payment also happen to be bastions of conservatism?

Yup, almost to a one they are ALL what we have come to call ‘Red’ States.

I am not going to excerpt the article itself, there really isn’t anything else to add except a different perspective.

Something I touched upon in yesterday’s post…a cautionary note.

In today’s local rag the ultra-conservative ‘retired business manager’ (who never tires of bashing liberals for everything from late postal delivery to a rainy day) was on his favorite hobby horse again, defending our former governor.

BUT apparently his deadline for the local rag must have preceded the latest flub by the Mittster because he didn’t even elude to it.

Although his post did prove most comical in light of his hero’s blatant insult to nearly half of the electorate.

And that’s where the caution comes in.

You know the elite (and their brain-dead followers) could care less about what happens to you and yours.

In the Mittster’s own words, you have brought this upon yourself…by not voting Republican! (Or so posited the ultra-conservative moron in the local rag tonight!)

SOME pundits are too young to know better but this nitwit is already drawing his SSI, and is shaking in his socks that OBAMA is going to water down his Medicare! (like the Ryan voucher program will be so much better, idiot!)

All I can say is this guy was asleep during the entire Reagan administration. For some bizarre reason no conservo-loonie remembers that person most responsible for NAFTA was St. Ronnie himself!

By the time Slick Willy signed the bill into law, NAFTA was a 'done deal'. He also had a Republican congress so vetoing the legislation would have proven fruitless (but it WOULD HAVE made the Rethugs take responsibility for their treachery.)

And how did they ‘thank’ Billy boy for his service? They impeached him…and then they made his wife a senator from New York…go figure!

Oh, and PS by the way, Slick has been ‘swimming in honorariums’ since he left the White House.

That po’ boy is a lot richer than he was…but like our pal Barrack, he had that ‘silver spoon’ thing happening even before he hit the big time.

And in retrospect, Billy’s two terms read like an entry into the ‘Hall of Shame’ for political sell-outs.

Which is to point out (again) that the people pulling the strings around here are starting to get pretty sloppy as far as keeping the public ignorant.

That said, the public (obediently) doesn‘t see anything it don’t want to see.

That annoying itch at the back of your skull is asking you how long you should play stupid…because it’s only a matter of time before YOU draw the ‘short straw’ and find yourself being thrown under the bus.

Wait too long and you’ll be one of the Mittster’s ‘victims’.

I’m interlacing this with tonight’s editorial by the ultraconservative lunatic…who paraphrased his idol, St. Ronnie when he closed his piece by stating, just as Ronnie famously did, that government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem!

Now ask yourself if YOU want to live in a society that has NO government.

Which is tricky because technically, you’re already there. YOU, the average citizen, no longer have a government that is cognizant of or responsive to, your needs.

But would you voluntarily live in a society that answered to no one?

Short answer, isn’t it…definitely not!

Now all simple-minded conservatives think the government is the enemy because the government makes you pay taxes.

If we didn’t have a government, we wouldn’t have taxes…that’s their logic anyway…like this is a ‘good thing’!

Um, there are no taxes under A Simple Plan either but that’s because the laws governing money are radically different than they are under predatory capitalism.

You see, the conservo-loonies flunked civics 101 because they don’t have the faintest clue what the ‘purpose of government’ is.

Which is why they make these insane claims that we’d all be ‘better off’ without government.

Do YOU know what the ‘purpose of government’ is?

Essentially, it is a ‘pact’ among the members of a nation that they will defend each other’s rights and care for one another as if they were one big family (despite how messy that can be in actual practice…)

A Simple Plan assumes a ‘universal’ pact the transcends borders and frontiers, encompassing ALL mankind...and imbuing its members with ‘inalienable rights’…the ones the founders of this nation only gave lip service to…because they didn’t get the money piece of the puzzle right!

I don't have megalomania, I just want to put an end to the bullshit...and if the concept isn't adopted 'universally' it will leave the door open for a later showdown...and the fucking opportunists that have oppressed us for so long don't deserve another crack at us!

In essence good citizen we are faced with a choice. Do we choose peace and learn to live together in harmony or do we choose death and destruction at the hands of the ‘rugged individuals’ among us who call themselves the Masters of the Universe (‘One Percent’?)

How will you choose?

Because the choice, as always, is YOURS!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is it class war now?

Greetings good citizen,

I jumped on the Romney story the minute it broke last night…imagine my surprise to see it is the ‘talk of the town’ this morning…

Naturally, they had that other stuffed shirt (Donald Trump) ‘defending’ him on the Today show this morning.

