Monday, March 21, 2011

What's going on?

Greetings good citizen,

‘Twas a busy weekend as we celebrated a birthday and a new (canine) addition to the family.

The pup has discovered its own reflection in the (lacquered) china cabinet and is fascinated by it. So far he’s only growled at the ‘dog in the mirror’, it is uncertain if he’ll ever realize it’s his own reflection.

Anyway, ‘rescuing’ a dog from the shelter ain’t what it used to be as the little furball set us back almost $500 (Suddenly I see the logic behind ‘puppy mills’ although I fear ‘A’ [the high cost of dogs from shelters] is driving ‘B‘) Don’t get the wrong impression, dogs from a shelter are (generally) cheaper than what ‘puppy farmers’ are asking.

In case you haven’t made the connection, yes, the new pup was for the birthday girl!

Which is to say good citizen that despite the gloomy outlook for the future, life, indeed, goes on. Birthdays keep coming and puppies still need loving homes.

The question that always remains unanswered is how many birthdays will be sacrificed for the ‘more for me’ crowd?

Is one billion enough or will it (eventually) take the whole six?

Which is to ask good citizen, which is more damning, the arrogance of ‘privileged’ or the notion that they believe they’re ‘worth it’?

More perplexing is the corporate owned media’s attempts to spin the ever expanding economic desert into the twin ‘crises’ of climate change and the democracy deficit.

Which leads to the interesting question asked by Jesse of the Crossroads Café fame.

They are struggling to take the equity markets higher, but the short term downtrend is still intact.

There was an air of disassociation with reality in the markets today in honor of options expiration.

The Fed announced the results of their stress tests, and began to allow the banks to increase their dividends and buy back their stocks. This is a windfall for wealthy shareholders and corporate insiders, supplied by the Fed using what are essentially public funds, as subsidies to the monied interests. 

But it does not help to revitalize the real economy, even while it continue to debase the currency. This is the root cause of a future inflationary episode that will rock the status quo to its foundations.

Increasingly, good citizen it becomes a question of what they can possibly hope to gain by continuing to, er, ‘misrepresenting’ the situation?

The ones ‘digging the hole’ are obviously convinced they won’t be dragged into it or they wouldn’t keep digging it deeper.

Is this the kind of arrogance you get from mistakenly equating loyalty with money?

The “I’m cutting your paycheck so you will do what I say” paradigm only goes just so far.

If you are ‘distinctive’ enough looking, there is no place to hide from your crimes…and it only takes one who can put you at the scene of the crime to seal your fate.

How much are you willing to lay on the line for a few lousy pieces of funny money?

This is the ugliest manifestation of ‘guilt by association’, that your loved ones will be made to suffer for your crimes.

Yes good citizen, it is deeply troubling that the ‘perps’ continue to dig the hole deeper, knowing full well the consequences of their actions.

Are they planning on ‘turning the earth to glass’ (Given the high silica content in most soil types and the intense heat generated by a thermo nuclear explosion…thus the phrase.)

Have they already built their shelters and stocked them for the next two hundred years? (If ‘nuclear winter’ results in another ice age then our species is probably scroomed anyway.) It’s anyone’s guess as to how long it would take for the Earth to heal the damage from an all-out nuclear war, launched by the elite to ‘exterminate’ the rest of us.

Or, climate aside, do they think they can survive a plague intended to wipe most of us out? Who is going to do their dirty work when Toby isn’t around anymore?

Will it be you?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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