Saturday, September 15, 2012

Make Believe

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As a Romney victory becomes more and more unlikely the oligarchs will simply flex their muscles and claim, for the fifth consecutive election cycle, that the mythical ‘swing voter’ carried the day…again.

We continue to careen down the greased skids prepared for us by the >One Percent as the vast majority of the nation continues to agree that we are on the ‘wrong path’…but somehow can’t agree on how to correct the nation's course.

(Because the ones doing the steering also control ‘the message’.)

Although sometimes you have to wonder just what are they trying to tell us…
Anti-American Protests Flare Beyond the Mideast

Anti-American rage that began over a video insult to Islam spread to nearly 20 countries in the Middle East and beyond.

Notice how Arab Spring, once interpreted to mean that the Muslims wanted to be ‘free’ (as in ‘free marketers’ like the> One Percent.) Now reflects the recognition of their hatred for the world’s ‘true terrorists’, that same >One Percent.

Why even acknowledge this political football, they could just as easily ignore it as they do countless other issues.

But no, to acknowledge a thing is to defuse it. Here is the corporate owned media on the job, telling us that ‘yeah they hate us but they’re a nation full of haters, it’s what they do.’

Let’s not get into why that hatred is justified or the likelihood of the whole situation blowing up one of these fine days…

They acknowledge the hatred only to dismiss it…but you knew that.

Sort of similar to this article here:
Poll Finds Obama Is Erasing Romney's Edge on Economy

President Obama has taken away Mitt Romney's advantage as the candidate voters say is most likely to restore the economy, according to the latest poll by The New York Times and CBS News.

Graphic: Likely Voters' Views of Obama and Romney
We need only refer back to our opening remarks to see where they’re going with this one. It doesn’t matter that Romney is a card caring member of the >One Percent. It also doesn’t matter to the oligarchs if their boy Obama wins, same end result…(although Obama will provide more of a ‘status quo’ performance, meaning the changes that would have been ushered in under a Romney/Ryan administration would have to be done ‘undercover’.)

In case you live in a cave and didn’t notice, the freaking Dow (which is mostly financial stocks) closed the week up 250 points…for absolutely NO GOOD REASON!

Can you say ‘stop thief?’

I knew you could…let me know how that works out for you…k?
News Analysis
Fed Responds to a Grim Reality

In a meaningful departure from past policy, the Federal Reserve said it would focus on reducing unemployment at the risk of provoking higher inflation.

Constant reader knows statements like the one above are enough to launch me into a screaming tirade about the nature and general level of ignorance surrounding money…but I will spare you the lecture…this time.

And parrot what all of the other ‘serious people’ are pointing out…that the fed buying the banking industry’s trash for big money does absolutely zero for the real economy.

The bankers aren’t about to start lending because there’s nobody to lend to. That’s WHY the Fed (and central banks worldwide) continue to buy the banking system’s ‘bad paper’…because otherwise the banking system WOULD COLLAPSE!

Again we see that what you’re being told and what they’re actually doing varies wildly…and that’s okay. It doesn’t matter until it does…and by the time it does it will be too late.

You aren’t going to see job growth because perpetual expansion is impossible…even if you ‘cook the books’ six ways to Sunday!

You know it, I know it and they know YOU know it…yet the lies continue; so they can pretend that somebody believes them!

This won’t stop until we literally make them stop.

But now I belabor the obvious.

This is the power of ‘make believe’. If you can convince the general public that ‘some people’ support your point of view, it doesn’t matter that you can’t produce these people…(like the 33,000 physical member Tea Party movement…that’s an order of magnitude less than >One Percent.)

If that’s what it takes for you to get your way, then that’s what you do…

Are you getting this?

Sorry to keep running you into the limits of your understanding but it has to be done…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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