The part that should make your head explode, good citizen, is that the >One Percent ARE GOING to make this idiot our next president…

Don’t go calling this ‘class war’ good citizen but you know that is just a ‘liberal excuse’ they throw out there whenever they hear something they don’t like.

So tell me, can you say un-be-fucking-lievable?
President Barrack Obama's campaign quickly seized on the video, obtained by the magazine Mother Jones and made public on a day that Romney's campaign conceded it needed a change in campaign strategy to gain momentum in the presidential race.

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what," Romney is shown saying in a video posted online by the magazine. "There are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it."

"Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax," Romney said. [Because they have NO INCOME asshole!] Romney said his role "is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

Romney's campaign did not dispute the authenticity of the video, instead releasing a statement seeking to clarify his remarks. "Mitt Romney wants to help all Americans struggling in the Obama economy," spokeswoman Gail Gitcho said. "He is concerned about the growing number of people who are dependent on the federal government."


How do you suppose they got that way Mitt? How many of them did you personally make ‘redundant’ by off-shoring their former job?
The private remarks are the latest in a string of comments from the multimillionaire Republican businessman whom Democrats have criticized as out of touch. During the primary campaign, Romney insisted that he was "not concerned" about the very poor, said he knew what it felt like to worry about being "pink-slipped," and said that his wife drove a "couple of Cadillacs." Aides to Obama's campaign said the latest video would help them continue to make the case that Romney doesn't understand the concerns of average Americans.

Voters say they believe Obama has a better understanding of their problems and concerns than Romney does. A CBS/New York Times poll showed 60 percent of likely voters said Obama understands the needs and problems of people like them, while 37 percent said he did not. For Romney, the same question found that 46 percent felt he did understand people's needs, 48 percent said he didn't.

Really? Does anyone believe a guy who believes the ‘average’ middle class household income is in the quarter of a million dollar range ‘understands their problems?

Who the fuck did they poll to come up with these numbers? The Ronald Reagan Home for the terminally senile? (more commonly known as the RNC Headquarters...)

Be that as it may, the article goes on in an attempt to ‘clarify’ Romney’s tactless tax remark by camouflaging the issue:
Many of the Americans who owe no income tax are reprieved because basic exemptions — such as the "standard deduction" — took their taxable income below the cutoff levels. The other half rely mainly on a variety of tax breaks, such as the credit that helps offset child care costs.
Because THE TRUTH is a lot uglier…they don’t pay taxes because they don’t make that much money!

Hell, for the past six years I didn’t pay Federal income tax because I earned spit! (But I paid into my SSI and FICA…unlike the One Percenters who stop paying in after they hit roughly a hundred thousand in annual income.

Guys like Willard stopped paying into SSI and Medicare in late January or early February of each year. Hedge fund nitwits stop paying in after their first paycheck…if they pay at all.

But that’s not the disturbing part here good citizen, the disturbing part is they are going to put this asshat in the White House regardless of how you vote.

Look at the ‘defense’ they are putting up on his behalf:
These Americans range from the very poor to solidly middle-class families with jobs, homes, cars and vacations. The Tax Policy Center says "relatively few nontaxable households" have incomes exceeding $100,000; families that make between $50,000 and $100,000 often owe no income tax because of breaks for their kids and for education.

Americans who pay no federal income tax still often pay an array of other taxes. They include payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, sales taxes, property taxes and state and local taxes. A handful of extremely wealthy families do not pay federal income taxes. This summer the Internal Revenue Service reported that six of the 400 highest-earning households in America owed no federal income tax in 2009.

Still, many are low-income Americans. According to the August 2010 AP-GfK poll, a majority of Americans who make less than $30,000 a year are Democrats. But 27 percent identify as Republicans, and 15 percent say they're independents. About 57 percent say they will vote for Obama, while 38 percent back Romney. About 43 percent identify themselves as conservatives.
As you well know, there has been a huge problem this election cycle with, er, ‘untruths’ flooding out of the corporate owned media on the behalf of their supporters, the conservo-loonies.

Worse, it is these same lies that will be used to justify his being named the winner.

You’ll hear, after the fact, numerous claims that the American people educated themselves and ‘chose the best man’.

Not that I’m voting for that (other) conservative doormat either. I’m looking at the alternative candidates and you should be as well.

I think ‘Rocky’ stands a good chance of beating both mainstream candidates and will, if necessary, hold new elections so he can get a Congress he can work with.

