Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Like your life depended on it...

Greetings good citizen,

Here’s a piece of ‘sage advice’ that large numbers of us are incapable of following because a majority of us DOES NOT OWN LAND!

That’s one of the ‘funky’ things about farming, if you farm land you don’t own, guess who can claim the ‘fruits of your labor’?

This is more than a little fucked up because the ‘name of the game’ is survival.

Worse, ‘property taxes’ were instituted to separate people from arable land and food sources that let them escape performing ‘forced labor’ (often for less than sustenance wages.)

So while I am in complete agreement with the notion that in the not too distant future your life (specifically the quality of it) will depend on your ability to, er, provide for yourself. I would add that few of us, at this time, are, er, ‘blessed with sufficient acreage’ to meet our nutritional needs.

This adds insult to injury, being separated from the means of supporting ourselves while, er, ‘commerce’ no longer requires our ‘forced labor’.

You wanna boil this down to its LCD, it’s as simple as asking yourself ‘what’s in it for me?’

Not ‘pie in the sky’ or maybe someday…what the fuck DO you GET (for your considerable ‘pain and suffering’?

Does your ‘get’ amount to having the rug pulled out from under you the minute you get too old to keep up with the kids?

Are you expected to, alternately, stay late to get work out the door and leave early when there isn’t any work? And this helps YOU how?

While I am seriously down of the Libertarian ‘self-centered’ attitude, you DO have certain ‘rights’ as well as certain ‘expectations’ that stem from your membership in society…something the Libbies are fond of ‘revoking’ the moment it becomes ‘inconvenient’.

A land governed by ‘ownership’ is more than a little too cruel for my tastes…just take a good look around.

Sad how this sort of bullshit brings us full circle with the ‘mystery’ of why you will find human outposts even in the most inhospitable parts of the planet. Why do you suppose people live in these barren, burning deserts or these frigid, barren wastelands?

It is testament of man’s ‘inhumanity’ to his fellow man as well as a ‘tribute’ to the value of freedom.

Well Bubba, speaking of ‘wastelands’, I’ve got some bad news for you. Due to ‘gross mismanagement’ the place you now call ‘home’ is about to become part of a growing ‘global economic desert’.

If you draw a paycheck as your, er, ‘primary means of support’, you can kiss your ass good-bye!

What, you’re ‘too valuable’ for that? Well, let’s get that stupid idea right out of your head!

You either join the ‘will work for food’ club or hit the streets!

Think you’re too valuable, think again.

In the coming ‘Age of austerity’ there will be too many people and not enough food. If you want to be one of the people with food, you will have to, er, ‘surrender’ a little something for it.

How much is a ‘little’…what’s a trifle to them will likely be ‘dear’ to you. Let’s start with a 16hour day, seven days a week and see where that takes us?

Want ‘easier duty’? You might get ‘preferential treatment’ if ‘Massa’ finds you attractive…

What’s this Massa bullshit? You want the food? Massa comes with the ‘bargain’!

Oh, and don’t be naïve, we’re only talking two meals a day here, gotta make that stuff last! (If you should piss Massa off anytime during the day your ‘second meal’ could be forfeit!)

You don’t call him/her ‘Massa’ for nuthin!

Although you know the drill, chances are excellent you will seldom lay eyes on Massa personally. It’s Massa’s ‘foreman’, a slave just like you that will make your life miserable.

The scary part is you can see this one coming even now. Money is getting so ‘abused’ that people will readily abandon it in favor of ‘real assets’.

Your ‘purchasing power can be reduced to nothing but they can’t reduce ‘real goods’. If you get paid in chickens, the chickens will always be chickens as there’s no way to ‘dilute’ them.

Not that Massa will be the slightest bit hesitant to short you the number of chickens you have coming to you. The prick will probably even dare you to say something to him about it.

Yeah good citizen, think you have a ‘raw deal’ now? Wait until the ‘new normal’ gets rolling!

There are many ways to be beaten into submission and none of them are particularly pleasant…

Just another little tidbit for you to chew on while you’re wondering how this whole shit-storm thing is gonna play out.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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