Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lying liars (and what it means to you.)

Greetings good citizen,

When you’ve been doing this as long as I have you end up ‘re-visiting’ topics you’ve already addressed (some topics it seems like a bazillion times!)

So it is that we revisit one of my ‘core’ topics, something I have ranted about at length, albeit not recently.

To ‘refresh’ your memory I’ll begin with the primary assertion:

It is impossible to arrive at the ‘correct’ conclusion without accurate information.

One need look no further than the bombed out wreck of our civilization for proof of that postulate.

It seems, when the study of law was ‘new’ and the scholars were endeavoring to ‘get it right’ they recognized the, er, ‘power’ of ‘manufactured consent’ and the danger it presents to civil society.

Yet today, here in the wreckage of the failed ‘rule of law’ experiment we have a reckless disregard for the truth as the One Percent rams their fairy tales down the throats of the terminally stupid:
The Romney campaign recently accused Obama of directing his administration to relax the welfare-to-work provisions of Bill Clinton’s welfare reform bill. That accusation is directly refuted by the facts. What Obama did was to permit waivers for states that could affirm their progress in moving people from welfare to work, and allowing them flexibility to enhance their programs. It’s a modification that Romney himself had requested when he was governor of Massachusetts. Nevertheless, Fox News picked up the accusation and ran with it. In every segment on the subject it portrayed the issue precisely as Romney had framed it despite every factchecking operation concluding that Romney’s charges were entirely false.

Speaking of factchecking, Romney has been rated untruthful 67 times by PolitiFact, and 14 of those were “Pants-on-Fire” lies (including the welfare lie). In fact, 43% of PolitiFact’s findings on statements by Romney are rated as untruthful. He’s downright pathological, but Fox has not yet reported that fact.
Understand good citizen, a society that is ‘intolerant’ of the truth is on the edge of collapse.

If I were to be worried about anything right now it is about how few are sounding this alarm!

That said, there is the possibility that those warning the rest of us about our being manipulated are also, like my humble self, being ‘surpressed’.

Only those who feed (or ignore) the ‘bullshit machine’ are granted a national forum to share their opinion.

Which does YOU zero good!

So thank your lucky stars that you have found this oasis where you are provided with questions with which to test what you’re being sold.

Although it is much more comfortable to just lie down and let them tell you what to think…then you can be like your co-workers, little Fox News wind-up toys who regurgitate the day’s headlines with malice in their hearts.

And that has to be ‘damaging’ to the individual psyche all by itself.

To be given a (false) target and not being granted a way to ‘relieve’ that torment.

Liberals are tax and spend mental cases but every problem in your life is the direct result of conservative legislative action…

How the fuck do you deal with that?

And as our latest crop of shooters reveals, you don’t!

It is no secret that the mainstream (corporate owned…which translates directly to ‘owned by the >One Percent) is out of control and in complete disregard for the law as well as the general wellbeing of our society.

Which is why I have opined repeatedly that the first target would be rebels should tackle is the ‘dis-information networks’.

Weirdly, once again we circle back to concepts that haven’t been revisited for hundreds of years.

Back when the US was founded, the ‘learned men’ who met to build this nation apparently didn’t completely understand what a ‘free press’ really meant.

Worse, most people don’t understand it today.

How can you have a ‘free press’ under a totally ‘for profit’ enterprise system?

Short answer is you can’t.

Worse, good citizen, free ‘unbiased’ information is essential to a ‘free society’.

As evidenced by the battle for the Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy.

Elizabeth Warren appears in her commercials questioning Republican heavy handedness regarding female reproductive rights while Scott Brown appears right after her talking up his efforts to restrain the bureau of wildlife management so that ‘hardworking fishermen’ can do their damnedest to drive commercial fishing stocks into extinction.


Is HE a moron or does he just think the rest of us are?

And you already know the answer to that one…which is sadly BOTH! (Because morons think everybody is as dumb as they are.)

Well, I ‘try’ not to repeat myself too much but as my audience grows I find it important to keep returning to core topics.

Our future depends on you being on board with ‘the whole program’.

Looks like a big promise but believe me, there’s a lot at stake!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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