Sunday, March 6, 2011

The jig is up!

Greetings good citizen,

This blog doesn’t even attempt to ‘break’ news, what my readers get is an, er, ‘unique’ perspective on the events of the day.

That said, I’m reasonably confident that few of you completely agree with my often grim assessments.

Which brings us to today’s offering which, for once, is a, er, ‘positive’ story!

Well, ‘relatively positive’ as it isn’t over yet nor do I think it has any possibility of ‘ending well’; just as the financial crisis promises to suck our civilization backwards roughly a thousand years.

(Think little warring fiefdoms where ‘martial law’ is a permanent state of affairs. Now imagine living in one with no possibility of escape…)

Now ponder the word ‘outlaw’ and consider its two root words and how they were likely first combined. Given the situation described above one would definitely, er, ‘strive’ to live outside the law, making one an ‘outlaw’.

This is ‘go along to get along’ taken to monstrous lengths (remarkably similar to what we are experiencing today, sans the despot element.)

If you don’t think there is an amazing amount of Ostrich like behavior on display in the corridors of power I’d posit that you aren’t paying attention!

But I digress, back to our story!

When the situation in the Middle East first regained the rapt attention of the front pages roughly a month ago I expressed ‘concern’ that one ‘puppet’ was being replaced with another (hand picked) automaton.

Well, it seems the people of Egypt have caught on to the ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ routine.

Unsurprisingly, the, er, ‘resurgence’ of unrest in Egypt is difficult to find in the corporate owned media (and what you do find is being spun as the acts of ‘malcontents’.)

What these stories showcase for us is what happens when the people are lied to ‘once too often’.

What you need to understand is the next ‘logical’ step in this, er, ‘exercise’.

Do you honestly think the corporate controlled government will stop lying?

That, as you might expect, ain’t gonna happen…so what will?

Your right to ‘object’ (to being lied to) will be forcibly removed.

This is what it means when the government announces it will take ‘whatever steps are necessary’ (including shooting dissenters) to ‘maintain order’…which can easily be interpreted as ‘do as I say and you won’t get hurt…’

Too bad if doing what I demand puts you in an untenable position…which is what started the riots in the first place.

It no longer serves a purpose to continue pretending that things are ‘on the level’, the public is ‘wise’ to their lies.

Sadly, the only ‘alternative/option’ remaining is the ‘crackdown’.

In fact, we can see it ‘revving up’ in the inexplicable attack on worker’s rights in Wisconsin.

The only thing left is ‘ideology’.

How badly ‘brainwashed’ are you good citizen?

We’re about to find out.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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