Friday, September 28, 2012

Trust No One

Greetings good citizen,

While I would like to say otherwise, the global economy is still locked in a death spiral.

Not that you’d know this looking at the stock markets (being artificially propped up by ‘quantitative easing’, which makes share prices rise while everything else (like the value of cash) is cut to shreds.

If I were you I’d be extremely worried about the handful of people who have boatloads more cash than they will ever need.

Because there’s something afoot and it doesn’t bode well for those of us considering forming a resistance movement.

If you haven’t printed out your personal copy of ‘A Simple Plan’ you may want to do it soon, it will be too late once they crash the web.

Oh, and I wouldn’t count on my surviving the purge. I don’t live in a particularly hospitable climate and winter is coming on.

More than a few of us will freeze to death this winter but the corporate owned media will only report the demise of the occasional elderly shut in who lost utilities during a storm.

They don’t want you to know that many people are left to their own devices due to the, er, ‘imbalances’ in our system of commerce.

No job means no food and no money to pay for heat.

But hey, as long as YOU’RE warm and well fed, who gives a crap about the tens of millions of jealous people the system refuses to provide for?

Um, in case you’re wondering…the one who cares had best be YOU…because it is YOUR house they’ll be breaking into and YOUR food they’ll be eating while they turn YOUR thermostat up to 90, just to get the chill out of their bones.

And you won’t dial 911…because you and yours will be dead long before the cops can arrive.

What was today’s stat? There are 20,000 homeless children living in NYC…but that’s only an estimate because 65% of the people seeking shelter in NYC are TURNED AWAY!

Can’t afford a Mc Mansion in a gated, security patrolled community?

YOU are the one who will pay for a system that has disenfranchised nearly fifty percent of the population…

So it is YOU who will die thanks to the >One Percent.

And you know what their reaction will be?

“It’s not our fault you can’t afford to live in a ‘better neighborhood’!”

But I, naturally, digress.

Let’s head back onto the reservation for a quick look at the news they wanted you to know…
Stocks Down for the Day but Up for the Quarter
By REUTERS 42 minutes ago

Wall Street finished its best third quarter since 2010, but signs of weakness in the economy on Friday pushed stocks lower.

Um, if you’re wondering where the paragraphs above came from, this first story did it.

YOU need to be made aware of the danger the shredding of our society holds for the average individual.

One of the other news item I stumbled upon yesterday informed me that one of the most destitute places in the nation, Camden, NJ had dismissed it’s police department due to a ‘lack of funds’.

Um, don’t look now good citizen but there are hundreds of Camdens out there.

Not a week goes by with out word that another municipality has gone or is going under.

WHY do YOU suppose this is happening?

Can you say mismanagement?

How about a nice ‘conspiracy theory?

Alec isn’t ‘new’ but it IS everywhere…and the people YOU elect that make laws in your name without EVER consulting YOU are using YOUR TRUST to bind you in HELL.

YOU have to LIVE (if you can manage that) in the HELL THEY make for you…because YOU were stupid enough to vote for them!

Which only makes stories like this one all too familiar:
Bank of America to Pay $2.43 Billion to Settle Suit Over Merrill Deal

Bank of America announced on Friday that it would pay $2.43 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit related to its acquisition of Merrill Lynch.
Um, I don’t know about anybody else but it seems to me that BOA taking over the ‘thundering herd’ was a pretty rotten deal all the way around…so why are they getting slapped with a class action suit?

And they must have been at least partially guilty or they wouldn’t be agreeing to pay two and a half BILLION dollars to ‘settle’ the suit.

Which is also to point out that I am glad I am NOT one of THEIR customers…’cuz that 2.5 billion is coming from somewhere…

Maybe Turbo Timmy will just cut a check for the full amount…he can do that, right?

We CAN’T let one of the TBTF banks get saddled with that kind of debt, especially in a time when the entire global banking system is collapsing!
Spain Needs $76 Billion to Recapitalize Its Banks, Audit Finds

The independent banking assessment was well below the potential 100 billion euros, or $128.6 billion, in bailout money Spain negotiated with the euro zone in June.

Um, I just want you to be aware that when the economy of the world collapses, it will happen quickly and most likely without warning.

It will be ‘here today and gone tomorrow…although the more familiar phrase of here one minute and gone the next will probably more accurately describe how it will go down.

The important thing to remember is to not lose your head.

Keep your eyes open and trust no one.

Thanks for letting me inside our head,


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