Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Luck...

Greetings good citizen,

It is another day and I have yet to reach a live human at Massachusetts division of employment and training…

The spooky part is, for all of their protestations of being ‘busy’, I have yet to get a busy signal! I get right through every time I dial.

And the moment I ‘confirm’ my SS number I am shunted to the ‘there’s nobody available to take your call right now, please call back later…’

Just did it again and got the same result!

I suppose I should be happy that I’m not dialing 911...although that is a ‘state operated’ phone system too, it’s merely a different part of the same social safety net that the Republicans are trying so hard to ‘starve to death’.

What the stupid bastards don’t realize is they are ‘dismantling’ the only apparatus that protects their false claims of ownership…although one suspects the plan is to replace ‘expensive’ public sector employees with ‘commissioned agents’ very much like the ‘pirates’ of old.

Wonder how much the ‘truly stupid’ will sell the rest of us out for?

Will it be a ‘Boss Hog’ sort of arrangement where they get 10 percent of five percent of the ‘net’ after expenses?

And all they have to do to get that is 100% of the dying along with 99% of the heavy lifting…

Wonder how ‘eager’ our present day ‘swashbucklers’ will be when they find out about the disturbing new trend in employment practices

How much ‘bloodletting’ will the cut throats tolerate after their masters continue to ‘bottom fish’ with their means of supporting themselves?

Tonight’s offering is a disturbing development in the future ‘shape’ our civilization is taking. How will a ‘temp’ secure a mortgage? Short answer, they won’t.

Which makes your house worth? You got it, zilch.

So much for that ‘storehouse of value’ nonsense. As it stands right now, most people will never recover what they paid for the properties that they, er, ‘rent from the bank’.

Mortgages people pay tens of thousands of dollars in interest on, annually.

Making the real ‘sweet deal’ here the money lending business.

Stick ‘em the fuck up…sucker!

Sadly, they think much less of you than that, I’m being kind calling them ‘suckers’.

I’ve avoided the ‘All Money is Funny’ meme for a while as well as the other ‘cornerstone’ of A Simple Plan, the ‘multitude of issues’ that aren’t the elites problem, they’re YOURS!

Cant find a job? Tough! Maybe YOU’RE not looking hard enough, or you want too much money…(or you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny. While they don’t say this last comment, you just know they are thinking it!)

You get the drift, it’s not their ‘mis-management’ that is the problem, it is YOUR lack of ‘dilligence/persistence’ that has landed you in this, er, ‘unfortunate set of circumstances’.

Sure they shipped millions of jobs overseas but you wouldn’t believe the prices you’d be paying if they hadn’t! (Which is a lie, the ‘value’ of a nation’s currency is directly proportional to the amount of wealth that nation produces. So shipping jobs overseas actually serves to ‘devalue’ your currency, flushing your ‘purchasing power‘ down the toilet with it!) Too bad our idiot politicians are too feeble to grasp that concept!

Like I’ve said a million times, stupid is as stupid does.

What nobody here in ‘the wounded land’ is prepared for is the pending ‘switch’ that will remove ‘reserve currency status’ from the US dollar.

The ONLY reason our money us worth anything at all right now is because we hold the world’s ‘reserve currency’.

‘Rejecting’ the value of US currency is to repudiate the value of their own!

This is an extremely perilous position to be in, despite the fact that ALL money is ‘funny’.

Moving on, most of you are aware that oil is once again past the $100 a barrel mark.

I belabor the obvious when I remind you that our civilization is based on cheap, abundant AND ‘portable’ energy. Once it stops being any one of these things our entire civilization collapses!

But you knew that.

I don’t think I need to point out just how disastrous a sudden shift to ‘every man for himself’ would be, do I?

What do you suppose making everybody ‘temps’ is an attempt to do?

Add that to the ‘strategy’ of stripping collective bargaining rights from unionized workers and you have two examples of the advent of ‘YOYO’ society.

Did I mention ‘hell in a bucket’ (due to mismanagement)?

I didn’t think so but I also didn’t think that would be necessary either…

Anyway, thanks for letting me inside your head,


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