Monday, March 14, 2011

Death from Above

Greetings good citizen,

Um, okay, is it just me or have there been a lot of earthquakes popping up all over the planet?

I know this is supposed to be a sign of the end of days but the ‘end of days’ is a bit problematic for we atheists…that and the knowledge that the technology exists to, er, ‘incite’ these and other ‘natural phenomenon’ (including what’s being called ‘global warming’.)

On an unrelated but no less disturbing note, Mr. Rich bidding farewell to the editorial pages of the NY Times…er, abruptly only serves to amplify these dark suspicions.

Because he takes great pains to state that he wasn’t either censured or chased off (why bring it up at all if it isn’t a factor?) makes his sudden departure that much more, er, suspect.

Not that it matters.

Its dangerous enough to have a media you can’t trust. Put those lying bastards in charge of, er, ‘fabricating’ evidence that the ‘greatest story/fairy tale ever told’ is drawing to its grisly conclusion.

Considering all the ‘criminal activity’ we have witnessed recently, the ‘end of days’ would make a mighty convenient cover story while the criminals made good their escape.

Naturally, not everyone believes in the ‘Second Coming’, Hell, the Jews are still waiting for the first one!

Not that this bothers the criminals any, they have the cops in their pocket so nobody is going to be in hot pursuit…not at first anyway. When the magnitude of their crimes becomes widely known, pursuit is inevitable. We cannot re-establish the rule of law while these criminals walk free.

But let’s back up a step…just who is in control of this extremely dangerous technology? Why the criminals, of course!

How do we prosecute people who can trigger earthquakes and/or tsunami’s at the flip of a switch? Hell, if I’m correct these criminals can even turn an ordinary tropical depression (your typical thunderstorm) into a category 5 hurricane!

It’s gonna make ‘em a little hard to take alive if they can reach into the most closely guarded and (supposedly) secure sections of our military and orchestrate attacks on our own citizens.

I can’t ‘prove’ any of this BUT all you need to do is plug the word HAARP into your search engine for a genuine eyeful.

The part that really sucks is how all of this technology came into being under the pentagon’s infamous ‘black budgets’.

Who knows what else has been developed that is being hidden from the people who funded the research?

Remember, only rogues and scoundrels require ‘the cloak of secrecy’.

While lip service is paid to ‘transparency’.

So, who’s next?

Or more specifically, where will the next ‘(un)natural disaster’ strike?

Brings us full circle to our original conundrum, WE are the, er, ‘captives’ of self-interested criminals who ‘control’ us via the media.

And they are none too subtle about it either…because there isn’t a frigging thing you or I can do about it…short of declaring war upon them.

Which is coming. Not that our declaring war on them will mean anything considering THEY have already declared war on us.

If you wonder why nobody is doing anything about this it is because it all seems ‘crazy’. How could anyone pull such a thing off…and the answer is ‘it’s much easier than you would think’ (especially when you consider how much of our government is ‘appointed’.)

YOU can readily see that things aren’t what they should be, hell, most of the country agrees that we as a nation are ‘off course’.

So why isn’t anybody doing anything about it?

We’re back to the criminals and they sure as hell aren’t going to put a stop to it!

Like I’ve been saying right along, there isn’t a way to fix the system using the system because the tools don’t exist (and were we to fabricate the necessary tools, the criminal element would block their passage!)

If calls for a new constitutional convention were to succeed the end result would be an incredible clusterfuck! Worse, we’d probably end up with even less control that we currently have. (Which is a little hard to do since we currently have none.)

I know it must look like I’ve knocked back a few before I started writing this but, sadly, that is not the case.

As always, I do not ask for your blind trust. I merely present the situation the way I see it and leave it for you to decide for yourself.

If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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