Which is to suggest the unlikelihood of his surviving until the inauguration, that’s how psycho the conservo-loonies are!

Yup, just how far are we going to let them push us good citizen?

Well don’t look down because ‘you’re standing in your grave.’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Monday, September 17, 2012

Commemorating a lost cause...

Greetings good citizen,

Um, after the Dow tacked on 225 totally irrational points after the Fed announced the commencement of QE3 (Ah, but for the days when QE was short for Queen Elizabeth and the QE2 was a luxury ocean liner!)

But I’m showing my age, am I not? (Or perhaps we’re all getting a little long in the tooth, don’t have a good handle on the demographics of my audience.)

Anyway, back to the stock market…which is tanking as we write this. Oddly, in a microsm of the larger world the Eastern markets did…okay (bit of an overstatement as they traded sideways throughout the first trading session of the week.)

The West went into the tank the minute Europe came online and has (thus far) stayed there…but it’s still early and we all know that movement of the markets doesn’t have to make sense.

As last weeks 225 point rise of the Dow proves.

Just as our lead story for the day informs us:
Earnings in United States Are Beginning to Feel a Pinch

The estimated drop in corporate profits removes what had been an economic bright spot in an otherwise cloudy picture.

For Spain, Rising Risk in Discord

Equally as, er, ‘curious’ is the sudden re-appearance of the Occupy movement…like a ‘flashback’ from last year.

They are planning on, er, ‘commemorating’ last year’s (mostly fruitless) occupation of a space four or five blocks from Wall Street.

Just as the original occupation accomplished nothing, it is tough to figure out what the point is of commemorating an event that ended with their being on the receiving end of a bum’s rush administered by Bloomberg’s NYPD.

Was the whole point to ‘do nothing’ (besides grumble about how ‘unfair’ the system was) and to protest their being duped by a system of commerce that has no need for them?

Welcome to the USA kiddos! It’s all fun and games until it’s not!

If you have eight minutes to kill you might want to have a gander at this piece for a ‘gloves off look’ at our current geo-political situation provided by Chris Hedges.

I’ve never seen anyone paint it quite as clearly as he does here…so it’s worth the trip.

(Talk about knocking the scales off your eyes!)

So what was the ‘occupy’ movement all about? It seems nobody knows.

More the pity because all of the ‘heavy hitters’ (also known as the ‘serious people’) got behind the Occupy movement figuring it was the next big thing.

Well, thanks to the corporate owned media, the Occupy movement ‘served its purpose' (resistance is futile) and was ‘extinguished’ only to be resurrected again just before the elections to rile up the Republican base.

Not that there are enough of them to elect anybody.

Funny how the pundits keep waffling between a deeply divided populace and one that doesn’t give a shit so the ‘marginal few’ decide for the rest.

You don’t need to conduct a poll to figure out that the current situation is ‘untenable’ and won’t be tolerated much longer.

The old system doesn’t work…so the question now is what to replace the old system with?

I’m ‘lobbying’ for Direct Democracy where we all vote directly on the laws we ALL must live under. (It is utter bullshit that members of Congress can and do ‘exempt’ themselves from the laws they make.)

And truth be told good citizen there aren’t a whole lot of ‘other choices’ out there.

In fact most of the other choices involve having someone else decide what THEY like and your having to lump it…(sort of like now.)

And only the insane conservo-loonies think now is ‘okay’.

But what do you want from people who are cool with being told what to think?

It’s the same mindset the tolerated slavery for thousands of years.

But back to our (neglected) original headline…

Sorry good citizen, it’s easy to sidetrack a freight train full of ideas, all busting to see daylight at the same time!
Thus do I digress (all the time!)

Who among you is surprised to see US corporate profits ‘slipping’?

If so, then how long have you been a stock analyst? (Those guys are always ‘surprised’…by fake numbers no less!)

For the past ten years I have been pointing to the Riders of the Apocalypse closing in on our civilization.

The part that should be bumming you out is they have arrived and they are just outside the gate.

It’s gonna be an ‘interesting winter’ good citizen, mark my words.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Sunday, September 16, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Welcome to the former day of rest decreed by the supreme being. For the religious among you, this can be a puzzling act of defiance by the legislators who claim divine provenance as the basis of all they do.

Also unhelpful is the number of ‘Captains of Industry’ who make similar claims…

With so many powerful and influential people, ALL doing ‘God’s work’ the world should be a magnificent place instead of the hell-hole it is.

