Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Intelligent vs Educated

Greetings good citizen,

Like a train wreck, it depends on which car you were riding in as to whether or not your world has already ‘crashed and burned’.

The part that sucks is the people who could least afford it were seated in the figurative ‘front’ of the train, so they continue to get bombarded by the cars crashing in from behind them.

Which is to say the ‘hits’ just keep on coming.

To give you an idea just how ‘slow’ this slow-motion train wreck is, my ‘car’ hit the proverbial wall in 2001 and I’m still ‘standing’ (in a manner of speaking.)

I am fortunate to have a spouse capable of ‘picking up the slack’…not that she’s particularly ‘happy’ about this turn of events.

But as you can see here, I am far from being ‘alone’ in having the ability to support my family stripped away from me. [Hat tip: Some Assembly Required]

Which returns me to the topic of what was on my mind when I awoke this morning to what sounded like a thunderclap.

Which is too point out that not all trips to ‘dreamland’ take us to the land of make believe.

And that perhaps is what was so unsettling about where my head happened to be at when I was so rudely awakened.

Dunno what I was, er, ‘dreaming’ about but I woke up thinking, “what use is intelligence (sic education) if you can’t use it?”

Take a good look at the ‘mess’ our civilization is and understand that there isn’t ONE, not one ‘decision-maker’ who doesn’t have a first rate education (which is to say a ‘sheepskin’ from a top notch school.)

What the fuck was the point? I’d dare say we’d have done, er, (figure of speech here) ‘just as well’ with a bunch of dropouts running things.

In fact, since the implication is that most people who can afford to go to Ivy League schools pretty much ‘buy’ their degrees, I’m probably not too far off the mark, don’t you think?

Worse, if you aren’t going to become a CIA/FBI/NSA ‘spook’ then you can attend a ‘technical college’ and train for what is basically an ‘entry level’ position in some of the lowest paying fields the ‘service economy’ has to offer.

‘One of’ being the operative words here. I’ll remind you again that if you work for a paycheck, regardless of how large it may be, you’re still A FUCKING PEASANT!

And since 99% of us fit that description, the idea is to make it ‘universal’.

Better for us all to be Indians than for half of us to be content to ‘pretend’ to be Chief.

More importantly, as society becomes more complex, ‘competency’ will start to be a real issue, (it already is!) We can no longer afford to hire ‘minders’ for overpaid incompetents.

Worse, the minders have to ‘work around’ their incompetent ‘superiors’, making them mostly ineffective…leading to the mess you wake up to EVERY FUCKING DAY!

The truly disturbing part of this whole situation is how the incompetent like nothing better than for you to remain as ignorant as possible of their bungling or that the situation could be considerably better managed!

How unfortunate is it that what you see is ‘as good as it gets’?

The job is theirs, they bought it fair and square!

If that’s not bad enough then we have this piece which makes us wonder if they are, er, eating their words?

Looks like ‘hyper-inflation’ is back on the menu, not that it was ever really off, it was merely ‘misinterpreted’ as ‘deflation’.

As Mr. Williams explains it, if the economy shrinks faster than the money supply, the end result is ‘hyper-inflation’.

Although we are once again confronted with potatoe/potato debate, if you end up in the same place does it matter what you call it?

With ‘the same place’ being defined as a situation where money becomes ‘virtually worthless’ because nobody has any. Which is another disturbing property of ‘a legal construct’.

Unlike money, resources are a ‘constant’.

Which is to point out that when ‘barter’ re-emerges it will be wildly popular with the ‘self-sufficient’ crowd, which is to say those ‘self-reliant, Libertarian types’.

Yes, the ‘not so intelligent’ crowd will once again fail to consider what they are giving up by abandoning a ‘medium of exchange’.

Can you say ‘healthcare’?

Who would have the time to pursue medical training if they also had to hunt and farm? You can’t barter from an empty cart…

Worse, who could afford medical treatment if all you had were a few animals and a small vegetable patch?

It’s a two edged sword, isn’t it? On one hand the ‘ability to pay’ isn’t there and on the other, the necessary support (drugs and medical tools such as tests and diagnostics) would also cease to exist if ‘money’ were abandoned.

How disturbing is it that without ‘abandoning money’ we are already facing a crisis centered on the ‘general inability’ to pay?

Which is our cue to don our double thick, screw down tin-foil hats as we zip across to examine the other side of the deeply disturbing ‘competence’ coin.

As I have pointed out numerous times, the ‘trend’ we are following is far too, er, mercenary to be mistaken for ‘incompetence’.

It certainly appears that our ‘best and brightest’ indeed know precisely what they are doing…they only want it to LOOK LIKE ‘incompetence’ so to better deflect suspicion from their decidedly disturbing goals.

There are a few ways to address the twin crises of Peak Oil/Peak resources but only ONE WAY to kick the can further down the road and that is to eliminate the, er, ‘surplus population’.

Let the supply lines collapse and BILLIONS will die in the ensuing, er, ‘confusion’.

Left to your imagination good citizen is whether or not YOU are considered part of the ‘surplus population’?

The answer lies in the paycheck, if you don’t ‘own’ an income stream, you’re ‘expendable’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



  1. interesting read and a nice written. Hope to see more and keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you! My first comment for 2011. Traffic had dropped to zero over the past couple of days but it turns out there was a problem with 'Blogger'. (The mind races from disaster to tragedy when something like that happens, thoughts like 'have I finally alienated my audience'? crosses your mind...especially on the second day of zero traffic.)

    You may not realize it but your comment cheers me immensely!