Monday, September 17, 2012

Commemorating a lost cause...

Greetings good citizen,

Um, after the Dow tacked on 225 totally irrational points after the Fed announced the commencement of QE3 (Ah, but for the days when QE was short for Queen Elizabeth and the QE2 was a luxury ocean liner!)

But I’m showing my age, am I not? (Or perhaps we’re all getting a little long in the tooth, don’t have a good handle on the demographics of my audience.)

Anyway, back to the stock market…which is tanking as we write this. Oddly, in a microsm of the larger world the Eastern markets did…okay (bit of an overstatement as they traded sideways throughout the first trading session of the week.)

The West went into the tank the minute Europe came online and has (thus far) stayed there…but it’s still early and we all know that movement of the markets doesn’t have to make sense.

As last weeks 225 point rise of the Dow proves.

Just as our lead story for the day informs us:
Earnings in United States Are Beginning to Feel a Pinch

The estimated drop in corporate profits removes what had been an economic bright spot in an otherwise cloudy picture.

For Spain, Rising Risk in Discord

Equally as, er, ‘curious’ is the sudden re-appearance of the Occupy movement…like a ‘flashback’ from last year.

They are planning on, er, ‘commemorating’ last year’s (mostly fruitless) occupation of a space four or five blocks from Wall Street.

Just as the original occupation accomplished nothing, it is tough to figure out what the point is of commemorating an event that ended with their being on the receiving end of a bum’s rush administered by Bloomberg’s NYPD.

Was the whole point to ‘do nothing’ (besides grumble about how ‘unfair’ the system was) and to protest their being duped by a system of commerce that has no need for them?

Welcome to the USA kiddos! It’s all fun and games until it’s not!

If you have eight minutes to kill you might want to have a gander at this piece for a ‘gloves off look’ at our current geo-political situation provided by Chris Hedges.

I’ve never seen anyone paint it quite as clearly as he does here…so it’s worth the trip.

(Talk about knocking the scales off your eyes!)

So what was the ‘occupy’ movement all about? It seems nobody knows.

More the pity because all of the ‘heavy hitters’ (also known as the ‘serious people’) got behind the Occupy movement figuring it was the next big thing.

Well, thanks to the corporate owned media, the Occupy movement ‘served its purpose' (resistance is futile) and was ‘extinguished’ only to be resurrected again just before the elections to rile up the Republican base.

Not that there are enough of them to elect anybody.

Funny how the pundits keep waffling between a deeply divided populace and one that doesn’t give a shit so the ‘marginal few’ decide for the rest.

You don’t need to conduct a poll to figure out that the current situation is ‘untenable’ and won’t be tolerated much longer.

The old system doesn’t work…so the question now is what to replace the old system with?

I’m ‘lobbying’ for Direct Democracy where we all vote directly on the laws we ALL must live under. (It is utter bullshit that members of Congress can and do ‘exempt’ themselves from the laws they make.)

And truth be told good citizen there aren’t a whole lot of ‘other choices’ out there.

In fact most of the other choices involve having someone else decide what THEY like and your having to lump it…(sort of like now.)

And only the insane conservo-loonies think now is ‘okay’.

But what do you want from people who are cool with being told what to think?

It’s the same mindset the tolerated slavery for thousands of years.

But back to our (neglected) original headline…

Sorry good citizen, it’s easy to sidetrack a freight train full of ideas, all busting to see daylight at the same time!
Thus do I digress (all the time!)

Who among you is surprised to see US corporate profits ‘slipping’?

If so, then how long have you been a stock analyst? (Those guys are always ‘surprised’…by fake numbers no less!)

For the past ten years I have been pointing to the Riders of the Apocalypse closing in on our civilization.

The part that should be bumming you out is they have arrived and they are just outside the gate.

It’s gonna be an ‘interesting winter’ good citizen, mark my words.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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