Monday, September 10, 2012

Shooting Blanks...

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It is difficult for someone such as my humble self to hit three in a row out of the park but here goes:
A Tight Election May Be Tangled in Legal Battles

With federal and state courts handing down decisions on ballot casting and counting, the presidential election may hinge partly on last-minute legal battles by both parties.

This morning the campaign ads for the hotly contested Senate seat currently held by Scott Brown ran an ad accusing ‘congressmen’ of ‘insider trading’ and how HE penned and got passed legislation that would forbid this otherwise illegal activity.

Um, there are a lot of things happening that are ‘against the law’ and that’s not stopping the criminals from doing them so what makes this supposedly ‘new’ law different?

Could it be because he is a freshman Senator that he believes his legislation carries more weight?

Without actually reading this bill and parsing EXACTLY what it says, we don’t know what got passed. He could have written legislation forbidding littering the floors of congress with the receipts from insider trading…

If you don’t read the actual document you won’t know what it actually prohibits or enables!

But I digress.

The topic here is the gerrymandering that goes on right before every election…and like yesterday’s piece, we have to take a moment and wonder just who this Kabuki dance is for the benefit of?

We have a bona-fide member of the >One Percent running against a DINO.

The only ‘choice’ you’re being given is the degree of conservatism you like.

The ‘smart man’ has proven spineless and unprincipled while the stuffed shirt has lived up to the reputation for cluelessness that defines his class.

As illustrated here:
Washington Memo
Romney's Tax Plan Leaves Key Variables Blank

Mitt Romney has pledged to cut individual income tax rates for everyone, but he has provided few specifics, confounding analysts and leaving himself open to attack from Democrats.

Correct me if I am mistaken but didn’t ALL Republicans sign a ‘no new tax’ pledge prior to being sworn in to office?

I guess we’re back to the riddle ‘define tax?’

Did you know it was a Republican that coined the phrase ‘My words mean exactly what I want them to mean, nothing more and nothing less’?

They LOVE to use the term ‘tax and spend liberal’ while denying their own propensity for ‘borrowing and spending’ (often like drunken sailors) on idiotic and catastrophic causes.

But that’s an aside…the truly disturbing part is the ‘irresponsibility factor’. It is this same (faux) inattentiveness that is supposedly responsible for the destruction of the global economy.

But hey, that had NOTHING to do with Republicanism (because the whole government is captive so neither party is responsible.)

Actually, when all ‘elected officials’ take their marching orders from the same elite clique, party membership is superfluous.

The ONLY interests being represented in the US (and its ‘satellites’) are those of the >One Percent.

The question is whether or not your nation is in a US centric orbit (while your politicians claim to be ‘independent’.)

So if your nation is considered a part of the West, you are in a definite US centric orbit, under the control of US based oligarchs…although that will soon change.

Meaning oligarchs that currently call the US home will be, er, compelled to flee for their lives when the hunt begins…and they won’t be coming back either.

They’ve made their bed and now they are going to be forced to lie in it.

Which will only make them punish the US more…causing the minions they leave behind to be, er, ‘exorcised’ from here as well.

Now do you see the benefits of a monetary system that isn’t tied to global markets and that can’t be manipulated by the ‘self-interested’?

They can inject their oil up their backsides; we won’t need it. (Because the new economy is efficient and designed for pedestrians.)

Do I have ‘A Plan’? Why yes I do and you can read all about it right here!

Let me know if you find any ‘blanks’, will you?

(Although some parts are purposefully left undefined so YOU can live the way YOU want to.)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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