Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Extend & Pretend...

Greetings good citizen,

As the clock/calendar rushes past the halfway point towards the final quarter of the year we can’t help but wonder why things haven’t crumbled to dust yet.

We are currently faced with an ‘any day now’ situation in the Euro-zone and but for the grace of god(s) they'd be gone already...

Just providing further ‘proof’ of the ‘funny’ nature of that legal construct we all call ‘money’.

Make no mistake about it good citizen, the global financial system went bankrupt in December of 2008, everything since has been the product of ‘extend and pretend’.

And in yet another corner of ‘The Twilight Zone’, those pretending to be Democrats are scrambling to keep their sheep in check:
Political Memo
Spirit of '08 Gone, Democrats Reunite Against G.O.P. Threat

The party is not as united as it was four years ago, but Democrats are finding common purpose in denying Republicans control of the White House and Congress next year.

Hard to tell if the ‘abandonment’ of the Hope & Change message of four years ago is a good thing or a nod in the direction of the hypocrisy such a strategy would represent.

They have already handed the conservo-whackos enough ammo to sink their ‘do nothing’ platform, why make it worse?

Why remind the public of all of the change that didn’t happen? It could be fairly argued that the Obama administration has done more for the oligarchy than the McCain administration could ever have done!

Obama WAS Bush’s ‘third term’.

How sad is it that electing EITHER of the two ‘corporate owned’ candidates will result in the furthering of a plan to dismantle the US that dates back to the Reagan administration?

How scary is it that we are getting a chance to see how things might have worked out if the US had joined WWII on the side of the Axis…

And I’m not positing that in the rhetorical sense, we have literally become the Nazis! (By losing control of our government.)

The ‘extremists’ can do whatever they like (as exemplified by the invasion of Iraq (for something Afghanistan actually did!) and we (the vast majority of us) are powerless to stop them…

Go ahead, prove me wrong!

Or if you think you’re that good, why don’t you explain to the rest of us how, precisely, this works?
Democrats Say U.S. Is Better Off Than Four Years Ago


The party's message to wavering voters is that President Obama was the right choice in 2008, and that he has the country on its way to a sustainable recovery.

Okay so the big hairy ‘butt’ in that claim is how things ‘would likely be worse’ if not for the efforts of the Obama administration.

And they’re ‘kinda’ right. The Rethugs have been trying their damnedest to scuttle the Obama administration right out of the box…

And it’s not like stupid hasn’t been helping them out at every opportunity, (hey they are both in the pay of the same masters ya know!)

Which leads us to this last puzzling conundrum:
The Elevator Speech

President Obama needs to tell us what he stands for, and unearth a big policy proposal to prove it.

Is Sporky Dorky begging Mr. Obama to produce a ‘pork barrel’ budget busting spending plan to get the USA back on it’s feet JUST so he can wag his finger at it and say, ‘I told you so’?

And you KNOW that’s just what he’ll do…(even if it’s a good plan!)

Too bad the incumbent is so beholden to the One Percent for his position or he could make a lot of points with the forgotten and abandoned working women of this country by jacking up the tax rate on ALL income over $100,000 to 100%

If he was willing to do that he could run for fucking DICTATOR of this country and he’d win by a landslide!

But he has no cajones…

And in fairness, that’s not how ‘the game’ is played.

The day after he made the announcement of such a tax proposal he’d be the headline…president assassinated. (And the part that wouldn’t make the papers would be ‘by the Secret Service’…)

That’s how deep the corruption in this cesspit is!

It is NOT an unfair question to ask why the Secret Service has FAILED to protect this nation from its ‘domestic enemies’…

Too bad we no longer have a Justice Department to look into issues like that.

Um, tick tock good citizen, regardless of the rhetoric keeping this CF rolling, the end is literally just around the corner…

Try not to be blindsided.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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