Which could be to ask if the ‘god’ of the >One Percent is named Beelzebub? (Better know as Satan among the teeming masses of Christians.)

Just asking because my atheist beliefs preclude the existence of either, er, ‘fairytale’.

Which is to say it is my opinion that actions speak louder than words…and the ‘bloodsuckers’ draining the public weal while enriching themselves, it is fairly self-explanitory.

Speaking of which, let’s have a peek at our first headline of the day, where we visit a theme common to these pages…justice for sale:
In Prosecutors, Debt Collectors Find a Partner

In exchange for a fee, district attorneys’ offices have been allowing debt collectors to use their letterhead when going after people behind on their bills.
It is comforting to no one to know that once the human anti-exploitation law takes effect, the act of declaring someone in your debt becomes a crime punishable by exile.

So selling your office as an aid to collecting a debt would be a crime punishable by execution (on the spot.)

It’s not the law…but it should be.

Which is to opine that there are a lot of people who will have a difficult time ‘unlearning’ some very bad behavior…which makes it likely there will be a lot of people who will run afoul of the law.

Not a majority mind you, just the ‘incurably greedy’…ironically, people ‘hardwired’ to become successful under predatory capitalism.

Speaking of which, we have an article that investigates this very phenomenon in today’s NY Times:
Thiel fellowships reward young people for forgoing college to dive into practical work on ideas.
[what kind of idea will win you a Theil Fellowship?]
Connor Zwick, 19, saws a profile for his “coco controller,” a game app for smartphones
[Ah, what society ‘values’!]

Forgoing College to Pursue Dreams

Thiel Fellowships pay young people to forgo college and to plunge into real-world projects. So what has become of those who managed to snag fellowships?
I must first confess to NOT reading this article due to the limitations placed upon those who receive ‘free’ subscriptions…which is basically just the headlines…but it’s enough for this poor boy’s purposes.

Talk about a quandry…spend a fortune you don’t have to study for a career that is unlikely to exist when you graduate and spend the rest of your life paying off debt that did you zero good.

You don’t suppose this is the ‘long way around’ to get ‘America’s seed’ to swallow its own gun, do you?

You couldn’t ‘make yourself useful’ so you might as well just pack it in here and now, BEFORE those collection letters start rolling in on the DA’s stationary…


Listen to me, the assholes that exported the economy have no use for you period. They don’t even need you as a customer.

What they DO need from you is for you not to KILL THEM before they join (your) money overseas.

Naturally, uncertainty has slowed down that process considerably:
European Bank Overhaul Meets Opposition From Finance Ministers

A plan by the European Union to overhaul bank supervision and help troubled lenders hit a roadblock at a meeting of finance ministers.
The kids and I were discussing exactly that situation last night. My son has the idea he wants to go to college to study the arts...(more behind the camera than in front of one.)

My daughter (a man-killer if you ever saw one) wants to raise puppies.

Somehow I think my little girl stands a far better chance at success than my son. You can do all right for yourself operating a ‘puppy mill’ and the work is its own reward.

Because in the end, the predatory world of the capitalist always ends up like this:
At a coal market in Mumbai, India. Natural resources remain tightly controlled by politicians and bureaucrats.

Scandal Poses a Riddle: Will India Ever Be Able to Tackle Corruption?

A brazen brand of crony capitalism has created huge fortunes for a few, at the expense of the nation as a whole, which is falling short in energy infrastructure.
Make no mistake about it good citizen, this WILL NOT change until the system itself is changed.

A Simple Plan does precisely that…complete with the safeguards to prevent it from slipping back into the now ancient model of the many, toiling ceaselessly in wretched poverty to enrich an uncaring few.

It’s time to kick the uncaring few into the desert where they can learn for themselves what it’s like to truly be ‘self-reliant’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



Dear miserable greedhead,

You must be wondering why I am NOT appealing to you, the ‘children of the privileged’ to lead the charge for the salvation of mankind.

Don’t hold your breath ‘cuz it ain’t happenin’.

We have gained absolutely zero ground trading the rule of the privileged for their children’s rule despite innumerable bloody revolutions…they always end the same…because the ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

So don’t even delude yourself into thinking you have a place in the future…you do not.

If you don’t self-destruct, you will be ‘expelled’.

Have a nice day (while it lasts.)


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Make Believe

Greetings good citizen,

As a Romney victory becomes more and more unlikely the oligarchs will simply flex their muscles and claim, for the fifth consecutive election cycle, that the mythical ‘swing voter’ carried the day…again.

