Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Head scratcher?

Greetings good citizen,

It appears I pulled the trigger a bit prematurely yesterday. After posting about the bullshit unemployment numbers, weren’t the beauties of the Corporate owned media on the air calling yesterday’s drop in overall unemployment a ‘head scratcher?’

Like these lying fucks DON’T KNOW what happened?

Exhaust your benefits and BANG, you are suddenly ‘out of the workforce’, it’s ‘magic’ (fuck you!)

Yet pundit after pundit expressed their ‘puzzlement’ over the poor performance resulting in a drop in the ‘gross’ unemployment percentage.

You KNOW they think/treat you like you’re STUPID but are THEY that stupid too?

People call one another ‘stupid’ all the time but what they usually mean to say is the other person is ‘mis-informed’. When I call someone/a class of people stupid, I mean it literally, that the person/group in question is incapable of EVER understanding the matter at hand.

It is truly a case of ‘nothing go up top’. Ignorance can be fixed, stupid is permanent.

[Purloined from Some Assembly Required]

Red Herring: 'Structural unemployment' explains unemployment by saying the workers are not skilled enough. Yet if every open job in the country were filled, 80% of the unemployed would still be unemployed. Let 'structural unemployment' never pass your lips again – it blames the victims and apologizes for the overlords decimating America in the chase for profits.

Leave it to the best aggregator on the web to not pull his punches!

Not disturbing enough, good citizen? Mr. Panzer provides us with a more ‘grounded’ perspective Naturally, following the above link with bring you to This story

It's curious that since the ‘Reagan Revolution’ we have been hearing the ‘tale of two America’s’ being told over and over again yet none of our worthless ‘elected officials’ has done anything about it…strange, isn’t it?

Stranger still is this headline New Mexico: Tens of Thousands Without Natural Gas Service; State of Emergency Declared How the fuck does this happen?

And if that’s not fucked up enough for you it gets worse…

Our entire ‘way of life’ is centered on ‘cheap and abundant’ energy, when energy is no longer EITHER ONE (Neither cheap OR abundant) our entire social structure will collapse.

Pick your poison here good citizen, without energy, communications go out so YOU CAN’T order more of whatever it is you think you ‘need’.

But, more succinctly, once the price of energy becomes prohibitive, you can’t afford to get it there even if you are still capable of placing the order! (Carrier pigeon, smoke signal, fucking solar powered CB radio…)

Of course, the military won’t suffer from a ‘lack of funding’…defense is job number one. What you need to understand is defending YOU isn’t the primary directive, it will be the criminals who stole everything that will be demanding protection…and the boobs will do it…because stupid is as stupid does.

You really do have to keep an eagle eye on the bastards in charge of the fucking printing press, they will literally ‘rob you blind’.

And this, my friends, is the part of the game that most of you don’t get.

Those who have ‘hijacked’ our government (and by default the Treasury) are grabbing everything that isn’t nailed down…and they’re sticking the rest of us with the ‘cost’.

Sure, they ‘pay’ for what they take but the money is ‘free’ to them, thus are YOU denied the enjoyment of the goods they consume…goods that they got for free!

The ‘cost’ of their fraud is mostly realized in the ‘lost opportunity’.

Worse, their willingness to ‘squander’ money that they get for free only serves to drive up the price YOU must pay if you want some too!

Now that’s what they call a real ‘win-win’!

Not only do they get theirs for nothing but they also get to gouge YOU while robbing you/us blind!

So good citizen, what am I going to write next?
Aw, come on! This is easy! I’ve been saying it for months now.

Okay, I’ll give you a hint…what do you do with rope?

Now you get it, don’t you?

It sickens me to see our civilization torn apart due to sheer recklessness.

Sure we can pick up the pieces but only after a long and bloody power struggle carried out by mental midgets that are totally unworthy of leadership.

The most you can hope for is to murder this type of tyrant in his sleep…not that the role of tyrant is restricted to men. Women have proven to be very adept at wielding power.

Fight for the ‘wise’ leader, undermine the myopic/selfish ones and we should speed the recovery of civilization.

There is one ‘up-side’ to this whole debacle, citizens of the future won’t tolerate fools gladly like our parents did and many of us have.

Our species faces some difficult challenges ahead. We can make it but only if we stop preying upon one another.

We didn’t make it to the top of the food chain to become our own worst enemy. That is why exile is so important to A Simple Plan.

We need to insure that anti-social behavior doesn’t go unpunished.

It worked in the past and it will work in the future. Banishment is not new.

The question is whether or not we are wise enough to save ourselves from ourselves.

Time will tell.

Perhaps now more than ever, if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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