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Greetings good citizen,

I haven’t ‘cursed’ you with a long post in quite a while…(although some of you would opine my ‘standard’ three pagers are two pages too long, but to each their own.)

Anyway, there are a lot of headlines in the left-hand column of today’s business section in the NY Times meaning you can consider this your ‘long post’ alert (if you find such things off-putting.)

We begin where I always like to begin, with a quick word about the current state of the nonsense market:
Wall Street Flat in Choppy Trading
By REUTERS 58 minutes ago

Investors awaited clarity on media reports that the European Central Bank would, with broad support from its council members, unveil an unlimited, sterilized program of bond purchases.

“Investors await clarity…”

The part that’s disturbing is how long they have waited (since the caveman days?) There is ‘opportunity in turmoil’ and half of the time the bastards are muddying the waters themselves, as, with sufficient assets, it is often simpler/safer to just create your own 'opportunities'.

But you NEED ‘the herd’ to follow your lead otherwise you’ll find yourself ‘foist by your own petard’.

But I digress.

It seems Mr. Market is wrestling over the difference between a fox and a dog again. (Meaning they’ve run out of dogs the can be made to appear ‘foxlike’ which has left them to defend their earlier commitments to dogs they swore were foxes…after the luster of newness has worn off.)

Worse, after having built up some of those stocks, and watching (smirking) as those stocks bled ‘value’ copiously (because the build up had zero basis in reality.)

Sadly, this speaks more to the wasteland that investing has become than to the ‘stupidity of investors’.

Too much predation has driven opportunity from the markets.

But this is one of those three things people hate, cameras, mirrors and the truth.

If you want some market advice you’re in the wrong place, I am not in the market and recommend that you follow my lead.

Stop your 401k TODAY and pocket the cash you were investing. Take what has accumulated and invest it in firearms and non-perishable foods (that you like.)

We are rapidly approaching the day when the buck in your pocket will be worthless and if you’ve got nothing to trade you’re gonna be forced to steal what you need, simple as that.

If you don’t have the chutzpah to ‘help yourself’ you’re gonna have a miserable time of it.

Which sort of casts the next headline in a curious light:
Competitiveness Gap Widening in Europe, Study Finds

A World Economic Forum survey of 144 countries noted that a growing north-south divide was one of the factors at the heart of the continuing euro zone crisis.

I have proven beyond a doubt that the ‘competitiveness gap’ is a work of whole fiction. The whole idea of ‘the cheaper there’ is merely a construct of the (criminal) financial sector.

Why is the ‘divide’ North-South?’

Where is the money? (In the North.)

Why is the South ‘less competitive’?

Because money’s ‘masters’ are in the North as well!

It’s not like you don’t know this, what you need is for someone to ‘confirm’ what you have long suspected…just like the stolen elections.

How long have you ‘suspected’ that the corporate owned media has been using the growing ranks of ‘uncommitted’ voters to justify announcing extremely unlikely outcomes?

That worthless twit Mr. Flat Earth was on his (billionaire) soapbox today calling the election in Mitt’s favor, precisely because of the growing number of ‘uncommitted’ voters.

But again, I digress.

Just ‘clipped’ a couple of headlines because they weren’t particularly relevant (I could have made them so but we’d have had to expend a copious amount of precious electrons and I just couldn’t justify it.

Pressing on:
President of Tokyo Electric Urges Nuclear Future

Japan would be punished with sky-high energy prices and would see its greenhouse gas emissions surge if it went nuclear-free, said Naomi Hirose, president of the Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Um, here’s a ‘reality check’ that the green crowd (most of them faux green) won’t like.

Returning to a ‘simpler time’ is not an option (without a MASSIVE Kill/die off.) and opting to turn back the social clock will NOT result in a hundred-year step backwards but a THOUSAND year ‘roll back’.

There aren’t enough trees on the fucking planet for us to make even one winter burning wood!

We MUST keep those nukes running, the cost of going backwards is too high!

The loss of knowledge alone will doom our species to extinction.

But I digress.

Let’s just agree that cementing over all of those nukes would be a terrible waste of the only ‘clean’ fuel we have.

The plants may like the extra carbon but the ‘side-effects’ of industrial pollution are about to cause major problems:
Experts Issue a Warning as Food Prices Shoot Up

With climate change affecting crops, United Nations officials urged countries to guard against global hunger.

Switch mental gears with me here good citizen as I ‘once again’ re-hash how the financial sector was able to create ‘the cheaper there’…and why we’re in trouble now.

It all circles back to the commodities or staples of life.

In the so-called ‘cheaper’ labor markets, their ‘purchasing power’ is skewed so that the average Westerner would starve to death trying to compete with the subsidized food prices the artificially cheap labor markets enjoy.

I’m sure there’s a clearer way to phrase that but I’m hip-shooting here so bear with me please.

We are now approaching genuine ‘food shortages’ that will in fact erase the cheaper there…but it’s too late to move production back to where the buyers (used to) live.

In order to sell the food for less than it cost to produce in the ‘cheaper there’ you have to charge the people in the country of origin more than it’s worth!

This is why you spend a month’s wages for the average third world hell-hole worker on a weeks worth of groceries!

It’s because YOU’RE Subsidizing THEIR food bill! (As well as having given them your old job!)

Naturally, we have finally arrived at the point where ‘off-shoring’ has decimated the world’s customer base completely, resulting in a (permanent) crash in demand.

How these assholes think they’re going to ‘fix’ this (or that it will ‘fix itself’) boggles the mind!

A Simple Plan fixes this instantly by reshuffling the economic deck and restoring Justice AND Equality.

The >One Percent will cease to be…and it won’t be because we exiled the lot of ‘em.

But I digress…let us move on to our final headline:
Heavy congestion in Guangzhou, China, where officials are imposing restrictions on new licenses to reduce traffic and pollution.
A Chinese City Moves to Limit New Cars

Guangzhou wants to improve quality of life through license plate auctions and lotteries expected to halve the number of new cars on the streets.

Have you been wondering what’s been driving up the price of gasoline down on the corner?

Hey, believe it or not you’re ‘subsidizing’ that too!

[Think it’s time we erase the current financial system and start over?]

A Simple Plan does that too! (But let’s try to stay ‘on topic’ as we’re almost done.)

How good are you at ‘mental images’?

Imagine your nuts/ovaries in a vice…currently resting comfortably but in eminent peril of being squeezed into pulp!

Now imagine a ‘sub zero’ winter…with food prices bouncing off crazy levels…now add in five dollar a gallon gasoline.

At what point would you start busting up the dining room set and feed it into the fireplace to keep from freezing to death?

All the while cursing the >One Percent, who are probably burning bundles of twenties to stay warm!

Actually, they have plenty of heating oil (and they got a ‘cash discount’ on it too!)

Of course the security team shot three ‘poachers’ they caught stealing firewood in the sub-zero overnight…one of them was a child.

The theft was reported to the authorities (along with a good scolding for not keeping the neighborhood ‘safe’ for honest, hardworking citizens.)

Not that the >One Percent pays taxes anymore…it’s just the idea of the whole thing.

This is what will run through your mind THIS winter, right after Romney is, er, ‘crowned’ president by the corporate owned media and you won’t know what to make of it because when push came to shove, there wasn’t an alternative.

With that sorry thought, we’ll wrap this sorry exercise in futility up.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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