Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So goes the rest of the year...

Greetings good citizen,

How pitiful is it that the best our corrupt government could do for a replacement of their ‘puppet’ in Egypt has ‘Made by Mattel’ stamped on his scrotum?

No irony should be lost on the fact that this is the same asshole who ‘rubber stamped’ the invasion of Iraq for the Bush administration, knowing the whole time it was nothing but a farce.

This sort of raises some fresh issues about Hillary (of all people) being appointed Secretary of State when her NWO ties scotched her presidential bid.

Her staunch defense of the ‘status quo’ tells us what kind of Chief Executive she would have made.

Which is to point out that no matter how you slice it, it keeps coming up ‘puppets’.

Still think the ballot box holds the answers? (Because that’s precisely what they want you to think…)

Worse good citizen is the political theater playing itself out in the financial markets right now.

SP 500 and NDX March Futures Daily Charts - End of Month and January Indicator

The futures achieved a nice bounce off the big dip this morning to close the month on a positive note. As January goes, so goes the year, and it appears that we are in for eleven more months of clumsy price manipulation, central bank subsidies for their pals on the Street, and accounting fraud.

I might have been more impressed if the VIX had fallen more, if tech had followed more strongly instead of the usual SP futures wiseguy jam-boree, and if the stock touts were not out so aggressively and desperately banging their drums with the same old clichés to entice mom and pop to take the handoff here. Stocks are good for 10% per year, so just close your eyes and buy (now). That is what passes for financial wisdom on the extended informercial that is US financial television.

{What I find puzzling is why Jesse’s head doesn’t explode when he tries to reconcile the contradictions of fiat currency regimes with the same contradictions present in so-called ‘hard money’?}

Is this just more proof that you can fill a man’s mind full of nonsense and he is still capable of functioning adequately?

Not that Jesse has the ‘corner’ on, er, ‘wonky’ financial ideas. Many of you don’t understand my own quite simple thoughts on money and I suspect this is because you are trying to project current rules regarding money onto a much simplified program.

You won’t earn ’interest’ on your money under A Simple Plan but you won’t ’pay’ interest either…see how nice and ‘simple’ that is?

Or do you think it sucks? Would you rather keep paying 19% while only earning 2%? How’s that for a ‘great fucking deal?’

It should be pretty transparent that the ONLY one who think that’s a ‘good deal’ is the asshole who charges YOU 19%! He thinks it’s fucking wonderful!

Naturally, he doesn’t think much of our plan to EXILE him…

Today he (the selfish asshole) rules the world, tomorrow he may just find himself on the ‘most wanted’ list.

How pathetic is it that the selfish justify their behavior by projecting their own selfishness upon everyone else?

Worse, when called to account for their decidedly myopic behavior, the first words out of their mouth is ‘everybody else would have done the same damn thing!’

Just imagine good citizen, the world’s only ‘psychics’ and this is what they believe….because it is only a short hop from ‘psychic to psycho…’

Speaking of which, how sad is it that the popular myth, ‘as goes January, so goes the rest of the year’ is actually rooted in a lie?

Doesn’t that mean the rest of the year will be a lie to…or as Jesse calls it, an exercise in ‘creative accounting?’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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