Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting Over

Greetings good citizen,

Could this be ‘D-Day‘?

Naturally it’s poor reporting to open an article with such a vague question. Most of my readers ask the opposite question, is this NOT D-Day considering my generally grim outlook.

So we need to ‘spell out’ the conditions that ‘legitimize’ the asking of this question.

Where to begin? Do we start with the (still ongoing) ‘hollowing out’ of this nation’s economy (while letting the ‘ongoing’ part speak for itself, which is to point out that the situation remains ‘unaltered and unaddressed.’)

Or do we cast our gaze upon the, er, ‘wobbly’ financial sector which, despite trillions of dollars worth of bailouts and accounting ‘gimmes’, is still poised to collapse at the first breath of fresh air and sunlight?

Which, naturally, belabors another obvious fact, that absolutely NOTHING has been done to actually…‘repair’ the global economy.

The riots in the Middle East ARE NOT a ‘cry for freedom’ as the corporate owned media would have you believe. It is the anger of nations, frustrated and fed up with ineffective government.

While the, er, ‘revolts’ have, in some cases, brought ‘regime change’, switching who wears the big hat does nothing to address the real problem…as the Egyptians are now learning.

How unfortunate is it that the only people who will be allowed to run for the post with the big hat must first promise not to change anything?

So their only option will be the violent suppression of their own people.

Governments that don’t protect you coupled with rampant fraud and deceit

What does that spell to you?

Well, today’s headlines aren’t particularly surprising to the informed observer.

Disappointing Economic News Pushes Wall Street Lower

Geez good citizen, just when you thought the only thing that could derail Wall Street’s irrational rise to its historic highs was to have the NYSE actually burn to the ground we get this!

Not that today’s ‘dip’ actually means anything. If history is any indicator, today’s ‘dip’ will create tomorrow’s ‘bargains’ (just don’t look too closely at who is buying what…)

Which is to ask that despite the horrific state of the (real) economy, are we really just seeing some ‘profit taking’ by the big trading desks?

What’s real and what’s an illusion?

If you find yourself asking that question good citizen the chances are excellent that the only thing you can be sure of is that YOU’RE getting FUCKED!

If you find yourself among that ‘bottom 40%’ of the country’s population that has ‘combined’ a .02% share of the nation’s annual income, you know something is radically wrong.

This is one of the dangers I’ve been pointing to for quite a while now. If you can’t trust the people in charge, you have no place to turn.

You literally have to start all over again from scratch, one person at a time.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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