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Greetings good citizen,

I pen literal dynamite last night and it does so-so…although ‘make believe’ got a slow start before taking right off!

And, as you well know, blogging isn’t about popularity. If it was I’d have given up a long time ago.

I (like Oh so many bloggers) have an agenda I’m pushing and this is my place to showcase my wares.

Apparently saving the civilized world isn’t a popular topic…mostly because people don’t think our civilization is in peril…yet.

Weirdly, they read headlines like this and shrug…
Rich as the Devil, but No Gordon Gekko

The income disparity in New York has hardly diminished, but pop culture’s recent portrayals of the class wars haven’t been indicative of the boiling debate.
Um, weirdly she is right, there is no acknowledgement of the class war by the corporate owned media. You get guys like El Rushbo spewing about ‘the liberal media’ (because chuckle-head thinks he’s the only one in the conservative media.)

But this only brings us back to the issue of how the One Percent controls the soapbox.

They don’t want to argue, much less justify their theft from the rest of us so of course there is ‘no discussion’ (or ‘debate’ as the corporate owned media puts it.)

Which brings us to…
Finding the Roots of Your Office Anger

What’s really making you lose emotional control at work? Often, it’s not the upsetting situation at hand.
What’s this? Do you need someone to explain to you why you’re angry at work?

Could it be that you’re pissed off about not being able to feed your family on what you’re paid or that you are faced with the ‘heat or eat’ question here in the first week of autumn. Making you wonder what the situation will be like when ‘real winter’ gets here?

But no, that’s not it at all! It’s figuring out which one of the shiftless idiots you work with that is stealing your lunch!

Or any one of a million reasons why you loathe going to a job that doesn’t utilize your talents (because the cost of fucking up is too dear…)

You don’t need psychoanalysis, you need an even break. A job you actually find interesting and the training you need to do that job well!

But you aren’t going to get that under capitalism because the boss doesn’t want to foot the tab for training you. If you can’t pick it up on the fly then you might as well forget about it.

But you’re not a ‘victim’…just ask Mitt.
Nation’s Choices Needn’t Be Painful

Many of America’s problems can be solved by putting idle resources to work, or redirecting wasteful spending, an economist writes.
Did your head just explode, good citizen? Mine did because that statement is both true and false.

As I have stated repeatedly there is no way to use capitalism to fix capitalism, that whole tool box is empty.

Now you will notice numbnuts doesn’t give us any example of what ‘idle resources’ we can put to work…because that would involve explaining why those resources are idle in the first place.

Nor does he address specifically what ‘wasteful spending’ we should re-direct…but you already know it WON’T be the military budget nor will it be the Security apparatus that is busier watching honest people than it is hunting down criminals.

Actually the bastards are hunting for ‘terrorists’…the homegrown kind.

Which sort of goes hand in hand with this headline:
C.E.O.’s and the Pay-’Em-or-Lose-’Em Myth

The argument that C.E.O.’s will leave if they aren’t compensated well, perhaps even lavishly, is bogus, according to a new study.

Now, did they actually do a new study or did logic tell these idiots that all of that ‘room at the top’ is there for a reason…because there’s no place else to go?

Worse, most of these psycho’s got the job they have through ‘connections’. They’re somebody’s butt-buddy and they have a screw loose…which is why they got the job of screwing the employees mercilessly!

Ironically, these same assholes ARE INCAPABLE of actually operating the companies they allegedly ‘lead’, they DON’T KNOW HOW!

But they DO KNOW how to slash and burn the payroll so that the remaining employees are left virtually paying to keep their jobs.

You and I both know that commerce was (originally) founded to serve the needs of society/civilization. It has only been in the last thirty years that commerce has been ‘re-purposed’ to serve the greed of Wall Street.

And the resultant instability you see all around you is the end result of this ‘re-purposing’. A few got very rich while civilization itself collapsed.

What, civilization HASN’T collapsed?

Wait a minute!

If you want to restore sanity and save yourself and your family in the process then A Simple Plan is for YOU!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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