Monday, March 28, 2011

Fallacious Generalizations

Greetings good citizen,

Despite happy talk to the contrary, our civilization’s ‘Death Plunge’ proceeds apace. Most conspicuous is the ongoing lack of leadership being displayed by our elected but seemingly ‘clueless’ legislators.

Which is to ask if you’ve ever seen such a ‘tone-deaf’ bunch?

Naturally, their ‘cover’ is the media’s continued insistence that we are so ‘evenly divided’ on just about every topic that our politicians don’t know what to do.

And the ‘rational’ explanation for this is the conflict that exists between what ‘the represented’ want and what the ‘campaign contributors’ want.

The part that disturbs most voters is how the ‘campaign contributors’ keep getting their way.

This is going to lead to frustration, and that frustration will likely result in ‘direct action’.

Most States don’t have ‘recall provisions’ that allow the electorate to, er, ‘correct’ mistakes at the ballot box…and it is debatable if such measures are necessary, after all, you couldn't ‘recall’ a king either.

I think you can see where this is headed. Some of it might be on display right now considering how thin the field of candidates for President is at the moment.

I, er, ‘predict’ (if we even have elections in 2012) that there will be far fewer candidates then there have been in the recent past.

Worse, we will most likely be confronted with a repeat of the ‘is THIS the best we can do?’ issue.

But that’s provided there are elections next fall, a lot can happen between now and then.

Which is to ask how fucked up is it that most of you are willing to believe in ‘divine intervention’ at the same time you’d relegate something as commonplace as a ‘coup’ to ‘tin-foil hat territory?’

Because that’s where we’re at, good citizen.

Or at least that’s the impression the corporate owned media has created for us. “All is well with the world, at least until December 21, 2012.”

How frightening is it good citizen that the fate of our entire species currently resides in the hands of certifiable lunatics and there isn’t a fucking thing we can (legally) do about it?

Legality aside, we’d be pretty hard-pressed to ‘successfully’ save our collective asses from impending doom, largely due to lack of organization (complicated further by a severe lack of cohesion.)

There are probably countless plans to rescue the nutjobs from the violent revolution they so richly deserve but not one provision to save the rest of us from the nutjobs themselves!

Because guess who made the plans?

Sad, isn’t it?

That said, today’s offering provides us a brief glimpse into the very quagmire of which I speak:

It is a tautology to say that a state that controls its own fiat currency cannot become insolvent in that currency, since they can never lack that which they can create from nothing. The state does not run out of its currency, rather, it runs out of people who will accept it at the official face value.

I would stipulate that central currency issuers can attempt to set arbitrary values, and to enforce them through things like official valuation and wage and price controls. Indeed, practical experience seems to indicate they inevitably must and will become increasingly draconian in their central planning. Dictatorships generally embrace fiat monetary systems without external discipline as policy, but rarely is this a sign of a vibrant economy or a government that respects the individual's rights to just recompense for goods and labor. [FULL STOP! The man makes an important observation that provides a ‘teaching moment’. The ‘goods’ are always and forever ‘free’ it is only their ‘scarcity’ that gives them ‘value’. What is deserving of ‘recompense’ is ‘labor’, time you could have devoted to other (presumably life sustaining) activities! (And it is my ‘opinion’ that in this there should be no ‘middle men’, everyone should be compensated DIRECTLY for their efforts!) All your money won’t another minute buy…back to the article.]

The problem with limitless issuance would first appear with necessities that the state must acquire externally, that is, outside their direct sphere of political control. In the case of the United States, for example, oil comes to mind. [While it is an excellent ‘example’, it also gives a ‘false impression’. The US is far from ‘out of oil’. Most of the low hanging fruit has been picked. The stuff that is harder to get at and needs more refinement is still in the ground so it is misleading to point to our ‘reliance’ on foreign energy reserves. What SHOULD blow your mind is how we currently get most of our oil from right here the Western Hemisphere so WTF are our troops (and nearly a trillion of our dollars) doing in the Middle East?]

I am not suggesting a return to a gold or silver monetary standard, for that too has its weaknesses and is no panacea. But rather, I am addressing the particular overstatements being made by those who promote the Fed, and those who promote the Treasury, as infallible arbiters of monetary value.

I’m probably just as ‘guilty’ of using/failing to point out ‘fallacious generalizations’ so don’t think I’m beating Jesse up. Perhaps I’m just more sensitive to them today.

So, some ‘quagmire’ eh?

Leads us back to the original proposition of how we can be expected to make ‘rational decisions’ if we don’t have accurate, up to date information.

Which, sadly, we aren’t…expected to make decisions that is. We are expected to take what comes and like it…even if it kills us.

I’ll leave you to ponder that as we await tomorrow’s, er, ‘progress report’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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