Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Price vs Cost

Greetings good citizen,

It is difficult to cobble together the many multifaceted aspects of life into a single stream of consciousness, thus is it necessary to back away and simplify…which often leads to this kind of incredible bullshit

Oil is over $105 a barrel BUT the so-called ‘experts’ say the public is ‘better prepared’ to handle budget busting increases in both food and fuel prices (probably because we’ve all gotten so much better at ‘magic’!)

Talk about ‘confused’, we have the above article which is essentially ‘happy talk’, making light of a disastrous situation and then we have articles like this which contradict the ‘happy talk’ but are apparently (as far as the stock markets are concerned) ‘irrelevant.’

Oil WAS $104 a barrel yesterday…and the market opened DOWN more than 60 points but finished UP more than 124 points...go fucking figure, eh?

So, do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?

Not if it’s in cans…

In a similarly disturbing development Handouts Make Up One-Third of U.S. Wages Once again we have an ‘interpretational barrier’ to contend with.

Define ‘a third of wages’? If we ASKED our self-important employer class if they thought what they paid their employees was a ‘gift’ we’d be talking about how 200% of wages are ‘handouts‘, wouldn’t we?

So it is obvious that the ‘third’ mentioned in the article isn’t based on what employers are ‘overpaying’ us.

Which leaves ‘government disbursements’ as a portion of the total payroll picture.

As we have repeatedly pointed out here, the 40 MILLION ‘recipients’ of various forms of ‘food assistance’ are NOT individuals but FAMILY UNITS!

Which leaves us to ponder just how desperate things are getting when one third of total payroll is made up of ‘government assistance’ that the Republican ’deficit hawks’ are trying to eliminate?

Does anyone else see ‘Trouble’ on the near horizon? (note the capital ‘T’)

I appreciate how psychologically unsettling this must appear good citizen. One day we are tramping down the off ramp to Hell and the next we are dealing with seemingly ‘mundane’ economic issues (not that any of this could even be charitably considered as mundane by any rational individual.)

The question begged by this article is not how much more can we spend but how much longer we can maintain this level of support considering how the economy has shrunk below the number of people it needs to support…

This is the shit wars are made of…in case any of you were wondering.

Worse, ‘wars’ waged against unarmed civilians are more accurately described as ‘genocide’.

Just saying…ya know?

In keeping with our ‘open to interpretation’ theme this last piece takes on a decidedly ‘Libertarian’ slant

Working for the Greater Share

Hard to say where Mr. Panzers sympathies lie. This could be a simple case of failing to make oneself clear. The water gets pretty muddy when you stray off of the ‘All economies are local’ path.

Is he criticizing or supporting the decision by local governments to support local commerce?

Hard to say…

There are still people out there who think globalization is a net positive.

This doesn’t make any less an idiot, they can think what they like…they just need to be kept a safe distance from the decision making processes.

No irony should be lost on the fact that they think the same way, that those who don’t agree with them should be ‘removed’ from the decision making process.

They only see one side of the puzzle, that globalization results in ‘lower prices’.

They remain to this day blissfully ignorant of the ‘captive audience’ aspect the elimination of domestic sources results in.

Those lower prices come at a cost that is much too dear for any society to pay.

And we are witnessing that bill ‘coming due’ right here and now.

You know my feelings on the subject. No matter how much they protest, this was no ‘accident’ nor was it due to incompetence…except maybe in the Justice Department.

One thing is certain good citizen, we have one fuck of a mess on our hands and there will be buckets of blood before it is all said and done.

The great ‘mis-underestimation’ the political right has made is mistakenly believing that the left will jump on ‘peace at any price’ as soon as it is offered.

How unfortunate is it for the rest of us to find ourselves pitted against such a stupid adversary?

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