Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stop the lying liars!

Greetings good citizen,

I have an axiom I’m fond of and it seems now is an appropriate time to repeat that well worn phrase…

“You can’t make informed decisions without accurate information.”

I’m even ‘hardcore’ about this…when I say ‘can’t’, it means, in my opinion, that it is ‘impossible’.

So providing you with information that’s not in context isn’t particularly helpful. In fact it is the ‘out of context’ part that does the most damage.

It’s like asking the guy in the passenger’s seat to check the traffic on his side of the vehicle and the smart ass replies, “all I can see is a dog coming from this direction.”

So you pull out directly in front of a Greyhound Bus.

Similarly, we have this ‘headline’ on the front page of the New York Times

In all, the nation added 192,000 jobs in February, a big jump from the 63,000 added the previous month, the Labor Department reported on Friday. [Does stupid REALLY need to remind us that last month’s numbers sucked? But wait, they aren’t done wringing out the ‘excuse shirt’ just quite yet…]

The job growth was the most in nearly a year, and the 12th consecutive month of gains by companies, which added 222,000 workers last month. It followed an unusually weak report in January, when major snowstorms across the country prompted offices and factories to close.

Wait a minute Slim! Up here in ‘Great White North’ you don’t get time off because it snows. Worse, call in because of snow and it is highly likely you’ll be hunting for a new job sooner than you might imagine.

I’ve had employers give me shit for showing up late due to storm related traffic I had no control over.

MAYBE they’ll give you the day off in places where a snowplow is a rare commodity, but that shit don’t float in areas where every third pick-up truck has a plow dangling off of its nose.

Worse, those plows can be found everywhere except Florida and the handful of other states that border the Gulf of Mexico.
Not that there hasn’t been an uptick in ‘pretending’ that it doesn’t snow much in the states surrounding the nation’s capitol.

Some southern states don’t bother with snow removal because what little snow they do get melts fairly quickly…but now we’re talking another small handful of states that border the states who have coastlines on the Caribbean, an area commonly referred to as ‘the sunbelt’.

So it’s pretty ridiculous to blame low labor market activity on the weather…unless you’re trying to ‘massage’ the data.

As usual I’m not alone in being perturbed by (what I consider) ‘reckless cheerleading.’

Let’s see what Mr. Panzer has to add on the subject:

The last time payrolls grew so much was last May, when the government's hiring of temporary workers for a census boosted payrolls hugely.

Still, the report does leave out a few salient details.

Like the fact that the average length of time that the unemployed are out of work has just hit a new record.

They also, er, ‘neglected to mention’ that the primary reason the unemployment rate ‘fell’ was due to people exhausting their benefits more so than the piddling ‘uptick’ in the data that was mostly overly optimistic ‘fluff’ added by the ‘birth/death’ model.

Which is why the ‘official position’ is that the economy continues to improve but you are unable to find any tangible evidence of this in your travels.

The ‘Big Machine’ that was America is stopped dead and it ain’t coming back until WE bring it back!

No irony should be lost on the fact that ‘recovery’ of a genuine nature will be prefaced with the wiping out of the FIRE economy.

NOBODY should be forced into debt just to survive, ‘finance’ will cease to exist. Insurance will be unnecessary as the things we commonly insure move from being ‘owned’ to being things we ’use’, such as Real Estate.

NOBODY was born to provide some selfish asshole with a permanent ‘income stream’ like the outrageous interest paid for your typical mortgage.

If you want your children to actually be free rather than being forced to lie to them and convince them that they’re ‘freedom to quit’ (and go to work for someone else) is the only thing that makes them free, this is where it starts.

It’s time to put the torch to the FIRE economy, it’s a ‘lose-lose’ proposition that only benefits its ‘owners’.

You’re people too, you deserve better.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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