Friday, February 18, 2011

Descent into Chaos

Greetings good citizen,

I find myself (for the umpteenth time) challenged to ‘make myself useful’ in this rapacious capitalist society of ours.

This has become such a commonplace occurrence that I SHOULD BE used to it by now but no, repetition has yet to make the task any easier…nor has the vast reservoir of knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years proven particularly useful.

Which leads us to wonder (not for the first time) if we are having the, er, ‘appropriate conversations’ as our species stumbles, er, ’forward’…

Um, not for nothing but we can only wonder what the prize is for winning this particular debate?

What’s the difference if the ‘end result’ is a price you can’t pay, either because you don’t have enough money or if that money is, er, unobtainable’?

You’re still in the exact same spot.

Is it even worthwhile to debate being ’priced out of the market’ when the final decision (of who gets what) will be made at the point of a gun?

And none of this will ever enter a courtroom and no one involved will be wearing a ’badge’.

Not that certain ‘fruitloops’ will stop wearing their, er, ‘insignia of power’ after those institutions have, er, ‘faded away’.

This is akin to economists, er, ‘discounting’ the unemployment situation. How many starving people with nothing but time on their hands would it take to ruin your day?

If he or she is twice your size (or armed) the answer is simple, one.

What’s the ‘Elephant in the room’ good citizen?

Is technology creating more jobs than it is destroying?

No, it is destroying more than it creates…not that you’ll ever hear a politician admit that.

So what’s the ‘solution’ to this unseemly dilemma?

You don’t suppose the answer lies in the work week/day do you?

Not for nothing but ‘moronic’ conservatives would rather create the worst of both worlds, busy work combined with nasty work.

It amuses them to see others suffer. (Sadistically, it would provide me with immense satisfaction to give them a heapin’ helping’ of their own medicine!)

These are the people who propose we have people dig holes and fill them in again for their unemployment checks.

How ‘sick’ is that?

Worse, it is an enormous waste of effort.

There are plenty of productive things that need doing but they don’t get done because capitalists can’t figure out how to make a profit off of the effort.

And the rest of us suffer for the capitalist’s stupidity.

But wait good citizen, there is a dark side playing out here as automation combines with globalization and the world’s ‘surplus population’ grows to ‘unmanageable proportions’.

[sidebar] how does it make you feel to read this here KNOWING what passes for our ‘leadership’ is fully aware of the situation WHILE DOING NOTHING TO CORRECT IT! I don’t know about you, Bud, but it kinda pisses me off…

Oh yeah, while there isn’t a ‘capitalist’ solution to this ‘crisis’, A Simple Plan does in fact save civilization from collapsing!

So, yeah. If you were to ask me, we aren’t having the, er, ‘appropriate’ conversations for the continuation of our civilization…but that may not be the goal the current ‘elite’ is shooting for.

Not for nothing do I suspect their, er, ‘goal’ is a lot more, er, ‘exclusive’ than world peace. They envision a ‘peaceful world’, one devoid of troublemaking rabble.

A world where it’s legal to dope the ‘servant class’ into a stupor (because they ‘own’ them.)

This is totally sick when you consider that money is nothing more than a legal construct.

Are the rich ‘evil’?

Ironically, that is a matter of perspective.

I do think (most) rich people ARE evil, the capitalist path to wealth is by its very nature purely evil.

The exploitation of your fellow humans for personal gain is reprehensible.

Sadly, it is a situation that persists because if they don’t do it, someone else will.

A damning indictment of our entire species…but (contrary to popular conservative belief) we’re NOT all ‘evil’.

We have merely (heh!) failed to exclude evil from the decision making process.

No irony should be lost on the fact that the ‘tool’ to do this with is well known.

So, as I , for the umpteenth time, embark on that fruitless mission to make myself ‘useful’ in a market that has no use for me, I can take comfort in the fact that the capitalists days are numbered…and very, very short.

Ironically, they will call the coming chaos ‘anarchy’, when nothing could be further from the truth!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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