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Greetings good citizen,

As developments around the globe turn increasingly worrisome the corporate owned media persists in reporting everything BUT the facts…

Um, don’t allow your eyes to slide over the words ‘Corporate Owned Media’ good citizen, this fact rests at the very heart of the destruction of our civilization.

Gasoline is $4 a gallon (and climbing) now that the elections are less than two months away, you don’t suppose this has anything to do with this headline?
The Energy Rush
Fossil Fuel Industry Ads Dominate TV Campaign

Major fossil fuel companies are financing an effort to defeat President Obama, while his former allies in promoting wind and solar power are disenchanted and sitting out the campaign.

A Shift in Energy Ads
Video Feature: Energy Takes Center Stage in Political Ads

Um, why do you suppose there has been zero progress in ‘upgrading’ the domestic energy production infrastructure? Could it be because all of that technology which was developed here was moved to China…and the act of installing Chinese made alternative energy products; here in the economic desert that the farm-out crazy capitalists made; would start a shooting war? Is THAT why there isn't a windmill on every speedbump in this abandoned wasteland?

Good luck getting the Corporate Owned Media to acknowledge that one!

However, the next entry presents something of a mystery:
Ben S. Bernanke, Fed chief
Fed Ties New Aid to Jobs Recovery in Forceful Move

The Federal Reserve opened a new chapter in its efforts to stimulate the American economy, saying that it intends to buy large quantities of mortgage bonds until the job market improves substantially.

Graphic: Action (and Inaction) by the Fed

Perhaps the anecdote added at the end of the article, pointing to action/inaction by the Fed best sums up my reaction to this latest attempt to jumpstart our dead economy.

What is buying mortgage bonds going to do ‘re-energize’ the tapped out consumer?

Must be fucking magic because nobody else know how it’s supposed to work either…except the stupid stock markets.

They lost no time hiking stock valuations as soon as the Fed announced what will effectively become QE3 :
Stocks Add to Gains

Shares on Wall Street traded higher after the Federal Reserve gave a green light to big asset purchases to boost the American economy.
Wait a minute Slim, ‘mortgage bonds’ are ‘assets’? Says who? A bond based on ‘junk’ is still junk no matter what you call it.

Of course these are the same assholes who believed you could ‘wish away’ risk…and look at where that landed them…

Can anybody explain to me how this is supposed to ‘stimulate the job market’? (Because I don’t see their logic…and if it’s THAT complicated, it’s not likely to work…which is what they ultimately found out about ‘wishing away’ risk.)

Naturally, they are relying on YOU not paying attention.

You are supposed to (half) hear about this last ditch effort to improve the economy launched right before the election (and if you’re paying even a little bit of attention then you already know it doesn’t stand the chance of a snowball in hell of working.

So when the elections roll around and you walk into the voting booth, you’re gonna say to yourself ‘didn’t Twinkie launch a big ‘asset purchase plan’ that was supposed to ‘fix’ the economy a couple of months ago?’

And you know today that the economy will be worse come November (because five years later and NOTHING has been done about our bankrupt financial system.)

Seriously good citizen, Bernanke, (who actually does work in the private sector…the Fed is a totally privately held corporation, SOLELY OWNED by the biggest BANKS in the world!) would have been FIRED if he were a public employee, accountable to the president...but that's not how things work here in 'capitalist utopia!'

Don’t see a little ‘conflict’ there, do ya?

Now we’re back to the old ‘I was just protecting my employer’s interests…(so fuck the rest of you!’)

Is that what runs through Ben’s mind every day when he sits down to go to work?

A huge F.U. that extends to the rest of the human race as well…but you knew that.

Speaking of sticking it to the balance of mankind…
Euro Watch
Spain and Greece Top Agenda of E.U. Finance Ministers Meeting

A two-day meeting will focus on how urgently to channel aid to Spain and whether Greece should be given more time to achieve its budget goals.

News Analysis: Dutch and Germans Give Europe Reasons to Cheer
Um, have you actually READ any of the stories accompanying this ‘Happy Talk’?

There isn’t any real reason to ‘cheer’, good citizen. The Dutch are broke and the Germans are trying to take over control of the Euro…which will likely result in WWIII breaking out.

Pressing on, we have this final article:
Gas Prices Increase Consumer Inflation
By REUTERS 1 minute ago

Consumer prices in the United States rose in August by the most in three years, but underlying inflation was fairly muted. Retail sales also rose.

Yup, here we go again, YOU’RE paying more but fucking inflation is ‘non-existent’ because the price of the two most vital budget items on every humans shopping list are ‘too volatile’ to include in the inflation calculations!

WTF Good citizen? You can’t calculate the cost of living less the cost of living! IT DON’T WORK!

Yet the fucking ‘yo-yos’ in government do it all of the time, turning us back to the question of, how stupid do they think we are?

Which of course begs the question of ‘how stupid are they?’

How sad is it that the answer to both is ‘plenty stupid!’

Just because we sit here and take it doesn’t mean we don’t notice…and come November I’m predicting at least ‘some’ of the public is going to express their ‘displeasure’ over the ‘non-election’ regardless of who wins.

Which should be really curious because as I have pointed out before, there is only ONE sure ‘winner’ this November and that would be the >One Percent.

Heads they win, tails you lose…go figure.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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