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Markets were predominantly down in industrial nations and up in developing nations. Does this mean there is a recovery going on in the lesser developed nations?

I seriously doubt it. What we’re seeing is the same thing we’ve been seeing for the past forty years. A dearth of investment opportunity that is making the few there are look good.

Are there any customers for those investments?

No (but they have to do ‘something’ with the money.)

Again, the corporate owned media doesn’t what to explain what their One Percent masters are doing. They’d rather let you guess or better yet, ‘imagine’ what the rich and the shameless have up their sleeves.

Sadly it is a gambit such as this that leaves the state of play in our society seriously lacking.
[Dinesh D’Souza]
The second point is that if you look at anti-colonialism is India, it has taken two forms. There was a socialist anti-colonialism of the first 40 years and there’s the free market anti-colonialism of now and you can just ask yourself empirically, which one works better. When I was growing up in India, we’d learn about the five-year plans and how much we improved the previous year and so on. And this was all copied from the Soviet Union and it was as economic disaster and it deprived a whole generation of (crony capitalist) Indians of their birthright.

[The Indian economy is one of the most corrupt in the world.]

So the problem between me and Obama is that he’s following this kind of third-world collectivism. It’s all about redistributing this income. It is completely ignorant about the concept of economic growth. India on the other hand recognizes the stupidity of all of this and started imposing liberalization, modernization, free market and you could see India now having growth rates that are comparable to Malaysia and Singapore and China. So look we’ve had this debate, we can look around the world to see that it is the free market that is allowing countries that are previously colonized to come up in the world. For Obama and the sense of implementing the discredited policies of fifty which he gets essentially from his father’s failed dreams.
Talk about a clueless dirtbag! Being a college president does not mean he isn’t an idiot!

In fact, this movie of his proves the point.
Better to keep your mouth shut and have people ‘think’ you’re a fool than to open your mouth and prove them correct!

But Mr. Hedges has his own point of view to share:
SK: Chris Hedges, how do you respond to that?

CH: Well, his father left him when he was two and met him once when he was 10. You know Dinesh comes out of the Christian community of the state of Goa. There are all sorts of pockets including the Sikhs who comprise 40 percent of the Indian army and the British, who allied themselves to their colonial rulers and did the dirty work for their colonial rulers. And I look at this film and Dinesh’s stance is essentially like that. You know it is the stance of the Judenrat. It is those who feel that if they obsequiously bow before the power of white supremacy and white imperial supremacy and are willing to express and they can get away with it because of course they are not white, racist opinions that white supremacists feel or the white power elite feels but is unable to utter. They can somehow ingratiate themselves and enter into that world of white power.

I sort of drop you into the middle of an, er, ‘discussion’ of the new movie due out next month that is basically a hatchet job against President Obama titled, ‘2016’

Thus do we have the above, er, ‘observations’ being shared…by a man who isn’t necessarily ‘defending’ the current POTUS.

No, Mr. Hedges instead uses the film to point out the ‘emptiness’ of intellectual thought in this country at this time.

Worse, most of the movie is comprised of boldfaced lies…but even the sitting president would be unsuccessful in having Mr. D’Souza charged with ‘defamation of character’…because the movie was ‘blessed’ by the One Percent.

In case you still don’t believe how bad things have gotten.

And you have to agree, Mr. D’Souza is the most reprehensible brand of ‘Uncle Tom’ there is!

Which is to point out (once again) that the privileged few have been getting bolder and bolder as we draw closer to the ‘end game’.

Let’s just say that they no longer care that the public at large has noticed their ‘what are YOU gonna do about it?’ attitude.

They KNOW what YOU’RE gonna do…nothin’.

You have people and things you’re trying to protect…and as long as ‘playing stupid’ keeps them from throwing you out on the streets…well, stupid it is!

Don’t know…don’t want to know.

The fucked up part is that’s what most of the poor slobs currently being labeled as ‘freeloaders’ did to land ‘em where they’re at now.

And when the time comes, it will be how it hammers you too.

Sort of a ‘bolt from the blue’.

But don’t despair good citizen because we have reached the ‘tipping point’. The useless freeloaders now comprise a majority of the population!

And somehow Ol’ Mitt will still win!

Go figure?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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