Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fairly Unbalanced

Greetings good citizen,

I’ve been pretty consistent in transmitting the message that our civilization IS ‘under siege’ today, right now, this very minute.

I have also been fairly clear that we are riding the razor’s edge of a cold war with the >One Percent that is going to go ‘hot’ any day now.

UNDERSTAND, they want (and will do everything in their power) to keep the assault ‘cold’. You can’t defend yourself against their lawyers in their courtrooms.

They will strip you of everything that makes life worth living and leave you there to die.

Go ahead and complain…nobody will listen because they control the media.

Short of actually beating your brains out in front of a live TV camera, no one will ever find out the truth.

Cry all you want, you will find no audience…just ask the homeless.

Hell, when we’re all ‘homeless’ what will we do then?

And don’t think for a moment that it’s not going to happen. They have already refused to pay a living wage to workers the feel are ‘expendable’. Hell, they’ve also cut the salaries of workers who rely on specific infrastructure because they could!

First they enslaved you with their money then they choked you to death with it!

Again the bizarre part is the fact that ALL money is ‘funny’!

We, the working public are the victims of the biggest ‘mindfuck’ ever perpetrated!

And the penalty for this mindfuck is going to be as severe as it gets.

The question is whether or not justice will be served before YOU (and your children) become victims of the out of control criminals?

The ONLY way to rein in the criminals will be through ‘direct action’.

Think ‘citizen’s arrest’…because the calvary IS NOT going to ride to the rescue.

Nope, it’s worse than that… those charged with protecting YOU from the criminals would be protecting THEM!

Talk about occupying a rarified place of ‘entrenched power’.

Um, I know it’s comedy good citizen but didn’t your parents ever tell you that more truth is said in jest?

Watch that video good citizen and tell me we AREN’T a civilization on the brink?

Here’s the world’s largest news network being characterized as ‘Bullshit Mountain’ and YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!

How did we get here without a single shot being fired?

Um, I know how it happened but you wouldn’t believe it so you’ll just have to reach your own conclusions.

Ask yourself, how sad is it that all of the evidence you need to prove our civilization has been hijacked by the One Percent is as close as the nearest Fox News broadcast?

‘Fairly unbalanced’, right?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live through a ‘background coup’ you can stop wondering…it’s already happened.

The bad news is the bad guys won and now we have to fight them to take our nation back.

Um, if you don’t want to fight for your children’s future…

Then no amount of appealing to you better sensibilities will avail any of us.

Or you count yourself as a member of the >One Percent…just remember that ‘supporting their point of view’ DOESN’T make you one of them.

Although within a certain proximity of the One Percent, I can only imagine that a number of ‘promises in the dark’ have been made.

How unfortunate is it that you will be unable to determine if you have been hoodwinked until it is too late?

This is the hell of it good citizen, learning that the web of lies you have been fed your whole life are all untrue…and now you don’t know what to believe anymore.

How do you restore trust after it has been shattered in this manner?

The sad truth is you can’t, not without first sweeping away all of the mechanisms used to cheat you with.

A Simple Plan is close enough to what you’re familiar with to recognize yet different enough to restore your trust.

It has been engineered to be ‘hijack-proof’.

HOWEVER, it has to be installed ‘holistically’, with all of it’s parts intact.

You won’t get a simple plan if you also have tangible currency…and once you ‘accept’ money you can hold in your hand you open the doors to both debt and corruption.

Hell good citizen, ALL CRIME IS CASH AND CARRY, eliminate cash and you eliminate CRIME!

Theft stops in its tracks.

Why steal if you can’t sell? (Considering the penalty for ‘theft’ is exile, you’d have to be mighty stupid to take what you aren’t entitled to.)

And if you ARE that stupid then you deserve what happens to you!

You have no idea how frustrating it is know that most of you don’t believe me when I tell you that money is ALL funny.

Some of you believe money comes from God and some of you believe that if you’re ‘good’ in this life that God is saving you a place with him…but only if you’re 100% good.

Do the slightest thing to displease him and all bets are OFF!

What I need YOU to believe is that WE can create a better, sustainable world for ourselves AND our children…but we have to remove the ‘crazy people’ from power first.

They keep bitching about your ‘entitlements’, wait ‘til you get a load of what they think THEY’RE ‘entitled to!

(Which you will soon get to see for yourself.)

It’s not a one way trip nor is it too late…not yet anyway.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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