Monday, February 28, 2011

Practical considerations

Greetings good citizen,

It all started out kind of gradual like (back in the 1970‘s)…here a little nick, there a little cut, next thing you know you’re bleeding out.

Some of you ‘young’ uns’ are probably wondering why us old farts seem so fixated on the 70’s and the best response is ‘you had to be there’.

How did this whole shitstorm get rolling? It all started in the late 60’s with the ‘re-appearance’ of the much dreaded ‘market saturation monster’.

With the ‘recovery’ of the bombed out European manufacturing sector, US markets stopped ‘growing’ (causing the stock markets to panic!)

It was the cause of the first ‘Great Depression’ and it is the cause of the current one that they are pretending isn’t happening as well.

Which is to point out that this isn’t the first time (or the second if you’re counting) that we have found ourselves on the jagged edge of economic collapse.

Nor is it the first time we have experienced a ‘global’ economic collapse, that’s happened more than once as well.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be considering the ‘victors’ write the history books. Small wonder that one of the most destructive forces known to man (mercantilism/capitalism) would be, er, ‘withheld’ from the ‘living memory’ of our species.

Unlike tobacco, which only kills a third of its users, capitalism kills all of its worshipers, 100% of the time!

It’s like going bungie jumping with the cord wrapped around your neck…

It ain’t the fall that kills you, its that sudden snap…

How frightening is it that there isn’t a (well known) workable alternative we can switch to?

Communism isn’t the answer, it has already been proven to be just as corrupt as capitalism/mercantilism…and the ‘party politics’ serve the same purpose they do in allegedly ‘free‘ societies, to muzzle dissent.

If we were to couple this, er, ‘coincidental’ collapse of the global economy with the inevitable shortfall of fossil fuels we would indeed see the necessity of abandoning what has gone before.

Worse, the inevitable collapse of the latest ‘incarnation’ of global empire has resulted in this fiasco

This is no accident. This is no error in judgement. This is not philosophy. It is a calculated white collar crime, that has co-opted many elements of society. It hides behind slogans like 'small government' and 'libertarianism' and 'free markets' but its real intent is to subvert the law and corrupt the processes of the economy and society. It is a type of financial coup d'etat.

I was tempted to put the whole passage in bold but that sort of defeats the purpose of ‘highlighting’, doesn’t it.

Jesse’s ‘point’ (indirectly) is that when ‘normal’ markets fail, fake markets take their place.

The point he goes on to make in fact states that once normal markets collapse there is no room left for the honest dealer/consumer, you become either a predator or you become a victim.

Sadly, since nobody has your back, if you’re not connected you’re most likely ‘road kill’.

What’s an ‘honest dealer’ to do?

Run away!

Which brings us full circle to the issue I raised in yesterday’s post, ‘what do we do now that it is (officially) game on?’

My ‘advice’ (for what its worth) is to convert as much of your ‘funny money’ into non-perishable food stuffs as you can…not that most of us actually HAVE any ‘surplus income’. Depending on your circumstances, you will soon be better served buying food than paying for shelter if you are in a position to keep the landlord/bank at arms length for a little while.

Although MY Plan is to ‘forage’ rather than to create a stockpile that needs defending. I can get away with that because I live near the ocean and the marshes contain a lot of wild edibles.

Looks like the southerly portions of the country can take advantage of the ‘wild hog’ situation (I would if they were this far north.)

And if you haven’t already done so, buy/make a ‘silent’ weapon to both hunt as well as defend yourself with. A bow or a crossbow are number one choices followed by wrist rockets and other ’industrial strength’ kinetic energy weapons.

Take the necessary time to learn how to use them. Pulling a bow more than three times in succession is a unique form of exercise that requires getting used to. Practicing will also do wonders for your accuracy!

There are more ‘practical issues’ to discuss and the time to do so is shrinking rapidly.

You need to ‘prepare’. Regardless of what you learn here it is still all up to you once crunch time rolls around.

Which leads us to a more urgent issue.

In the not too distant future it will be necessary to keep your mouth shut as far as criticizing either the government or the media, hell, pretty soon ‘mean mouthing’ the boss will land you ‘under the glass’ as a ‘potential hostile’.

They fucked us all hard and they know it so they won’t be taking any chances once the wheels fly off (and martial law is declared…for YOUR safety, of course!)


Did the Boss force you to work an extra hour ‘off the clock’? Put a sock in it!

Worse, when the boss ‘proposed’ that you ‘finish up’ after he saw you punch out, did you quit?

Guess what, you’re going to be ‘blacklisted’ and it will take a whole lot of money to clear your name.

Your only ‘safe bet’ was to ‘walk away’ and take what comes in the following day.

[More ‘advice’] Corner the prick before work and put it on him, your last day of work because of him will be his last day of work because of you!

It is highly unlikely you will get him fired but there are many ways you can fuck him up!

IF he’s bigger than you it is unlikely he’s bigger than your car…even if you drive an eco-box.

NOBODY is tougher than the laws of physics!

Just a little something to think about,


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