Friday, March 25, 2011

Fog of War

Greetings good citizen,

It really is quite a show to watch as our nation is dismantled by the self-interested into little ‘fiefdoms’ that the perps will be both unwilling and unable to control.

Perhaps most curious is the failure to put an end to the blatant ‘pillaging’ of our economy.

The reason is even more disturbing…’we’ aren’t equipped to handle this kind of crisis. Our government was established on the premise that commerce would desire to flourish in the local marketplace.

We don’t have the tools (nor will we get them in time) to restore balance to our economy.

Left to our imaginations is whether or not our elected leaders are too stupid or if they are in fact too corrupt to perform the job they were elected to do? (Or is it a simple case of being ‘rudderless’, that they have been, er, ‘neutered’ by the self-interested and are therefore ‘unable’ to act?)

As I have opined previously, what is the point of even having ‘elections’ if the winner is forced to take their marching orders from the same, er, (corporate) ‘gatekeepers’?

How long do you suppose we can keep stealing from Peter to pay Paul?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Republican governors are taking it upon themselves to reduce unemployment benefits (how long you can collect) to ‘save’ businesses from being ‘overtaxed’ (for throwing their workforce into the streets!)

Who are these psychopaths and how do they get elected to public office?

Sadly, only the owners of ‘the printing press’ (media) know who really ‘won’ a given election.

This is why I advocate the we abandon the practice of ‘electing’ legislators and vote directly on the law ourselves!

Of course, things would be ‘different’ under A Simple Plan.

Nobody would ‘own’ the media or any other avenue of commerce, they wouldn’t be ‘for sale’ (so they couldn’t be ‘held hostage’.)

NOBODY would be able to ‘sell’ anything to anybody because the ONLY way to get money would be to work for it (put in your time and collect a paycheck!)

It is essential to understand that the reason things are so screwed up right now is because money is being ‘abused’ in the worst possible way!

It is just as essential to understand that money is nothing more than a legal construct intended to RESTRICT ACCESS to high demand/perishable goods or services.

AND THAT’S ALL it’s good for!

The practice of putting a dollar figure on EVERYTHING (for the purpose of creating as many ‘income streams’ as possible) has produced some pretty tragic consequences/ outcomes.

That’s the ‘context’ in which you should read Mr. Krugman’s offering for today.

NONE of this should be happening, none of it!

But… sadly, it is.

When the Wall Street liquidity addicts get their daily fix from Bernanke, they can ignore the news from Portugal on sovereign debt default, and the other ominous warning signs in the financial and political systems.

It's a cynical game, in the vein of the financial fraud that has replaced an efficient capital allocation system in the US.

You will not hear economists talk about this problem, just as they did not discuss the pervasive fraud in the mortgage backed securities market before it caused a financial collapse. It is safer to explain what just happened after it is completely obvious to everyone, over and done. And yet they still call for the same old remedies, of either stimulus or tax cuts for trickle down effects, both pointless options when the system is broken.

The Fed and the Treasury think they can support the economy by keeping the stock market up. The wiseguys on Wall Street will continue to encourage and take advantage this policy error, transferring the wealth generated by debasing the public money into their own pockets, while the regulators are paid to look the other way. It is very remniscent of the failing Soviet empire and the rise of the oligarchs.

That is what is happening now. This is why gold and silver continue to rise despite the best efforts of the financial engineers to halt this 'alarm system.'

There is a day coming in the not too distant future when many will realize the situation as it really is, and then there will be a panic.

I take small comfort to see that I’m not the only one walking around with a bowl of vinegar under my nose…(figuratively speaking, I’m not nearly graceful enough to literally accomplish such a thing…)

It’s ALL relative…even though the following comes with a ‘shift mental gears with me’ warning…

NONE of the problems facing our civilization can be solved if we fail to restore ‘justice’, that ‘equal treatment under the law’ doctrine we’ve been trying to achieve for centuries now.

No irony should be lost on the fact we have failed repeatedly to even come close…nor should an be lost on how severely things have degraded since they stopped even pretending to care.

To which I’d add, where is your ‘God’ now you slimy cockroaches?

Bizarrely, the Bible Thumpers will point to today’s levels of, er, depravity and bemoan the lack of ‘piousness’ in our society (which is really a complaint that the ‘take’ from the collection plate is falling.)

I mention this because of the high likelihood that ‘fundamentalism’ will play a strong role in persecuting (read ‘execute’) anyone who doesn’t, er, ‘worship’ properly…

Like I said previously, anyone who claims to ‘speak for God’, put a bullet in ‘em!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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