Thursday, September 20, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Stock markets around the globe traded sideways today as the markets once again showed a definite ‘lack of direction’.

I’m currently reading Michael Lewis’ book titled ‘Panic’ and it sort of hit me between the eyes how the stock market went from right around a thousand to the current thirteen thousand figure around the same time the US’s manufacturing capability was being off-shored wholesale.

Which is to point out that the stock market is basically one gigantic fraud and the Justice Department simply pretends it isn’t happening.

Which is disturbing enough but now the Justice Department is ignoring other, more troubling things and once again, there isn’t anything we can (legally) do about it.

Talk about your timelines. When I was dating my wife the Dow had just breached the 2000 level. I just recently celebrated my 22nd Wedding anniversary and not so terribly long ago the stock market was only two thousand points.

Since that time my entire career ‘disappeared’ from these shores. Sure, there are still some small shops out there (cutting each other’s throats for what little work is left.)

And for some bizarre reason the stock market, with record unemployment and the lowest labor participation rate since WWII, is over thirteen thousand points.

And it rose 225 of those points last Friday when the Fed announced another trillion-dollar giveaway program that is going ONLY to the too big to fail banks.

FOR THE THIRD TIME (since our financial markets went insolvent.)

And the pundits can’t figure out why the recovery is essentially non-existent.

I mean they’re pumping trillions of dollars into the coffers of people who already have more money than they can possibly spend. Raising the question of ‘why’ the One Percent’s government is giving the already super rich even more money when a full half of our nation’s population doesn’t earn enough to feed themselves!

Well good citizen, every coin has two sides and here’s one of them!

Unemployment is still above 8 percent, job gains aren’t even keeping up with population growth, the economy is barely moving forward. And yet, according to most polls, the Romney-Ryan ticket is falling further and further behind. How can this be?

Because Republicans are failing the central test of electability. Instead of putting together the largest possible coalition of voters, they’re relying largely on one slice of America — middle-aged white men — and alienating just about everyone else.

Start with Hispanics, whose electoral heft keeps growing as they become an ever-larger portion of the electorate. Hispanics now favor President Obama over Romney-Ryan by a larger margin than they did six months ago.

YOU’D THINK Mr. Reich has a damn good point, wouldn’t you?

After this latest fiasco they’re saying Mitt’s own father wouldn’t vote for him…but that doesn’t matter.

In fact, even if NOBODY voted for them the ‘Gruesome Twosome’ will be our next commander in Chief and trusty side-kick.

Because the ballot box is broken.

Sure, it wouldn’t ‘hurt’ the oligarchs to let their other boy win again. Hell, he’s obedient enough.

But the agenda isn’t moving forward fast enough and the shit is almost ready to hit the fan!

They don’t care if coming events make Republican’s look bad, they’ll never have to hold fake elections again.

If they are going to cement the yoke of monarchy around our waiting necks they’re going to have to be quick about it.

As well as brutal.

They have to let the public know that ‘justice’ has returned to the land and that their newly minted royals are dispensing justice.

But understand good citizen, the sudden interest in prosecuting criminals won’t be ‘retro-active’, it will be ‘pro-active’…basically exterminating anyone who MIGHT object to the restoration of god given leadership.

I’m sure you all know that the kings of old were all appointed by God. It’s part of the reason the original royals inter-married with one another extensively…in (stupid) attempts to keep ‘the lord’s bloodline’ ‘pure’…

Always trying to strengthen the claim to the throne…although all of this in-breeding did little to improve the quality of leadership those Chosen by God provided.

And here we can see the seeds of animosity that were harbored by God’s appointees against God’s chosen people.

Again, the reason for this is simple. They don’t want you to think they want you to accept…

It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘good for you’, you’re missing the point. It’s GOOD FOR THEM, that’s what matters!

Worse…after the shiny newness wears off they’ll get tired of all of the intrigue that will return with a vengeance.

It seems nobody remembers why the Kings of Old (willingly) walked off of their thrones and ducked safely inside their treasuries.

It’s because they were sick to death of always being the ‘target’. If this one wasn’t trying to kill you, his brother was.

And the ones that didn’t want you dead were perpetually trying to crawl into bed with you.

How’s that for some gruesome choices?

Again I close with the question of ‘is this how you want it to end, good citizen?

Of course you don’t, that’s why you need to get behind A Simple Plan, ASAP!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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