Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Collision Alert!

Greetings good citizen,

While it is not unusual for my posts to, er, ‘drift’ into visions of apocalyptic horror. (I’ll be the first one to admit/lament my more than a little annoying tendency to wander off topic) I don’t think my more recent posts provide you with an accurate ‘snapshot’ of how rapidly the situation is, er, ‘decaying’.

Civilization, as most of us have come to know it, left the pavement some time ago. We can pretty much estimate that the ‘rubber left the road’ roughly three years ago.

For three decades we have been watching as what is commonly described as a ‘slow motion train wreck’ has unfolded before our astonished eyes.

Is it really a stretch of the imagination to consider that it has taken three years to go from ‘lift-off’ to ‘impact’?

Worse, the long grind to a halt will also take place in ‘slo-mo’, so it will seem like it’s taking forever to a ‘real time’ observer.

First up for tonight is bit that got caught in my Spam filter (which I assure you is ‘dead stock’, the settings on my e-mail are at the defaults, I don’t screw with that stuff.)

I think the sender committed the heinous crime of not being found in my address book, therefore he was relegated to the ‘Spam folder’.

Anyway, here is what I found.

Between Monetary Polices
Where are markets heading to?

link: http://www.wepersons.com/Where_are_markets_heading_to.pdf

At the time of stock exchange drops, the FED boss, Ben Bernanke, said to his colleagues:

Buy everything, I shall give you so much money that you will be able to do so. You can get as much as you want. Later, when assets get dearer, you will make dozens of percents whilst you give back a mere few percent, at around the nominal value. We shall declare this program as our joint success.

Now, even more disclosure…I have Adobe acrobat but it (like me) is old. For some reason (age possibly) my version of Adobe won’t open the document attached to the link.

I could probably download a more recent version of Adobe Reader but that will take time and that is at a premium currently.

Rather than debate the ‘few seconds’ it would take to hunt down and fix my systems shortcomings, let’s spend a moment on the part of the document we can view, the part my anonymous correspondent included. (The e-mail was NOT sent anonymously but for the sake of our purposes here the sender’s identity will remain unknown.)

By now most of you are muttering ‘get on with it’…

Well, you’ve read it for yourself, what hits you in the eye?

How about the Benank giving Wall Street all the loot it needs to pump up the markets to, er, ‘irrational heights’?

What does this say about the, er, ‘nature of money’, is it starting to look funny to you too?

I have preached here constantly about how both trust and confidence are the glue that binds our society. Without either one we are just a bunch of warring savages.

What we see here is precisely what forms the basis for the laws of treason, the betrayal of the public trust.

‘Globalists’ contend that there is no longer any such a thing as public trust, therefore there is no such thing as treason.

This is in direct conflict with the conventions that prevent us from killing one another on sight.

Without the ‘glue of trust’ that is demonstrated by the confidence we have in our fellow humans, society itself CANNOT exist.

Not ‘nations’ but civilization is impossible without trust and confidence.

Isn’t that what YOU saw?

Sure you did, it hit you right where you live didn’t it?

Understand that this all started when some idiot proposed to create ‘capitalist utopia’ via currency manipulation.

We're talking the 'cheaper' and therefore 'more competitive' there THAT CAN ONLY EXIST THROUGH CURRENCY MANIPULATION! (Which doesn't occur in a vacuum, PS by the way.)

Sadly, that idiot was called a genius by the same assholes who can’t see beyond the end of their nose, the same ones that are constantly ‘mystified’ by the consequences of their actions.

‘Blowback’ is stupidity’s most persistent reward.

How unfortunate is it for the rest of us that the blowback created by the truly stupid rich doesn’t affect them until after they’ve pushed their society into its own cesspool?

Well, like the French Revolution, payback time is a coming.

(Although these fools think Blackwater [or whatever they call themselves these days] will save them.)

Somehow one tends to suspect that they already know there is no place to hide. That in the future capitalists will be hunted like the Mossad hunts Nazis.

That said, it is time to ‘wander’ back on topic…

What were we discussing?

Oh yeah, our rapidly approaching ‘collision’ with reality.

Since the Federales can print their own money (thereby covering their own checks) our civilization will collapse from the ‘inside’ first.

What remains to be seen is whether or not the cavalry will come to the rescue (or, more specifically, ‘who’ will get rescued?)

Homeowners were left to twist in the wind while the banks were handed tons of cash they couldn’t use. (Since the vast majority of US Citizens are already stretched to the limit, credit wise.)

Many pundits are predicting that the Federal Government will, er, ‘allow’ the States to renege on there ‘contractual obligations’ and that this will cause a HUGE upsurge in local officials ‘cashing in’ on their ‘legal capacity’. (Can you say ‘shakedowns’?)

It will also result in a huge uptick in the murder rate (which will go unacknowledged by the corporate owned media.)

You will go nowhere unarmed and you will NEVER EVER pull over for ‘blue lights.’

When will this happen? Sooner than anyone thinks.

The coming global ‘famine’ (induced by high prices driven by diluted currency) will push this whole situation over the edge.

What’s happening in the third world today will be on our doorstep tomorrow.

Haven’t you ever wondered what happened to the ‘second world’?

The second world is YOU! The ‘paycheck peasants’ of the world!

Remember what I told you about your paycheck? (If you can’t make ends meet it is not your boss’s problem, it’s yours!)

Well, guess what?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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