Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mixed Signals

Greetings good citizen,

I often complain about the misleading articles published by the corporate owned media but few are as, er, ‘deceptive’ as articles like this
The next week, the Fed met the market’s expectations, and then some. It extended its plans for maintaining near-zero short-term interest rates into the middle of 2015. And it announced that it would increase its bond-buying to a total of $85 billion a month for the rest of the year, with a focus on mortgage-backed securities, a program aimed at giving the housing market another lift. What’s more, the Fed linked the duration of its loose policies to the state of the job market. As long as the unemployment rate remained unacceptably high, the Fed planned to maintain its expansionary monetary policy, Ben S. Bernanke, the Fed chairman, said in a news conference.

“We will be looking for the sort of broad-based growth in jobs and economic activity that generally signal sustained improvement in labor market conditions and declining unemployment,” Mr. Bernanke said.

Last week, however, the markets gave up ground. The central banks aside, it’s easy to see why the bullish mood might darken quickly. A partial list of dangers includes rising tensions in the Mideast, a contentious election campaign and a looming “fiscal cliff” in the United States, an unresolved and multifaceted financial crisis in Europe, and a global economy that is far from robust.

Mr. Bernanke is chairman of the Fed, not a full fledged Wizard…although the Masters of the Universe often have a hard time reconciling their lofty opinions of themselves with reality.

Let’s see if we can follow his ‘line of logic’ such as it is.

The Fed will buy bonds, supposedly encouraging the banks to make loans to…some as yet unidentified (and presumably under-served) market sector.

Yes, jobs and economic activity normally associated with pay raises…that aren’t happening.

So how the fuck does buying bonds and boosting the share price of stocks ‘help’ the economy?

Short answer, it didn’t help THE FIRST TWO TIMES, and it ain’t gonna help now either!

But we’re five years down the line since the last crisis hit, shouldn’t the consumer have ‘healed’ by now?

Short answer again, no! Here we are five years later and the average consumer is making LESS then they did five years ago!

So why is Dick-head buying bonds again?

Could it be to keep the bankrupt banks afloat?

How sad is it that it is only a matter of time before he dilutes the consumer’s purchasing power so much that a recovery will become impossible.

And not to put too fine a point on it but we’re already there…

So what are you going to do good citizen…because it is only a matter of time before civil war will breaks out and you’ll be forced to choose between the rebels and the One Percent.

Naturally, the One Percent will be playing both sides of the fence. They’ll be ‘recruiting’ rebels only to lead them into ambushes where they will be…’captured’…of course if most of them end up getting slaughtered the One Percent could care less.

The bounty will be paid ‘dead or alive’.

So if some jerk comes up to you and says he can lead you to the rebels…DON’T take his word for it.

If a group of idiots come up saying the same thing, play dumb. Tell ‘em you don’t want any trouble. If they’re real rebels they’ll go away.

If they’re getting paid ‘by the head’, they will be a little too persistent.

You’ll be able to tell the fakers from the ‘hard sell’.

You will probably get some of these none too bright people to tell you how much they’re getting paid…and real rebels are NOT doing it for the money.

Sadly, the average individual isn’t thinking along these lines and will likely be ‘taken in’.

The rebels won’t be advertising. You’re more likely to bump into them when you’re NOT looking to join up.

In fact, once things turn to shit it will be a fairly safe bet that you can strike a blow for liberty by, er, ‘silencing’ those who are being paid to ‘recruit’ rebels.

Again I must urge you to exercise caution. Regular police and military patrols WILL be seeking rebel bands and some of them may try to use the recruitment ploy.

What YOU need to be careful of is how many people you’re dealing with.

It may look like only one or two but it could be a whole platoon that is lurking not too far off…listening.

If the guy pretending to be a rebel looks a little too well armed, he probably isn't the real deal.

Oh and if he looks clean and get my point.

Dangerous times are ahead and you need to be ready…

More importantly you need to be thinking.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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