Friday, March 18, 2011

How Fucked up is This?

Seriously good citizen, How fucked up is this?

DETROIT — General Motors said Thursday that it would temporarily shut a truck plant in Louisiana because it could not get enough Japanese-made parts, the first in what analysts say could be widespread disruptions at auto plants in North America because of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis half a world away.

A Toyota plant in northern Japan. Toyota and Honda have shut their plants in Japan until next week.

Mark Fields of Ford said the company was assessing production on a day-to-day basis.
That it was G.M. — rather than one of the Japanese automakers, which depend on many parts from their home country — that succumbed first to the shortage shows how much the industry depends on far-flung suppliers. But Toyota and Honda have shut their plants in Japan until next week as they try to repair damaged facilities, assess the state of their suppliers and determine how to restart production safely.

Do any of you wonder why our workforce has shrunk by 2 million over the past decade?

What should you do the next time you see a ‘tax slashing tea partier’?

It is their opinion that you’re being unemployed is YOUR FAULT.

Did you notice WHOSE taxes keep getting cut? (Hint: they sure as shit aren’t YOURS!)

As you were…sorry for the interruption but I read this and my head exploded!


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