Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Three too many....

Greetings good citizen,

It’s been a while since I’ve used my old spring loaded IBM keyboard and it’s taking some getting used to!

Sadly good citizen my $99, U-build’em special croaked a couple of weeks ago when I attempted to upgrade the Ram… turns out it wasn’t DDR2 after all. I can’t cry, the original ‘barebones’ lasted 7 long years before giving up the ghost.

The good news, while smoking my old Soyo motherboard, the memory stick itself survived…the bad news is I was unable to duplicate my original $99 deal.

Although, as you might expect, the replacement is much, er, ‘more powerful’ than its predecessor and more ‘sophisticated’ by a considerable degree…which, naturally, had me scratching my head as to why the finished unit wouldn’t (at first) co-operate.

As Sherlock Holmes was fond of saying, after you’ve eliminated everything else, it must be whatever’s left. I couldn’t get to the DOS prompt (literally) nor would windows start.

SO, I disconnected the IDE cable and rebooted…and sure as shit didn’t the damn thing finally detect my windows disk in the DVD drive (which uses the ‘new’ SATA cables.)

Anybody who is ‘up’ on the latest and the greatest would have figured it out much sooner than my humble (and more than a little ignorant) self but it was quite a leap for an old dog like me to arrive at such a counter-intuitive conclusion.

What helped considerably was that the unlikely solution was also the ‘path of least resistance’. Undo two thumb screws and unplug one cable…unnecessary ‘plan B’ was considerably more involved and would have consumed most of the morning…it is also likely, given how things worked out, that Plan B wouldn’t have worked.

But you don’t care about my fine, spring loaded, IBM keyboard!

Gotta keep the anecdotal stuff down to a dull roar, wouldn’t do to bore you to death.

Even if I do sometimes sound like a broken record.

We’re doomed! We’re doomed! We’re doomed! We’re doomed! We’re doomed!

Okay, enough of that too!

Today was another one of those days where most bloggers were beating the same issue to death, the, er, ‘hypocrisy’ of bombing Libya while turning a blind eye to Yemen and Bahrain.

Worse, most of them are parroting the MSM line, that the unrest in the Middle East is the birth pangs of democracy rather than the desperate struggle to throw off an oppressor who is doing nothing while Western oppressors blow up local markets.

Why is Gadaffi in trouble? He’s in the soup for playing pat-a-cake with the Western Elite while his people starve.

In case you haven’t noticed, the same thing is happening right here, we just aren’t rioting in the streets (yet.)

SO if I were to be casting a scornful eye on the obviously hypocritical behavior of our own political elite, I wouldn’t be asking why this one and not that one?

The problems the general populace faces in the resource poor deserts of the Middle East are identical to the crisis we face right here in our own growing economic desert.

Worse, JIT has finally ‘bit us in the ass’ just as we always knew it would. For Centuries, we had multiple redundancies built into pretty much everything we did to prevent catastrophic breakdowns in the supply chain.

Which is why I have said repeatedly that the greatest danger facing civilization is the sudden collapse of now ‘global’ supply lines.

Worse, this shit has a tendency to ‘cascade’ just as they do in that old ditty ‘for want of a nail’.

So when global supply lines suddenly start to ‘snap’ because too much ‘redundancy’ was eliminated, nothing will stop an irretrievable breakdown because there is no ‘back-up!’

Worse is the ‘identical’ part of the crisis, too many in EVERY nation has been made ‘redundant’, for all of China’s millions, they still have a huge unemployment problem. If you’re over 30 and not a farmer in China, you’re useless!

Same thing in India, the ‘competition’ for what few jobs that remain is absolutely incredible.

We don’t have too many workers, the problem is we have too many capitalists!

How many is ‘too many’?

I’m a bad one to ask…in my opinion one is three too many.

The problem has a solution, it is just that the spineless bastards in charge lack the backbone to make the necessary changes…and millions will die because of it.

What sickens me is how, after the fact, SOME of these spineless jackasses will ‘try’ to do the right thing and become ‘martyrs’ for it (after millions die because these same shit heads did nothing!)

Um, understand that I believe the ‘survivors’ of the upcoming shit-storm will be a damn cynical bunch that is not easily fooled.

So, anyone who thinks they are going to get away with playing both ends against the middle had better think again.

Your deeds will prove who you are, not your words.

Just something to think about before you start pointing fingers at others.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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