Monday, March 16, 2015

Every little bit helps

I see we're off to a ripping start, I got two page views over 24 hours and I'm pretty sure they were both me.

I'd better come up with something interesting or this bad boy is going to take a nosedive before it get's off the ground.

It's hard to crash into the dirt when you're already sprawled on it...but it's been done!

How sad is it that I speak from experience?

Anyway, the purpose of this particular Framus is to promote my latest book, Big Questions. Some of you may be wondering, why call it Big Questions? Why not Big Guns or Big Explosions? Nobody wants to answer questions...they want their questions answered!

I don't know this guy, he doesn't know what I need the answers to...

Or does he?

I know it's cheating but these are questions you've all pondered at one time or another and like all answers, these are neither definitive or complete.

Not all of my stories address societies burning questions but, like it or not, we need to put our heads together and create solutions to these troubles nobody is doing anything about because we don't have a lot of time.

This sad ol' jalopy is on her last legs, it can't be repaired because its know it, I know it and more importantly they know it.

[And you know who 'they' are...they're the one pretending they don't exist.]

So in the infamous words of whoever (maybe me), "How will you get the answer if you don't even know what the question is?

Thanks for dropping by,