Friday, March 18, 2011

The Road to Recovery

Greetings good citizen,

Every once in a while the stars align and the hive mind kicks in to inspire the blogosphere into producing the following trio of articles.

If we were to use their conservative ‘labels’ we would start off with The Shrill One followed by Mr. Tinfoil Hat with the The Perma bear wrapping things up nicely.

Yesterday I pointed to the greatly diminished labor force figure. (Our current labor force is two million workers smaller than it was 10 years ago.) But I didn’t mention that we currently have nearly TWICE THAT NUMBER of ’working aged’ individuals, putting a considerable damper on the prospects of achieving anything approaching economic prosperity here in the rapidly expanding economic desert.

Okay, that aside, we arrive at the second article which tells us in no uncertain terms that the COST OF LIVING HIT AN ALL TIME HIGH!

Which is to say there is no ‘escape’ from the collapse of our badly corrupted commerce system. It’s going down and all of the ‘bailouts’ in the world won’t save it!

Article one and article two have a common thread…do you know what it is?

Both are ‘symptoms’ of mismanagement/government failure. Until the labor laws are changed the unemployment problem will persist, ditto for the ‘deterioration’ of our currency (which is causing the ‘inflation‘ they claim is insignificant.)

The final article tells us what our ‘elected representatives’ intend to ‘do’ about the mess their collective inaction has created.

Instead of raising taxes they would rather slash benefits. This is decidedly ‘anti-social’ behavior.

This also defines the longstanding ‘divide’ between conservatives and ‘liberals’.

Worse, guess which ‘segment’ created this ‘division’ in the first place?

Liberals would be better described as ‘normal’ people but that doesn’t provide a solid platform for debate…

‘Normal people’ strive for social harmony while we conservatives say to hell with that!

See, not nearly as effective as calling their opponents ‘liberal’.

I’ll end this little digression with Liberal = normal and Conservative = anti-social.

Sadly, I’ll pick up the original thread by pointing out that we are on a decidedly conservative path going forward…if we can call it that. The reality is it’s simply more of the same (bullshit) we‘ve been getting from the so-called ‘compassionate conservatives‘.

As this post is titled ‘the road to recovery’ we would do well to at least point to what has to happen to put this nation and the world on a sustainable path.

You see, good citizen, the conservative corporatocracy isn’t concerned with sustainability. The ones with the most funny money will get their pick of what’s left er, remains and the rest can go hang!

You see good citizen sustainability SHOULD HAVE BEEN the ‘target’ all along BUT we have allowed ‘pirates’ to manage our affairs since the beginning, thus have we always suffered under their decidedly poor management skills.

Now the wheels are coming off of our social construct and we are faced with yet another ‘civil war’.

This time its the pirates vs. the ‘rabble’ (formerly known as the ‘useful idiots‘)

Have I ‘sidetracked’ again good citizen?

Sadly no, step one is the war we are having rammed down our throats, whether we want it or not.

I would be remiss if I didn’t use this as the ‘starting point’ because whatever comes next is predicated on sweeping the ‘old’ away.

Yes good citizen, your ‘rights’ are once again going to be stripped from you and you will be forced to ‘fight’ for them all over again!

This, as Vonnegut classically described it, is ‘idiot’s delight’ writ large!

If you fail to stand up for your selves, your ‘rights’ will be determined for you, just as they were in the secret, invitation only, armed guard enforced meeting held after the original ‘revolution’.

A pox on the ‘founders’ who conspired to but chickened out of making themselves ‘Royalty’.

The principle reason these ‘royal wannabes’ DIDN’T make themselves royalty is the lack of legitimacy’ of their claims. Prior Kings and Queens could point to religious decrees that God had ’blessed’ their elevation over the common man.

After a while there were a bunch of people who could claim ‘divine lineage’, being the offspring of royal parents and this formed (still does) the basis for their, er, ’legal/legitimate’ claim.

How unfortunate was it that the wannabes couldn’t convince the religious separatists to cave on their demands for a secular State…all it would have taken was an ’official religion’ and the royalists would have been in!

Do you see where we’re going here?

This simple exercise illustrates the problem with letting the ‘self-interested’ make up the laws as they go along.

We came within a push and a shove from perpetuating a nasty system ourselves. A couple more royalists and it wouldn’t have mattered what Washington wanted or was willing to go along with.

The ‘answer’ good citizen lies within the law. If we come out of the other side of this conflict as the victors then our goal must be to level the playing field and to institute a new social contract that provides citizenship/membership for ALL (and not just the useful idiots who suck up to the corrupt and the unjust!)

If we win…if we don’t…well, slaves are property, to be disposed of as their master sees fit.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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