We continue to careen down the greased skids prepared for us by the >One Percent as the vast majority of the nation continues to agree that we are on the ‘wrong path’…but somehow can’t agree on how to correct the nation's course.

(Because the ones doing the steering also control ‘the message’.)

Although sometimes you have to wonder just what are they trying to tell us…
Anti-American Protests Flare Beyond the Mideast

Anti-American rage that began over a video insult to Islam spread to nearly 20 countries in the Middle East and beyond.

Notice how Arab Spring, once interpreted to mean that the Muslims wanted to be ‘free’ (as in ‘free marketers’ like the> One Percent.) Now reflects the recognition of their hatred for the world’s ‘true terrorists’, that same >One Percent.

Why even acknowledge this political football, they could just as easily ignore it as they do countless other issues.

But no, to acknowledge a thing is to defuse it. Here is the corporate owned media on the job, telling us that ‘yeah they hate us but they’re a nation full of haters, it’s what they do.’

Let’s not get into why that hatred is justified or the likelihood of the whole situation blowing up one of these fine days…

They acknowledge the hatred only to dismiss it…but you knew that.

Sort of similar to this article here:
Poll Finds Obama Is Erasing Romney's Edge on Economy

President Obama has taken away Mitt Romney's advantage as the candidate voters say is most likely to restore the economy, according to the latest poll by The New York Times and CBS News.

Graphic: Likely Voters' Views of Obama and Romney
We need only refer back to our opening remarks to see where they’re going with this one. It doesn’t matter that Romney is a card caring member of the >One Percent. It also doesn’t matter to the oligarchs if their boy Obama wins, same end result…(although Obama will provide more of a ‘status quo’ performance, meaning the changes that would have been ushered in under a Romney/Ryan administration would have to be done ‘undercover’.)

In case you live in a cave and didn’t notice, the freaking Dow (which is mostly financial stocks) closed the week up 250 points…for absolutely NO GOOD REASON!

Can you say ‘stop thief?’

I knew you could…let me know how that works out for you…k?
News Analysis
Fed Responds to a Grim Reality

In a meaningful departure from past policy, the Federal Reserve said it would focus on reducing unemployment at the risk of provoking higher inflation.

Constant reader knows statements like the one above are enough to launch me into a screaming tirade about the nature and general level of ignorance surrounding money…but I will spare you the lecture…this time.

And parrot what all of the other ‘serious people’ are pointing out…that the fed buying the banking industry’s trash for big money does absolutely zero for the real economy.

The bankers aren’t about to start lending because there’s nobody to lend to. That’s WHY the Fed (and central banks worldwide) continue to buy the banking system’s ‘bad paper’…because otherwise the banking system WOULD COLLAPSE!

Again we see that what you’re being told and what they’re actually doing varies wildly…and that’s okay. It doesn’t matter until it does…and by the time it does it will be too late.

You aren’t going to see job growth because perpetual expansion is impossible…even if you ‘cook the books’ six ways to Sunday!

You know it, I know it and they know YOU know it…yet the lies continue; so they can pretend that somebody believes them!

This won’t stop until we literally make them stop.

But now I belabor the obvious.

This is the power of ‘make believe’. If you can convince the general public that ‘some people’ support your point of view, it doesn’t matter that you can’t produce these people…(like the 33,000 physical member Tea Party movement…that’s an order of magnitude less than >One Percent.)

If that’s what it takes for you to get your way, then that’s what you do…

Are you getting this?

Sorry to keep running you into the limits of your understanding but it has to be done…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Friday, September 14, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

As developments around the globe turn increasingly worrisome the corporate owned media persists in reporting everything BUT the facts…

Um, don’t allow your eyes to slide over the words ‘Corporate Owned Media’ good citizen, this fact rests at the very heart of the destruction of our civilization.

Gasoline is $4 a gallon (and climbing) now that the elections are less than two months away, you don’t suppose this has anything to do with this headline?
The Energy Rush
Fossil Fuel Industry Ads Dominate TV Campaign

Major fossil fuel companies are financing an effort to defeat President Obama, while his former allies in promoting wind and solar power are disenchanted and sitting out the campaign.

