Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The importance of PR...

Greetings good citizen,

The earthquake/tsunami in Japan still dominates the headlines. We can only wonder if the Japanese, who have been in their own economic ‘depression’ since 1990, will ‘bounce back’ from this natural disaster or if they will suffer the same fate as most of the victims of hurricane Katrina?

The Haitians are still suffering the after effects of the quake that hit them over a year ago but the Chileans seem to have bounced back already…

See what a difference having natural resources can make?

Which brings us back to Japan…with virtually no natural resources to speak of. However, thanks to the ‘industriousness’ of the Japanese people, Japan, a tiny island, is the third most prosperous economy on the planet!

Should be little doubt about this, you can’t swing a cat without hitting a dozen Japanese cars. BUT, when you go strolling down the aisles of the local retailer there isn’t much with a ‘MADE IN JAPAN’ sticker on it that isn’t electronic...and increasingly the number of Japanese electronic exports continues to, er, dwindle.

The US, which makes absolutely nothing, is still, so we’re told, the world’s largest, er, ‘producer’…(of increasingly worthless financial products but hey, nobody makes more of them than we do!)

We have also been told that we are the largest ‘consumer’ nation in the world…despite the fact that 20% of the population is responsible for 80% of the spending.

(or that 80% of our economy is based on ‘consumer spending!’)

It was curious indeed to hear the other day that China has finally surpassed the US in its exports of, er, ‘stuff’. We can only wonder if this is a ‘labeling’ phenomenon or an accounting gimmick because the US ‘produces’ nothing you can hold in your hand (except food, we are still the world’s ‘breadbasket’.)

Which brings us to another ‘value conundrum’ that we won’t go into just now save to point out how much leverage do you suppose holding the keys to the larder has?

The nations of the world are NOT able to feed their populations without the food they import from the US, and as we all know, food = peace.

Which is to point out that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, hell, it doesn’t even matter how much oil you have because without food and water, you’re FUCKED!

Which brings us to the issue of hunger right here in the USA. It’s not a lack of food that is pushing our population into food assistance programs, it is the ‘affordability’ of that food, food that is being exported, primarily to ‘the cheaper there!’ (To our so-called economic ‘rivals’.)

Did I mention that in the future there will be a bounty on capitalists?

This is a two-edged sword, the socialists won’t tolerate ‘em and the slavers won’t stand for the competition!

The truly sad part of this good citizen is our so-called civilization is chock full of these little, er, ‘inconsistencies’…most of which we have, er, ‘tolerated’ for the past couple of centuries (if only because they were [relatively] not as bad as feudalism…)

Left for your consideration is the fate of the next self-important asshole who decides he wants to play by ‘gun rules’.

How fucked up is it that when civilization collapses, the criminals among us become the self appointed ‘spokespeople’ for God?

No irony at all should be lost on the fact that the death toll of the criminals is fairly even with the deaths caused by the religious persecution of the ‘unbelievers’.

Just a little reminder that you shouldn’t ’discriminate’ between the thug who threatens you with violence or anyone who claims to speak for god.

Which is to say you should kill them both on sight.

If you value your freedom and your children’s prosperity.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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