Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Concept Vehicle

Greetings good citizen,

Everybody jumped on Romney’s latest gaffe and again the number of people defending him was sobering…but that’s what the corporate owned media does, it puts its thumb on the scale to make you think wrong is right and that the majority doesn’t care.

Well, how, er, gratifying is it that the ten highest states for tax non-payment also happen to be bastions of conservatism?

Yup, almost to a one they are ALL what we have come to call ‘Red’ States.

I am not going to excerpt the article itself, there really isn’t anything else to add except a different perspective.

Something I touched upon in yesterday’s post…a cautionary note.

In today’s local rag the ultra-conservative ‘retired business manager’ (who never tires of bashing liberals for everything from late postal delivery to a rainy day) was on his favorite hobby horse again, defending our former governor.

BUT apparently his deadline for the local rag must have preceded the latest flub by the Mittster because he didn’t even elude to it.

Although his post did prove most comical in light of his hero’s blatant insult to nearly half of the electorate.

And that’s where the caution comes in.

You know the elite (and their brain-dead followers) could care less about what happens to you and yours.

In the Mittster’s own words, you have brought this upon yourself…by not voting Republican! (Or so posited the ultra-conservative moron in the local rag tonight!)

SOME pundits are too young to know better but this nitwit is already drawing his SSI, and is shaking in his socks that OBAMA is going to water down his Medicare! (like the Ryan voucher program will be so much better, idiot!)

All I can say is this guy was asleep during the entire Reagan administration. For some bizarre reason no conservo-loonie remembers that person most responsible for NAFTA was St. Ronnie himself!

By the time Slick Willy signed the bill into law, NAFTA was a 'done deal'. He also had a Republican congress so vetoing the legislation would have proven fruitless (but it WOULD HAVE made the Rethugs take responsibility for their treachery.)

And how did they ‘thank’ Billy boy for his service? They impeached him…and then they made his wife a senator from New York…go figure!

Oh, and PS by the way, Slick has been ‘swimming in honorariums’ since he left the White House.

That po’ boy is a lot richer than he was…but like our pal Barrack, he had that ‘silver spoon’ thing happening even before he hit the big time.

And in retrospect, Billy’s two terms read like an entry into the ‘Hall of Shame’ for political sell-outs.

Which is to point out (again) that the people pulling the strings around here are starting to get pretty sloppy as far as keeping the public ignorant.

That said, the public (obediently) doesn‘t see anything it don’t want to see.

That annoying itch at the back of your skull is asking you how long you should play stupid…because it’s only a matter of time before YOU draw the ‘short straw’ and find yourself being thrown under the bus.

Wait too long and you’ll be one of the Mittster’s ‘victims’.

I’m interlacing this with tonight’s editorial by the ultraconservative lunatic…who paraphrased his idol, St. Ronnie when he closed his piece by stating, just as Ronnie famously did, that government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem!

Now ask yourself if YOU want to live in a society that has NO government.

Which is tricky because technically, you’re already there. YOU, the average citizen, no longer have a government that is cognizant of or responsive to, your needs.

But would you voluntarily live in a society that answered to no one?

Short answer, isn’t it…definitely not!

Now all simple-minded conservatives think the government is the enemy because the government makes you pay taxes.

If we didn’t have a government, we wouldn’t have taxes…that’s their logic anyway…like this is a ‘good thing’!

Um, there are no taxes under A Simple Plan either but that’s because the laws governing money are radically different than they are under predatory capitalism.

You see, the conservo-loonies flunked civics 101 because they don’t have the faintest clue what the ‘purpose of government’ is.

Which is why they make these insane claims that we’d all be ‘better off’ without government.

Do YOU know what the ‘purpose of government’ is?

Essentially, it is a ‘pact’ among the members of a nation that they will defend each other’s rights and care for one another as if they were one big family (despite how messy that can be in actual practice…)

A Simple Plan assumes a ‘universal’ pact the transcends borders and frontiers, encompassing ALL mankind...and imbuing its members with ‘inalienable rights’…the ones the founders of this nation only gave lip service to…because they didn’t get the money piece of the puzzle right!

I don't have megalomania, I just want to put an end to the bullshit...and if the concept isn't adopted 'universally' it will leave the door open for a later showdown...and the fucking opportunists that have oppressed us for so long don't deserve another crack at us!

In essence good citizen we are faced with a choice. Do we choose peace and learn to live together in harmony or do we choose death and destruction at the hands of the ‘rugged individuals’ among us who call themselves the Masters of the Universe (‘One Percent’?)

How will you choose?

Because the choice, as always, is YOURS!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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