Friday, September 7, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

The economy added 96,000 (minimum wage) jobs in August and unemployment dropped to 8.1% (due mostly to the large number of (old) people exhausting their claims.)

Could this be the ‘good news’ behind yesterday’s theft of trillions from the 99% as the Dow (now mostly financial sector stocks) tacked on 244 highly irrational points?

It’s difficult to imagine there’s even going to BE a ‘banking sector’ (anywhere on the planet) in a couple of months time.

Which is just a long-winded way of saying the destruction of our civilization proceeds apace…we should be (effectively) ‘gone’ by the winter solstice…

Massive coincidence…

But let us set those ‘phantom fears’ aside for now (when it goes you won’t be able to tell, just to give you an idea of how bad things are right now.)

And turn to today’s ‘top story’:
Obama Makes Case for 2nd Term: 'Harder' Path to 'Better Place'

In accepting the Democratic nomination for a second term, President Obama conceded the country's difficulties, but argued that it would "take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades.

Hmmn…considering he has done next to nothing to correct the ‘imbalances’ that caused the economy to crash in the first place, how long do you think he’s talking here?

It took three decades to drive unemployment up to a permanent 50% level, will it take another three to bring it back down to 25%?

Because the bottom line, good citizen is ‘how long can you tread water?’

Being ever mindful that if you can’t live on what your employer pays you, it’s not THEIR problem…it’s YOURS!

No irony intended here good citizen but I foresee the birth of a bumper crop of ‘problem solvers’, people who will solve the problems of under pay and unemployment the only way they can.

They will simply ‘take’ what they need from whoever has it, whenever the need presents itself.

And there aren't enough cops to stop them, hell, even the military isn’t big enough to stop a band of marauders a hundred-million strong!

Sadly, that leaves us with a secondary, more serious problem. With a hundred-million unemployed, there won’t be anybody working so the amount of shit a force that size needs to seize will ‘disappear’ pretty quickly…and then what will our ‘problem solvers’ do?

Declare war upon one another…or at least that’s how the >One percent HOPES things will go.

Because the ‘smarter move’ will be to hijack global commerce while we rebuild domestic productive capacity.

This is the end result of the global race to the bottom…coming to a neighborhood near you, much sooner than you might imagine!

The hell of it will be the ‘disinformation’ fed to you by the corporate owned media, capitalism’s principal cheerleaders.

You’ll be told how ‘government forces’ (mostly Mercs) have the situation ‘under control’ while you can see for yourself that YOUR city is burning to the ground while the talking heads make jokes about the ‘walk in the park’ this has been for the (non English speaking) counter-insurgency forces.

Until their studio vanishes in a brief fireball before your astonished eyes. If you manage to pick up another station it will be reported that their ‘competitor’ was merely experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ and would return to the airwaves 'soon'…

[Meaning as soon as they can have a new transmitter/studio built…]

But, naturally I digress.

The pertinent question here is ‘how’?

How do they expect the broken consumer to soldier on in an environment that no longer needs them?

What I like to refer to as the ‘magic’ conundrum.

There is absolutely no ‘rational explanation’ for how the consumer/employee is going to ‘bounce back’ from a financial system that collapsed five years ago and nothing has been done to repair it.

So we can only guess that Mr. Obama’s ‘few years’ is short-hand for a period considerably longer than the second term he’s seeking.

But let’s leave ‘Barry’ alone for a minute and ask the identical question of Willard…

How does HE expect to create 12 million jobs over the next four years?

Short answer is he doesn’t.

They had one of Wall Streets most shameless cheerleaders on the Today how this morning and Cramer was positively enthusiastic about the economy…as he has been through out the entire (faux) ‘recovery’.

He even hipshot that the economy would add 135,000 jobs (he was only off by 40,000!) but unemployment would remain ‘unchanged’ but it dropped instead. (Sadly, we all know it dropped in a ‘bad way’. Mostly exhausted claims than returns to work.)

So Willard’s plan is to follow the same Republican recipe that landed us in this shit stew and, like all of his predecessors, ‘hope for the best’.

I don’t suppose now would be an opportune time to point out that doing the same thing, over and over again, each time expecting a different outcome, is the very definition of ‘insane’ would be very helpful, would it?

No, (it wouldn’t.) The corporate owned media is going to tell you that the rest of us voted for the guy anyway.

There are two messages here. One is you need to participate in order to survive. When you are denied the opportunity to participate, you are basically left with the choice between destitution and becoming a criminal. (This is when capitalists put on their ‘magical thinking caps’ and place the burden of ‘making yourself useful’ on YOU!)

Throwing the mechanics of economic right out the window!

But hey, just because something is inconvenient doesn’t mean you can’t ignore it until it goes away…it’s worked for hundred of years…until it doesn’t.

And that’s happened thousands of times too.

What we’re coming up on is the second message. The >One Percent has pried the cover off of our (collective) septic tank and is doing their damnedest to push us in.

That’s what’s behind the purposeful mis-management of our civilization is all about.

The homicidal maniacs WANT to kill you and yours off.

They can only extend the reign of fossil fuels by killing off the ‘surplus users’.

Can YOU guess how they intend to accomplish this?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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