Saturday, September 22, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Nothing like a trip to the old boneyard to put life into perspective. Um, and that’s as much as I’m gonna say about that particular incident.

Putting things ‘in perspective’ is something humans seldom do on a regular basis, which might account for all of the crazy things we do because the fraudsters among us convince us it’s what we need to do.

If I were to ask you ‘what do you consider to be the ‘center’ of your life?” most well adjusted people would answer ‘family’…like that little old timey jingle Subaru recently adopted to sell it’s cars with…

“When I see you, I see me.”

But those well-adjusted people would be lying…both to me and to themselves.

Sure, the most important thing in their lives may be their family BUT their life is even more focused on supporting that family.

If we were to ask a criminal what was the center of their life, they’d give us the honest answer…money.

It’s all about the cash, sun up to sun down and all of the time in-between; it’s all about the money (because it dictates how your all-important family lives.)

Without the money you’re useless to your family.

And that is just plain wrong.

So, who are these fraudsters I referred to earlier?

Why they are your infamous ‘job creators’, money’s biggest supporters!

They are the very people who maintain that if you don’t earn money that you have no right to anything!

And how do you earn money? By selling your labor to THEM! (Which is why A Simple Plan operates on the human anti-exploitation law basis, which outlaws the buying and selling of anyone else’s labor…(along with the practice of taking ‘em long and deep’ for basic necessities like a place to live and/or the means to get around.)

It’s YOUR labor, only YOU should reap the benefit of it!

But no!

You aren’t given the option of not selling your labor…although the assholes like to pretend you’ve always ‘got a choice’.

You don’t HAVE TO breathe…you can suffocate if you don’t want to pay me!

And the other side of that same coin, If you’re starving to death on what I pay you it’s not my problem, it’s yours!

You know what people like that need?

A ten-pound boulder dropped on top of their head from about fifty-feet up.

Actually, what they really need is exile. (Because a crushed skull is too quick for these suffering loving bastards.)

But I digress; the grocery bill is the trump card they like to claim doesn’t exist. Like you can get food without working for it; and you can. It’s called SNAP and you have to jump through hoops to get it.

And if you stay on SNAP, be prepared to keep having your gonads busted because hey, it’s ‘free food’ so we get to mess with you since you don’t want to work.

And this says nothing of the tens of millions who are on SNAP and DO work (making some motherfucker rich while they can’t afford to eat on what they’re not being paid!)

But for some unknown reason nobody thinks this is a ‘problem.’

In fact, what do the conservo-whackos keep braying about? They keep parroting what the One Percenters’ say about US ‘competitiveness’. How US workers want ‘too much money!’

We have to stop and ask ourselves why don’t these assholes understand that if they want the economy to turn around YOU HAVE TO START PAYING PEOPLE ENOUGH TO AFFORD YOUR PRODUCTS!

In this respect Western civilization is extremely ‘mis-managed’.

Yet our Ivy League MBA’s are taught that they have to earn a profit for their shareowners or they are guilty of ‘malfesance’.

And if you can’t capture more market share, where do you capture the most profit? FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES!

Let’s stop for a moment and ask the question that is just begging to be asked right about now.

How do we change this? How do we ‘educated’ our mis-guided managers and make them realize their myopia is only making the problem worse?

Who the hell is gonna slap Bernanke upside the head and tell him to stop bailing out the bankers because it isn’t doing any good?

Short answer to both questions good citizen is no one.

We can’t get their ear.

Which is to belabor the obvious, it’s not us they listen to. So how, if at all, do we ‘fix’ this run-away train?

Again the answer is obvious, we don’t.

We literally have to wrestle the engine of commerce to a dead stop…then and only then will we be able to ‘make them listen to what they already know.’

Which naturally means there will have to be some executions and more than a few exiles.

Um, just a question here good citizen but are we really going to wait until the sham elections in November to do what should have been done five years ago?


Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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