Thursday, September 6, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Almost lost it last night. The people claiming to represent our interests are spineless jellyfish.

Worse, they ‘caved’ to Republican taunts about the platform not including God or Israel (and had the platform re-written…at the president’s direction no less! But we all know who ‘Uncle Tom’ carries water for…)

Again I feel compelled to ask just how much more ‘proof’ do you need that we have a ‘captive’ government that takes its order from an elite few?

But don’t take my taunt to heart because the proper response to such righteous outrage is the same as it has always been: What are YOU gonna do about it?

And the answer, sadly, is the same…everything we can…which amounts to nothing because there is nothing (short of revolt) we can do.

There is the ‘slap in the face’ good citizen. Until YOU take ‘personal action’ NOTHING is going to change.

You’ve got to stop worrying about being on the ‘wrong side of the law’ because the perps can draw that line anywhere they choose to…because they have become the law.

Either way, you’re the outlaw if you stand up for yourself…as illustrated by how the law treats demonstrators these days…and we ‘ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’

So we begin today’s journey with a check of the markets, which spiked (up) over a hundred points around the world…once again coinciding with the opening of the NYSE…(like we should expect anything less.)

Now the media is mute on this bizarre episode of ‘self-enrichment’ that benefits the >One Percent the most…and maybe that’s why they remain silent.

Is the following headline going to be passed off as the cause of the global spike?
Central Bank Sets Bond Plan Meant to Ease Euro Debt Peril
By JACK EWING and MELISSA EDDY 20 minutes ago

The decision means there will be no immediate relief for countries like Spain whose borrowing costs have soared in the two-year-old euro debt crisis.

Read my lips: there is NO (capitalist) solution to the Euro Debt Crisis!

This ‘jawboning’ of the bond market is an exercise in the movement of hot air and will amount to nothing.

Because there is nothing they can do to repair the damage done by the global race to the bottom.

Slash your customer base you slash your own throat...but for reasons unknown they DON'T teach this epic fact to new MBA's!

Nothing that complies with the laws of capitalism anyway.

My solution, A Simple Plan throws out the principals of Capitalism and replaces them with the more realistic rules of supply and demand. [In case you’re wondering there is very little about capitalism (better known as the ‘fuck you, pay me’ system) that has any relationship with supply and demand.]

Supply is FREE so demand is what needs to be ‘regulated’. Which is to admit the fact that we all can’t have everything NOW!

This is an important economic tool (when used properly.)

[This is due to stupid being permanent. Because of this, one need not go too far to find some pinhead who believes we can have everything, immediately, all of the time!]

When framed this way guess how much our modern world (that YOU are constantly be charged for using) cost?

NOTHING! You’re being charged for nothing…actually not nothing, you’re making some greed head rich, that’s why you’re forced to pay!

I digress (mightily) but it is important to for YOU to understand that the chicanery that is tearing our civilization apart is escalating considerably.

Enough said, next headline:
Ford Expands Offerings in Europe

The Mustang will arrive on the Continent as Ford seeks to bolster its sales in the region.

Otay…gas is what, the rough equivalent of eight dollars a gallon in the euro-zone…so let’s send ‘em a ‘gas guzzler’ and see how that improves our ‘market share’.

Of course, every carmaker on the planet has a SUV/crossover/fucking TANK that gets two miles to the fucking gallon and you have to wonder just what the fuck is wrong with these people?

That and they all want you to take out a mortgage on the fucking thing like you can afford a $30,000 vehicle on what your part time barrista job at Starbucks pays you!


[I’m TRYING not to make this a second overlong post…but it’s not looking good.]
E.U. Investigates Chinese Solar Panels

The authorities are looking into whether companies poured $26.5 billion worth of imports into Europe at less than the cost of manufacture.

How the fuck do you suppose those ‘clever’ Chinese managed that? Is this just another example of that now famous phenomenon known under capitalism as a ‘loss leader’?

How much of a ‘loss’ is it if we go back to the initial premise of A Simple Plan and reduce the cost of ‘inputs’ to their ‘true cost’ (even labor is *free under capitalism! [*So long as demand is strong.])

Now we can see the ‘truth’ behind the cheaper there peeking out at us.

While we’re here it could be useful to point out, once and for all, that there is only ONE ‘job creator’ (and it ISN’T the Almighty!)

The ‘one and only’ entity/factor responsible for ‘job creation’ is Mother Nature (and her sidekick physics.)

So the ‘stupid is permanent’ Republicans can go crazy insisting otherwise, we know the truth…and it doesn’t rely on being a ‘superstitious peasant’.

But,(naturally) I digress.

Let’s wrap this baby up so you can move on with your day!
Steel Leads Revival in Ohio River Valley

From the vantage point of crew members of the tugboat Mike Weisend, the regional economy is improving as seen in increasing shipments along the Ohio River.

Curious, wouldn’t you say good citizen?

Consider if you will that Shanghi harbor is overflowing this very minute with Australian iron ore?

Who would be ‘reckless’ enough to start up a domestic steel operation with so much surplus already on the market and slack demand plaguing global commerce?

I’m really going out on a limb here but my guess (and believe me, it’s a guess) is somebody is getting a head start on the coming ‘barter economy’.

You have to have ‘trade goods’ and one of the best (most useful) will be raw steel.

I applaud this forward thinking individual for his/her courage and foresight! The ‘risk’ here is that collapse is still a long way off…and it could be as exemplified by the previous story.

What you ‘believe’ shapes your reality, whether it’s fact or not.

Look at the current economy still chugging along, five years after it flat-lined…and the ONLY thing keeping it running is ‘perception management’.

Just one more thing to think about as you lay your aching head down to sleep…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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