Sunday, September 16, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Welcome to the former day of rest decreed by the supreme being. For the religious among you, this can be a puzzling act of defiance by the legislators who claim divine provenance as the basis of all they do.

Also unhelpful is the number of ‘Captains of Industry’ who make similar claims…

With so many powerful and influential people, ALL doing ‘God’s work’ the world should be a magnificent place instead of the hell-hole it is.

Which could be to ask if the ‘god’ of the >One Percent is named Beelzebub? (Better know as Satan among the teeming masses of Christians.)

Just asking because my atheist beliefs preclude the existence of either, er, ‘fairytale’.

Which is to say it is my opinion that actions speak louder than words…and the ‘bloodsuckers’ draining the public weal while enriching themselves, it is fairly self-explanitory.

Speaking of which, let’s have a peek at our first headline of the day, where we visit a theme common to these pages…justice for sale:
In Prosecutors, Debt Collectors Find a Partner

In exchange for a fee, district attorneys’ offices have been allowing debt collectors to use their letterhead when going after people behind on their bills.
It is comforting to no one to know that once the human anti-exploitation law takes effect, the act of declaring someone in your debt becomes a crime punishable by exile.

So selling your office as an aid to collecting a debt would be a crime punishable by execution (on the spot.)

It’s not the law…but it should be.

Which is to opine that there are a lot of people who will have a difficult time ‘unlearning’ some very bad behavior…which makes it likely there will be a lot of people who will run afoul of the law.

Not a majority mind you, just the ‘incurably greedy’…ironically, people ‘hardwired’ to become successful under predatory capitalism.

Speaking of which, we have an article that investigates this very phenomenon in today’s NY Times:
Thiel fellowships reward young people for forgoing college to dive into practical work on ideas.
[what kind of idea will win you a Theil Fellowship?]
Connor Zwick, 19, saws a profile for his “coco controller,” a game app for smartphones
[Ah, what society ‘values’!]

Forgoing College to Pursue Dreams

Thiel Fellowships pay young people to forgo college and to plunge into real-world projects. So what has become of those who managed to snag fellowships?
I must first confess to NOT reading this article due to the limitations placed upon those who receive ‘free’ subscriptions…which is basically just the headlines…but it’s enough for this poor boy’s purposes.

Talk about a quandry…spend a fortune you don’t have to study for a career that is unlikely to exist when you graduate and spend the rest of your life paying off debt that did you zero good.

You don’t suppose this is the ‘long way around’ to get ‘America’s seed’ to swallow its own gun, do you?

You couldn’t ‘make yourself useful’ so you might as well just pack it in here and now, BEFORE those collection letters start rolling in on the DA’s stationary…


Listen to me, the assholes that exported the economy have no use for you period. They don’t even need you as a customer.

What they DO need from you is for you not to KILL THEM before they join (your) money overseas.

Naturally, uncertainty has slowed down that process considerably:
European Bank Overhaul Meets Opposition From Finance Ministers

A plan by the European Union to overhaul bank supervision and help troubled lenders hit a roadblock at a meeting of finance ministers.
The kids and I were discussing exactly that situation last night. My son has the idea he wants to go to college to study the arts...(more behind the camera than in front of one.)

My daughter (a man-killer if you ever saw one) wants to raise puppies.

Somehow I think my little girl stands a far better chance at success than my son. You can do all right for yourself operating a ‘puppy mill’ and the work is its own reward.

Because in the end, the predatory world of the capitalist always ends up like this:
At a coal market in Mumbai, India. Natural resources remain tightly controlled by politicians and bureaucrats.

Scandal Poses a Riddle: Will India Ever Be Able to Tackle Corruption?

A brazen brand of crony capitalism has created huge fortunes for a few, at the expense of the nation as a whole, which is falling short in energy infrastructure.
Make no mistake about it good citizen, this WILL NOT change until the system itself is changed.

A Simple Plan does precisely that…complete with the safeguards to prevent it from slipping back into the now ancient model of the many, toiling ceaselessly in wretched poverty to enrich an uncaring few.

It’s time to kick the uncaring few into the desert where they can learn for themselves what it’s like to truly be ‘self-reliant’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



Dear miserable greedhead,

You must be wondering why I am NOT appealing to you, the ‘children of the privileged’ to lead the charge for the salvation of mankind.

Don’t hold your breath ‘cuz it ain’t happenin’.

We have gained absolutely zero ground trading the rule of the privileged for their children’s rule despite innumerable bloody revolutions…they always end the same…because the ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

So don’t even delude yourself into thinking you have a place in the future…you do not.

If you don’t self-destruct, you will be ‘expelled’.

Have a nice day (while it lasts.)


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