Monday, October 1, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Despite the extraordinary amount of ‘happy talk’ being spewed by the irresponsible Corporate Owned Media, the global economy is still in a death spiral…But the savvy among you already know that. Financial values make absolutely zero sense, as we see here:
Shares Rise on Hope For Better Jobless Data

Manufacturing grew in September for the first time in four months

Um, okay…you know these asshats are famous for their number games so first we need a definition of ‘manufacturing’ and then we need to know how many hundredths of a percent constitutes ‘growth’?

Of course these licker’s of dog penises don’t care about what they write so long as they get their paycheck.

In reality, you can’t fault them, a job is a job is a job. Who cares what you do as long as it pays the bills?

But, naturally not all jobs ‘pay the bills’ as evidenced by the 46 million Americans on some form of ‘food assistance’. Then there are the poor S.O.B’s living in shelters (IF they get there in time…)

Five years after the ‘re-fi lovefest’ crashed what passed for the real economy the clueless cheerleaders are still pointing at chimera and crying ‘recovery’!

But there’s something wrong in River City…
Unemployment in Euro Zone at Record High

The data showing a jobless rate of 11.4 percent overall in the euro area in August underscores that the European recession is deepening, analysts said.

US unemployment is still in the eight percent range…but our friends over in the Euro-zone are suffering nearly half again that rate.

(And trust me, good citizen, I use the term ‘friend’ in the broadest possible sense. The Europeans KNOW who is the author of their suffering…)

But wait, it seems the Eurozone isn’t the only region suffering…
In China and Japan, Economic Troubles Persist

Fresh data on Monday underscored the economic drags holding back the global economy despite the efforts of policy makers and central bankers around the world.

I wonder if you asked the average Japanese citizen if they thought this, er, ‘global depression’ could last for three decades back in the 1990’s, the affable Japanese citizen back then would probably have thought you were pulling their leg.

I’ll bet they don’t find it’s ‘funny’ now.

And that’s the hell of it good citizen, now that ‘silly season’ is upon us, both candidates are unveiling their plans to ‘revitalize the US economy’.

Um, Mr. Romney is endorsing the ‘typical’ laundry list of Republican backed tax breaks for the rich and austerity for everyone else (after all, prosperity, like free speech, is for the ‘One Percent’.

The unwashed rabble ‘don’t deserve it.’

Okay, so Mr. Obama is running with the ‘exact same plan HE DIDN’T enact last time!’

Why, oh why would ANYONE believe he means it this time?

I mean after all, if we re-elect him, he can’t run again so if he doesn’t live up to his campaign promises, well, he’d be running right about average with the rest of ‘em.

The thing that’s ‘different’ this time is how that hard, stony ground is zooming up to meet us (as gravity pulls us to our doom. It has to do with that cliff we fell off of five years ago.)

Yeah baby, they can promise us blue skies from here to eternity because the whole damn thing is gonna crash and burn in a few weeks time (say roughly a dozen.)

Then this whole CF will be the ‘new management’s problem.

Worse, the ‘new management’ will become OUR problem.

People don’t like change, especially when it’s rammed up their poopchute!

But the new boss doesn’t care if you like it or not. They are ‘prepared’ for trouble and troublemakers like you.

His boyz, the ones in the blue suits, are gonna do what they’re told if they want to see their next paycheck.

Funny how that green paper has everybody in a sort of a trance.

It’s enough to make you wonder if the whole species is ‘too stupid to live’.

Because the, er, ‘deceivers’ are performing contortions to maintain control, while they are simultaneously planning on as hard a landing as possible.

Which is to ask, good citizen, how long will it be before YOU realize there are stacks of that green stuff just laying around for the taking.

Rather than working your butt off, when are you going to go down and ‘make a withdrawal’?

Actually, you’d be better off just grabbing the things the green stuff is used to buy.

Sort of cuts to the chase and eliminates the getting ripped off part of the puzzle.

Just try to time it close to collapse of civil order, then nobody is going to bother chasing you. (Although the ‘like-minded’ may, er, ‘challenge’ your claim. In which case the better-armed party will prevail.)

Funny how if you remove the paycheck, the guys in the blue suit are just like you, a paycheck donkey the predators capitalists beat mercilessly (and senseless.)

One thing is for certain, YOU can’t afford to be ‘a Donkey’ no more.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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