Sunday, February 6, 2011

Through a picture, darkly...

Greetings good citizen,

Being Super Bowl Sunday (I never watch televised sports, I’d rather watch paint dry) but that once again puts me in the ‘minority’.

Still, there won’t be much of an audience out there today so I’ll make today’s post relatively brief.

Conspicuous by its absence is the media’s coverage of alternatives to the status quo. Even the current ‘puppet show’ being exposed in the Middle East is being played like nobody over here is paying attention.

Which isn’t precisely the case because it’s just another example of ‘there ain’t a fucking thing we can do about it’ given the current circumstances.

What does the world expect us to do, march in the freezing cold to protest our government’s underhandedness?

Protesting post Patriot Act is an extremely risky proposition. If I’m gonna risk being renditioned, I think I’d pick a more worthwhile cause than which dictator would our government supports.

They are too many criminals at large right here to be concerned with the criminals overseas.

Which bring us to tonight’s offering where the woman who was unaware that Africa was a continent advises the rest of us about how disastrous the policies of the Obama Administration are…

Like no one knows that our current troubles were caused by the last utterly corrupt Republican administration.

Which is to ask how unfortunate it is for the rest of us that conservatives care more for ‘truthiness’ than they care for the truth.

Not that I completely disagree with the former Alaskan governor, Mr. Obama is proving to be what everyone feared John McCain would become, George Bush’s third term.

Which is to belabor the fact that the Party designation of a particular candidate is meaningless if they all agree up front to take their marching orders from the same group of elites that have been running things since the Kennedy Assassination.

But anyone who brings THAT subject up is also guilty of wearing a tinfoil hat!

So the ‘reality based’ set just ignores the string of ‘coincidences’ that have taken place since then.

This is, naturally, perception management at its finest.

Make them believe the truth is lies and people won’t know what to believe.

It has, so far, worked like a charm.

So, what does your mind tell you?

Not the ‘voices in your head’, silly but the gaping wholes in the official version of everything.

Your mind is telling you constantly that things don’t add up, that you’re not being shown the whole picture…but you can’t think of a good reason for them to lie to you.

Or can you?

There’s a reason why your hemorrhoids never quite heal.

Not exactly a pleasant mental image but it makes the point.

So, will it only be conservatives who will be ‘prepared’ for the ‘dark future’ that is coming?

Highly unlikely.

One lie stacks up on top of the previous one and pretty soon you have no idea which end is pointing up.

Didn’t I promise to make this post brief?

Mustn’t break my word!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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