Sunday, March 27, 2011

Memory Lane

Greetings good citizen,

Every once in a while you encounter a piece the addresses something that’s always bothered you.

You brush it off at first thinking it’s ‘poetic license’ or, as Hollywood often does, ‘romanticizing the past’…

But the past depicted is NOTHING like the past as YOU experienced it. Then you encounter kids, who haven’t lived through what you lived through telling you totally fabricated stuff and calling it history.

Well, Mr. Sirota, (a relative ‘spring chicken’ compared to those of my generation) has nailed this ‘angst’ many of us (who routinely call the media liars) carry with us.

Angst that starts when someone too young to remember starts regurgitating the ‘Hollywood version’ of events YOU lived through…and you suddenly realize the ‘inaccuracies’ you originally laughed at were more sinister than you originally thought.

Anybody who actually LIVED through the Reagan presidency KNEW ‘Morning in America’ was a total fabrication, a load of bull shit. Those were terrible times, filled with hardship and loss.

I was totally amazed when Reagan got re-elected…he was NOT the popular president the lying media continues to paint him as…I mean shit jack, someone tried to assassinate the jerk! Not exactly ‘Mr. Wonderful’ if you get what I’m saying…

It is a small wonder nobody tried to ‘whack’ W…but I think he was kept under ‘close guard’. The opportunity never presented itself…and he sure as hell wasn’t a ‘man of the people’.

I suspect he still is…closely guarded that is.

The thing that amazes people like me, people of a certain age, is that we could have, er, ‘produced’ two of the worst presidents EVER, almost ‘back to back’!

Naturally, it is the ‘too bizarre to be a coincidence’ nature of this phenomenon that gave birth to the ‘captive government’ idea.

That and the fact that the ‘interim’ presidents have been ‘do nothings’, like the current tone-deaf ‘meat puppet’.

The odds against electing two total incompetents, ‘back to back’ like that are astronomical…almost as astronomical as the odds are against such bone heads being ‘re-elected’; but it happened, twice!

It will be a total miracle if the current incumbent gets re-elected…that’s gonna be an ‘in your face’ moment because, despite what the pundits say, Mr. Obama is already as ‘unpopular’ as Mr. Bush, which should tell you something right there.

Not that I think it is likely we’ll see another, er, ‘exercise in futility.’ (But I’ve predicted that before, haven’t I.)

Nope, I’m betting (I got nothing to bet so it will have to be a ‘gentleman’s wager’…and I’m pushing it there too!) what passes for ‘our government’ will collapse sometime this spring after the Republican’s, ‘walk away’, saying they can’t ‘negotiate’ with the other side, that the Democrats are being ‘unreasonable’.

Not that anybody besides the Plutocrats and their Republican operatives will favor the draconian measures the conservatives will use as ‘openers’.

Bizarrely, the Conservatives will claim that all they’re try to do is ‘return’ to the ‘good old days’. Days that never existed except in the most fevered of their pubescent dreams.

And this is the ‘downside’ of letting the self-interested be the arbiters/interpreters of the past. It is doubly disturbing that to be a conservative in the first place one must possess a propensity for twisting the facts to fit a decidedly warped worldview.

Worse, if you disagree with this twisted outlook then it is YOU who are ‘screwed up’.

Just ask El Rushbo…

The part that really SUCKS good citizen is we got where we are sitting today in a nationwide, coast to coast ‘economic desert’ BECAUSE WE FOLLOWED ‘conservative principles’ (which the ASSHOLES NOW CLAIM weren’t done ‘properly’, which is why the global economy is falling apart!)

Sadly, like the largely ‘imaginary past’ they have fabricated for us, we also suffer from the gross mismanagement of our collective economy because of their efforts to direct our attention away from the real crisis facing the current ‘social model’.

Like things weren’t bad enough, now we have shit like this to contend with.

Sidebar: not for nothing but it has occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, the earthquakes are a ‘side-effect’ of using this variety of ‘weather control’ technology. A ‘wrinkle’ they have been unable to iron out.
Perhaps it is just an ironic coincidence but weather here in New England has been ‘fucked up’ since the Blizzard of ’78.

The ‘coincidence’ is that the HAARP satellite was built by Lexington, Massachusetts based Raytheon company. Where do you suppose the controls were for such a unit?

Again, can’t prove nothing so you’ll have to keep your tin-foil hat screwed down nice and tight.

Just saying, ya know?

So, let’s conclude this bad boy with the observation that ‘game over’ is a fairly universally agreed conclusion. Nobody (except the clueless ‘perma-bulls’) is even pretending that things are (ever) going to get ‘better’.

More importantly, we are already in the ‘end game’. What nobody is talking about is how they’re going to pull this off.

There are numerous avenues open to them where they will encounter only limited, if any, resistance.

So even if the government ‘shuts down’, once civil order starts to ‘fray’, the government, such as it is, will be, er, ‘restored’.

The important thing to understand is we are already thirty years too late to prevent the government from being taken over, that’s a ‘done deal’. We WILL NOT regain control without a vicious fight.

Literally an ‘over their dead bodies’ thing.

So be it.

But I digress…

What I’m trying to say is…and if you’re honest with yourself, we’re already there, is that ‘normal’ will continue to get more and more ‘goofy’.

You’ll wake up one morning with a tank parked in your driveway and you won’t even blink…there will even be a good probability that you invited the tank crew to park there!

For some FUCKED UP reason, your brain WILL NOT think anything is wrong BECAUSE OF THE LIES THEY KEEP FEEDING YOU!

It will (because it doesn’t today) never occur to you that their fucked up policies and gross mismanagement is the cause of all of the violence that led to a tank being parked in your yard in the first place!
Reminds me of a famous one attributed to a particular despot but I suspect they all are guilty of this kind of flawed ‘reasoning’.

It goes: “How fortunate is it for the governments of the world that their people don’t think?”

This is a lie and should read, “how fortunate is it for the governments of the world that their people are powerless to restrain them?”

A statement that is more ‘generally true’ than being completely true.

But I run over so I’ll leave you to ponder that thought,

Until next time, Thank you for letting me inside your head,


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