Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The future is now.

Greetings good citizen,

It always intrigues me when I see articles titled ‘why the economy matters’…like the rest of us don’t know (…although many of those who have never lost their position do tend to be a bit clueless when it comes to matters economic…they still believe in the fairy tales taught to them by their parents.)

Because I expect to see some serious bullshit being spread when the corporate owned media addresses issues their overlords are directly responsible for:
Why it matters:

The economy didn't take off when the Great Recession ended in June 2009. Growth has never been slower in the three years after a downturn. The human toll is immense. Forty percent of the jobless— 5 million people — have been out of work for six months or more, their skills eroding and their chances of finding good jobs fading. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has declared long-term unemployment a "national crisis." Millions of Americans have simply given up looking for work.

This isn’t going to be a line by line rebuttal BUT this bullshit is so thick you could walk on it!

Let’s talk about the 28 million who lost their jobs (but fell of the charts after they exhausted their unprecedented 99 weeks of benefits!) which is to point out that overall upwards of forty million workers have been displaced since the Bush administration was shown the door.

Left totally unrecognized by both the corporate owned media AND the so-called ‘alternative’ media is the plight of workers over age fifty.

Yeah, we have thirty-year-olds still looking for their first job but with so many people approaching retirement age being ‘locked out’ of the labor force that's where the real crisis is. As the corporate owned media points out, many have been forced to take work they wouldn’t ordinarily consider…in a feeble attempt to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads!

But don’t pity them, they had their chance (sayeth our corporate overlords.)
The agonizing recovery is the consequence of the deepest recession since the 1930s. The economy lost a staggering 8.8 million jobs and has only clawed back 4.1 million, or 46 percent. A financial crisis dried up credit. Collapsing house prices destroyed $6.5 trillion worth of home equity — the biggest source of wealth for most families. More than 1 in 5 homeowners is stuck with a house worth less than the mortgage on it. Feeling poorer, families have limited their spending and paid down debts. They've had another reason to hunker down: The weak job market has let employers keep wages low. For most Americans, pay hasn't kept up with even modest inflation.

Utter bullshit. The jobs we ‘lost’ when the financial ‘crisis’ hit are gone and will NEVER come back, it is total bullshit to claim we have clawed back ‘half’ of those jobs. Just as the alleged ‘improvements’ in the housing markets totally ignore the ‘shadow housing inventory’ that is in default but not foreclosed upon keep the inventory ‘artificially lower’ than it really is.

This is the capitalists performing the now famous, ‘repeat until true’ routine.

Capitalism isn’t broken, the system works…capitalism isn’t broken, the system works.

You can almost hear the ‘I’m so full of shit’ refrain in the background.
Weeks after he took office, Obama pushed $862 billion worth of tax cuts and government spending programs through Congress. The package was meant to generate economic growth and revive hiring. Romney and other Republicans have declared the stimulus program a failure. But most economists — and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office — say it kept unemployment from going even higher.

Okay good citizen, these ‘happy talk’ pieces are a bit thin on facts and overflowing with empty rhetoric (a.k.a. lies)

Now I get my chance to tell you ‘why it matters’.

YOUR future depends directly on the economy. How many times do I need to repeat the fact that you can’t live in an economic desert? Farm all of the jobs out and what’s left?

A fucking sandbox NOBODY can survive in.

Are you going to sit there and let the ‘multi-national’ corporations turn you and yours into a ‘captive audience’?

Understand, if they DO throw you a lifeline (the means to support yourself) it’s a one time and for as long as it lasts proposition. Could be a week and it could be thirty years but it definitely won’t be forty years…if they let you reach retirement, they’ve fucked up.

In fact you’d have to be blind not to see that the strategy over the past twenty years has been to ‘churn’ you before you could vest in their retirement plan.

I’ve never been anywhere for five years…and now most of my resume is phantom. I ‘m paid up into SSI and that’s all I’m going to collect when I hit 65, my wife needs to work ‘til she’s 67, thanks St. Ronnie.

As I stare around me at the ‘scorched earth’ I have to wonder what will become of my generation, approaching retirement age without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

This is partly behind the angst you can read in these posts. We have been stiffed royally by those who don’t deserve what they’ve stolen.

Now it will be up to us to ‘make it right’…but many of my peers have developed ‘conservative’ leanings under the old ‘go along to get along’ meme they learned at their father’s knee.

The idea that the conservatives are the winners has been enough to convince a lot of good people to do nothing.

And that’s a fucking shame…because it’s their funeral.

Worse, a lot of wannabes are going to vigorously protest their conservative credentials as a ruse…but by then it will be too late, they’ll swing for being wretched opportunists.

And they’ll deserve no less.

The ‘uber rich’ will eventually cannibalize themselves, after they’ve killed off those they believe are jealous of them. Leaving a humble remnant to start over again with absolutely nothing learned.

The economy ‘matters’ because it dictates the conditions YOU will live your life out under.

IF you let criminals cheat you out of your due, you life will be short and full of grief.

If you stand for justice and equality you will sow the seeds of a lasting foundation…if you teach your children what is important.

It’s not money, money is a useful fiction, people are what matter.

Take care of the people and they’ll take care of you.

Without people who can trust one another there is no economy.

Which should go a long way towards explaining why the economy matters.

If you can’t trust the people running the show then you won’t enjoy a reliable economy.

The future is now good citizen,

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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