A Shift in Energy Ads
Video Feature: Energy Takes Center Stage in Political Ads

Um, why do you suppose there has been zero progress in ‘upgrading’ the domestic energy production infrastructure? Could it be because all of that technology which was developed here was moved to China…and the act of installing Chinese made alternative energy products; here in the economic desert that the farm-out crazy capitalists made; would start a shooting war? Is THAT why there isn't a windmill on every speedbump in this abandoned wasteland?

Good luck getting the Corporate Owned Media to acknowledge that one!

However, the next entry presents something of a mystery:
Ben S. Bernanke, Fed chief
Fed Ties New Aid to Jobs Recovery in Forceful Move

The Federal Reserve opened a new chapter in its efforts to stimulate the American economy, saying that it intends to buy large quantities of mortgage bonds until the job market improves substantially.

Graphic: Action (and Inaction) by the Fed

Perhaps the anecdote added at the end of the article, pointing to action/inaction by the Fed best sums up my reaction to this latest attempt to jumpstart our dead economy.

What is buying mortgage bonds going to do ‘re-energize’ the tapped out consumer?

Must be fucking magic because nobody else know how it’s supposed to work either…except the stupid stock markets.

They lost no time hiking stock valuations as soon as the Fed announced what will effectively become QE3 :
Stocks Add to Gains

Shares on Wall Street traded higher after the Federal Reserve gave a green light to big asset purchases to boost the American economy.
Wait a minute Slim, ‘mortgage bonds’ are ‘assets’? Says who? A bond based on ‘junk’ is still junk no matter what you call it.

Of course these are the same assholes who believed you could ‘wish away’ risk…and look at where that landed them…

Can anybody explain to me how this is supposed to ‘stimulate the job market’? (Because I don’t see their logic…and if it’s THAT complicated, it’s not likely to work…which is what they ultimately found out about ‘wishing away’ risk.)

Naturally, they are relying on YOU not paying attention.

You are supposed to (half) hear about this last ditch effort to improve the economy launched right before the election (and if you’re paying even a little bit of attention then you already know it doesn’t stand the chance of a snowball in hell of working.

So when the elections roll around and you walk into the voting booth, you’re gonna say to yourself ‘didn’t Twinkie launch a big ‘asset purchase plan’ that was supposed to ‘fix’ the economy a couple of months ago?’

And you know today that the economy will be worse come November (because five years later and NOTHING has been done about our bankrupt financial system.)

Seriously good citizen, Bernanke, (who actually does work in the private sector…the Fed is a totally privately held corporation, SOLELY OWNED by the biggest BANKS in the world!) would have been FIRED if he were a public employee, accountable to the president...but that's not how things work here in 'capitalist utopia!'

Don’t see a little ‘conflict’ there, do ya?

Now we’re back to the old ‘I was just protecting my employer’s interests…(so fuck the rest of you!’)

Is that what runs through Ben’s mind every day when he sits down to go to work?

A huge F.U. that extends to the rest of the human race as well…but you knew that.

Speaking of sticking it to the balance of mankind…
Euro Watch
Spain and Greece Top Agenda of E.U. Finance Ministers Meeting

A two-day meeting will focus on how urgently to channel aid to Spain and whether Greece should be given more time to achieve its budget goals.

News Analysis: Dutch and Germans Give Europe Reasons to Cheer
Um, have you actually READ any of the stories accompanying this ‘Happy Talk’?

There isn’t any real reason to ‘cheer’, good citizen. The Dutch are broke and the Germans are trying to take over control of the Euro…which will likely result in WWIII breaking out.

Pressing on, we have this final article:
Gas Prices Increase Consumer Inflation
By REUTERS 1 minute ago

Consumer prices in the United States rose in August by the most in three years, but underlying inflation was fairly muted. Retail sales also rose.

Yup, here we go again, YOU’RE paying more but fucking inflation is ‘non-existent’ because the price of the two most vital budget items on every humans shopping list are ‘too volatile’ to include in the inflation calculations!

WTF Good citizen? You can’t calculate the cost of living less the cost of living! IT DON’T WORK!

Yet the fucking ‘yo-yos’ in government do it all of the time, turning us back to the question of, how stupid do they think we are?

Which of course begs the question of ‘how stupid are they?’

How sad is it that the answer to both is ‘plenty stupid!’

Just because we sit here and take it doesn’t mean we don’t notice…and come November I’m predicting at least ‘some’ of the public is going to express their ‘displeasure’ over the ‘non-election’ regardless of who wins.

Which should be really curious because as I have pointed out before, there is only ONE sure ‘winner’ this November and that would be the >One Percent.

Heads they win, tails you lose…go figure.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,